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u/brick0fselfcontrol · 4 pointsr/TBI

I use two types of earplugs.

Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs - Hearing Protection Ear Plugs Noise Reduction for Concerts, Fitness Classes, Motorcycle, Sensory Disorders (Tinnitus Relief & Autism) - As Seen on Shark Tank

These for when I need things toned down but don't need to be aware enough to, say, notice someone coming up behind me. So, places I feel safe. Theyre fairly comfortable. Designed similarly to earbuds. Easy to take with you and keep clean.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

These for when I have to be aware of my surroundings but can't deal with all of the sound because it's overwhelming. It makes things manageable on a good day, but they wouldn't do much on a bad day. They're really, really comfortable. Easy to take with you. Require a bit more care than most earplugs.

Both will let you hear conversation/tv/etc without issue.

u/ExplosiveLogorrhea · 2 pointsr/TBI

OMG you replied! I had actually done this then forgot LOL.

the truly funny thing was that my blue light reduction setting was already on 🤣🤣

so, for me, definitively the blue light reduction setting on the Samsung Galaxy S10e is negligible

it is less effective than:

turning down the brightness
putting on sunglasses to use phone
"blackout" glasses (I dunno the DARK sun ones)
blue light reduction glasses [mine are dark orange I dunno if the light yellow work as well - they tint the whole world orange and I kinda like it]

I can't wear glasses all the time though and - the blue light reduction is better than nothing.

OH - I can link them. Personal rec only, non expert :) purchased July 8 so the model should hopefully still be the same cuz these were only $20!!! (and I have a BIG head - man's hat size 7 7/8 and I can wear these longer than most glasses for pure physical comfort)


u/TheWeeScholar · 1 pointr/TBI

Also, I should have mentioned, not necessarily a reply to the original post but to others wanting to meditate to cope with mTBI, there are a couple good books that describe HOW to meditate.

I prefer a more loosely structured approach combined with reflection described by these authors:

Unlearning Meditation by Jason Siff (

and True Meditation by Adyashanti (

I hope these suggestions will be useful.

u/rectumbreaker · 2 pointsr/TBI

XD. You should read about people who put all of their semen into a 2 liter bottle and cultivate it. It's a 1 and a half year process, they mix like sugar and stuff and add yeast and let it ferment and then drink it as alcohol or add it to vodka. By the way.
The best part is that there are used books. :D. Happy cooking.
P.S More treats from the same author.

u/PrimaryVoice · 1 pointr/TBI

The brain absolutely can rewire itself. Some places are implementing treatment just on that.

I wrote a post on here months ago sharing my story. I encourage you to read it and look at my notes. I made this post because one such neuro-optometrist saved my life. Really, I didn't want to live life in misery anymore. It's been so miraculous that I feel a civic duty to share my experience. I'm 80% better and only improving!

Check out this video. This is her work:

Read this book. Seriously, read it:


Anyone who wants to reach out to me to ask me any questions, do it. You all deserve health. I will answer questions night and day if it turns out this practice is where you need to go!

u/HeroinChic1 · 2 pointsr/TBI

Oh, I want to thank you again because I googled "radical self acceptance" and there's a free audio book that seems good (free for me, I don't know how Audible works).

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/TBI

I'm usually cold and have become very heat intolerant so I have the exact opposite problem.

That being said, wrt to getting sweaty it sounds a lot like hot flashes. You can buy this thing and I promise you it works. Wet it and put it around the back of your neck. You will cool off.

Get that brand "Chill it". I've gotten others and they don't work nearly as well. Good luck!

u/deserthawk117 · 1 pointr/TBI

Another something you might like is a book from a good friend of mine:

Nancy suffered a TBI years ago, leaving her with foreign accent syndrome and other complications. After that, she went on to raise two children, get a master's degree, and start her own business. Her book talks about her journey and gives some great ways to handle life with a TBI.

u/clario6372 · 2 pointsr/TBI

I misremembered which would certainly make it harder! Haha it is actually called Head Games, here's the Amazon link

Head Games

u/pugwriter · 2 pointsr/TBI

Hi there. Have you seen a vestibular therapist for the dizziness/vertigo issues?

Also, I recently read a book called “the ghost in my brain.” He described brain injuries pretty well and detailed his recovery, which stemmed from two doctors in Chicago.

I know they’ve helped folks with some pretty dramatic issues. I’m visiting them in Chicago this week (fingers crossed):

u/gkleinman · 1 pointr/TBI

Try Quest Nutrition MCT Powder
MiCkey T Eight Pure C-8 Caprylic Acid MCT

Both are good and won't give you disaster pants.

u/dragonheart25 · 3 pointsr/TBI

Sorry to hear bro !

