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u/cTreK421 · 1 pointr/Target

Do not use cloth gloves! The moisture from the items will soak into the gloves and you always need up with wet fingertips or more. I had my ETL special order some Memphis Ninja X gloves. Your fingers will get cold after long exposure but they keep you protected and allow for mobility and reaching into tight spots. I love them for stocking freezer or doing freezer sales planners and zoning.

u/imissreading · 3 pointsr/Target

I'll link a few that I've bought. I've used all of them for different things, and there are somethings I just won't use 'em for after. I'll always have a few to rotate and wash.

  • Memphis Ninja Lite N9696L - For handling produce or meats I'll try and use the stores own ordered thin/blue/black gloves. However, if I'm handling chicken that always leaks, I'll either throw 'em or put em in a plastic bag to bring back home and wash.

  • 300 INT Ice Gripster - For the freezer I'll also use the stores bought gloves.

  • CLC 125L + True Grip Heavy Duty For general working around I've used these two. I think you'd like them as they have the touch screen on 'em so you can use the devices with. I've learned not to work with freezer/produce with these because moisture in the long run fucks 'em up. Well that and moving wooden pallets all over the place.

  • Hex1 2120 - These also have the screen touch. These have been my favorite ones. A bit tight fitting on me for a large. Expensive though. Actually have been asked about them from the remodel construction crew and steritech technicians(?).

    I haven't minded paying the price for these as they've saved my hands throughout most of the shit I've handled. And I get to continue to use 'em/share 'em when doing my own work or helping others. The touch-screens I've loved a lot with the Zebra, but I try and be careful with them with moisture/sharp objects since they seem to deteriorate quite fast when not paying attention.

    There hasn't been a pair that is perfect for everything, but because I can bring these and leave 'em in a box in the back I just switch out for whatever I need at the time. Right tool for the right job.
u/evildevil97 · 3 pointsr/Target

I use these gloves in the freezer. Usually works well with the Zebra (wear and tear means I might need to use my middle finger to type). They're quite warm, and also inexpensive. With extended use, they can start ripping a bit easily, but for the price, I like them. Plus, they fit in my pocket.

u/got_lost_again · 1 pointr/Target

This would help, but I agree you probably shouldn't work morning jobs if it's hard for you to get up. I don't pick up shifts anymore, because I'm already working like 60 hours total between both jobs and close to burning out

u/TeenRacer6 · 17 pointsr/Target

>Sold by Above All Games and Fulfilled by Amazon


That'd be a no, chief.


EDIT: Here it is sold by Amazon for a near similar price

Its not a Prime Only price, just Prime Eligible shipping, so you should be good to go to price match that one I linked.


Since they'll likely use their own phone or Zebra or whatever they have to try to verify the price, make sure they click on "sold by other sellers", and go to the second page so they can find the price listed there, and not just the cheapest one available.

u/Fortehlulz33 · 2 pointsr/Target

Although in this time of year, I always have some thin gloves on me, so if you really want your own, get some good grippy ones. I've used these before, and any workwear store in your area should have them.

u/SFSCaptain · 3 pointsr/Target

Apparently... And some of the prices seem a bit low...

I don't drink, myself, but I wonder what the catch is. Maybe that "usually ships in 1-2 months" (emphasis added) on the super-low priced items...?

u/FoodAsst · 2 pointsr/Target

Honeywell CBL-500-120-S00-00 Standard A to Mini USB Cable for Captuvo Sl22 for Ipod Touch 5 and Sl42 for IPhone, 1.2 m, 5V

u/128Gigabytes · 3 pointsr/Target

I think I had this one but red

Edit: yep I had this

u/ajbiz11 · 4 pointsr/Target

It's coconut oil! The butter flavor actually comes from a salt called Flavacol. And here's an idea of the yellow coconut oil. It has butter flavoring too, but most of it's in the flavacol

Also, your mushroom kernels should only be used with caramel corn! Standard kernels for normal popcorn!

u/jackbquickzx · 2 pointsr/Target

I recently set up two pre-paid H2O sim cards on a cheap GSM quad band Blu phone. They each took maybe one minute to activate and recharge online. $10 for 3 months of service plus minutes, and they stack, so it's only $40/year of service.