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u/ICallEveryoneBabe · 7 pointsr/TIHI

Assuming you haven't already you should really check out some of Ito's other stuff.

Here's my (and many other's) favorite short that hooks a lot of people into his work:

The Enigma of Amigara Fault


If you're looking for lengthier stories, his generally considered top 3 are Uzumaki, Gyo, and Tomie which are all available in beautiful hardcover here.


Stay creepy Babe!

u/rscarson · 4 pointsr/TIHI

Posting this reply for others, since you've decided to avoid learning anything today

I'd recommend Beyond Infinity, by mathematician Eugenia Cheng. It nicely explores this topic.

We are not talking about the hierarchy of infinities here, since both sets are countable infinities - as you pointed out.

But even countable infinities have scale. Picture 2 sets, defined as follows:

a = {n, 0 < n <= ∞}
b = {1000n, 0 < n <= ∞}

Simply, we have a - a set of all integers, and b - the same set with a multiplier attached

It is easy to see that for any given value of n, b will always yield a larger result.

So although if were to take the sums of a and b from n=0 to n=∞ we would find both sets to be infinite, set b is said to be a larger infinite set than a.

u/SheWolf04 · 1 pointr/TIHI

Have you ever read this book? It's weirdly charming. Antony Bourdain, gods rest him, discovered her and got her a book deal.

Grand Forks: A History of American Dining in 128 Reviews

u/Hillarysudders · 1 pointr/TIHI

Dreamfarm Scizza - Pizza Scissors, Non-Stick and Pizza Stone Safe Pizza Cutter and Server (Black)

u/_Catattack · 2 pointsr/TIHI

You should order medihoney for heal it quicker. I use to work at a wound clinic and this stuff really helps
medi honey

u/SalvioMassCalzoney · 16 pointsr/TIHI

Dude don't wait to redo the bathroom, get a bidet attachment for your existing toilet.

u/InFearn0 · 25 pointsr/TIHI

The most believable part of MetaGame is that humans would define a minimum DNA span distance from human DNA that defines something as not-human and therefore eligible to be property.

u/geniewiz · 1 pointr/TIHI

Imagine the typing speed, if he had this keyboard

u/MorrisBark · 2 pointsr/TIHI

witch hazel before bed and when you wake up. Niacinamide/zinc at night.

The black pores on your nose are full of sebum and dead skin- it’ll never be gone forever. Witch hazel is a toner which removes excess dirt and dead skin. Niacinamide and zinc balances sebum production so your skin looks clearer.

Pore strips remove the surface issues but do not deep clean. If you want a quick fix, go with pore strips. If you want long term relief, consider a multi step cleansing process.

I use pore strips before weddings and social events if my nose is looking gnarly but I have a multi step skin cleansing routine that cut down my acne significantly. I’ve got a few nose strips hidden away that are probably over a year old.