Im reading this book.
It has info about hormones being in optimal levels as being very important for the brain injured brain since they can get out of whack

Are you taking Any supplements to support your brain health and further healing ?

u/usefulshrimp · 2 pointsr/TBI

Yes, I take 2 of these a day and since taking them I feel mentally clearer. No side effects that I've determined.


u/wemrock · 2 pointsr/TBI

I’ve been diagnosed with it and faced many symptoms you described. I currently only take Flonase as RX. Medical cannabis for symptom relief.

Check out Boiron Mercuius Solunilis Homeopathic Remedie, 30C (80 Pellets)

My neurologist is also eastern medicine based, giving a holistic approach. This compound is found in all salt waters and also in your brain when a brain injury occurs to trigger healing. This compound has helped with my daily migraines.

u/LtCrack2 · 2 pointsr/TBI

This might help
I broke my right arm just below the shoulder and of course I'm right handed and have spasticity on that side. This definitely helped strengthen it and you could work on doing it in motions to a metronome or a song.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/TBI


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/pj925 · 4 pointsr/TBI

I watched your video a bit. Read the post about your gf (sorry about that) and things seem a bit confusing. Some things I noticed... you have a flat affect (I have this too) makes it hard to understand when you are joking or how you actually feel about stuff when you talk about it. I don’t think you are fully aware of how serious your injury is/was/will be. (Maybe you are and it’s the flat affect thing)

Ask around in your daily life how many people have been in a coma, let alone a 11 day one! Not many!! That’s your brain going offline to repair itself. The healing goes on for years afterwards.

So my vote is a NOoooo. Everyone’s injury is different and I’m no doctor. One of the effects of having a TBI is problems with impulse control and just being aware of your injury in general. This is a blessing and a curse of TBI.

Your “job” now is to protect your brain. Try to nourish it with positive people and things. Did they tell you it’s REALLY IMPORTANT not to hit your head again??!!

You might get some insight watching Kevin Pearce’s movie The Crash Reel that’s an amazon link you might be able to watch it another way if you look around.

Wishing you all the best.

u/rjbx · 1 pointr/TBI

as far as having a head that is attracted to hard objects, this was me from the time i first learned to walk. my parents put carpeting around the walls because as a toddler with a disproportionate head i couldn't keep myself upright and would frequently run into them headfirst. i have only a few recollections but several scars on my forehead to prove it and needed stitches a few times. when i was four i fell backwards off of the top of a four foot high slide ladder onto the hard ground below. as i got older, whenever i would smack my head even slightly i would get disoriented with extended boughts of headaches, nausea, irritability and depression. this became unavoidable when as a teenager kids would slam my head against lockers, table top me onto the hard ground, and punch me in the head (as a short, fat, ethnic and socially inept kid in what was at the time a small farm town i found myself to be moving target for bullies). my symptoms got considerably worse after within a period of a month falling backwards off of a trampoline a few times and getting smacked in the back of the head with a pool ball by someone who thought it would be funny. after some trial and error i learned how to dissuade people from noticing me all together, which did not stop the targeting necessarily but made physical repercussions less frequent. my parents, who were both immigrants that grew up under trying circumstances, did not understand what i was going through for a long time and did not know how to help me.

Anyhow, i was experiencing persistent vertigo a few years ago when a subsequent brain mri revealed several scars. i later found out that repeated blows to the head can cause inflammation, and because my condition was worsening was put on medication that has prevented further damage. stabilizing my condition has enabled me to rehabilitate and regain some of the lost function and i feel a lot healthier now. vertigo is almost nonexistent except when i am under a lot of stress. i've taken the contrast agent several times and in hindsight had i not my health would be a lot worse today. i've noticed no ill effects and just drink extra water on the day of tests as radiologists say that the agent leaves the body through urine. i believe an mri without contrast agent would still detect scars but would not differentiate between those that are and are not getting worse, so you may still find that worthwhile. if the results are positive, you might then decide to further investigate whether the damage is ongoing or has stabilized. this is what i would have done had i any reservations about the contrast agent.

i still bump my head once in a while, which affects my balance and makes subsequent bumps more likely. after second bump in a span of a few days this past summer, i bought a bump cap and in cases where bumpage is more likely keep one handy. the one i got comes with an overlapping baseball cap, so if i ever wear it in public i feel less conspicuous (listing: depending on the frequency and severity of previous concussions, sudden head movements like jerking and bouncing can reaggravate or even cause a concussion on their own, so like you i am moving around more gingerly which seems to help from a symptom standpoint as well as preventing more bumps. CBD is the only treatment i've found to be effective for migraines, along with the numerous other health benefits it provides.

i've never heard of cranial sacral massage, super neurogen, E3AFA, and phosphatidylserine. accupuncture seems expensive and not something my insurance would cover and i've been on the fence about whether to try seeing a chiropractor especially after reading about some of the risks online.