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u/defenestrationer · 2 pointsr/TeardropTrailers

Here is a discussion on tntt, several people seem to like it, but there are some concerns about added weight. They talk about pros and cons of a couple different products.

After much deliberation and research I choose boat paint. It does not hide imperfections they way liner will, but I am really happy with the results (durable, waterproof, looks good).

Good luck


u/itsmikeo · 1 pointr/TeardropTrailers

I bought this and absolutely LOVE it. I cut it to the shape of the inside of the teardrop and covered it with the shallowest fitted sheet I could find (9" deep) and its really, really comfortable. What I like about it a lot was there are two firmnesses put together into one mattress. Helps a lot with support.


u/AskMeForADadJoke · 2 pointsr/TeardropTrailers

I have a 4” (2 1/2” of it is soft high density foam and 1 1/2” is memory foam”) and it is perfect and SO comfortable. Easily cut it to the shape of the space and it’s awesome.

This is it

u/koduh · 3 pointsr/TeardropTrailers

> 1) What are the must have /favorite features in your trailers? From what I have seen options on the gallery are a bit divided. I want to make sure I consider all the options when I plan it out.

I thought I NEEDED to have a built in stove but looking back I'd much rather have a place to store/use a standard 2 burner propane stove.

Also I like the built in sink options in theory, but most are just too small to be worth it. I'd much rather have a space for a 5 gallon jug to sit on it's side with a closeable spout like this:

u/low_altitude_sherpa · 1 pointr/TeardropTrailers

Amazon has them I believe.

I like this design as you could even put one of the van tents attached to the back door a sitting area. Pretty sweet.

Edit:. Here are some 36" 500 lbs ones.

u/screamphilling · 5 pointsr/TeardropTrailers

I have experience installing exactly 1 pair of struts on a hatch.

From what I remember, I stood on a scale and then weighed myself holding the door up. I found a pair of struts to hold this weight, plus maybe 10 extra pounds. I came pretty close to a perfect match for lift weight. (i had a fairly heavy wooden hatch) I did find that when it got close to freezing outside, the hatch wouldn't stay up.

Mounting was a huge pain in the @ss. It was alot of trial and error on my part. There is math/geometry to measure and almost perfectly align them. I can't remember what resources I used now, but it's definitely not rocket science. You can do it if you brainstorm for awhile.

Here are links to the hardware I used. Just cheap generic-ish auto struts and mounting hardware.

photo of heavy @ss wooden hatch on my former heavy teardrop which I sold

u/Pushkin9 · 1 pointr/TeardropTrailers

Here are the ones I bought for my son's car camping setup. I thought they were pretty good. Peyou Car Window Shade,【2019...

u/pubultrastar · 1 pointr/TeardropTrailers

I used Herculiner Bed Liner. Very pricey, but I'm confident that this will last. It's the stuff with the little rubber chunks mixed in. I put a couple of coats on the bottom of mine, which is still being built.

u/Anabeer · 3 pointsr/TeardropTrailers

When does this moisture show up? Does it have to rain or is it just due to humidity?

My Internet guess is fairly new construction and no venting.
At least crack a window (I used passive side vents. you can see one side in this pic.)

Also during the damp, misty, foggy months I use an air dryer. Like this:

I also mounted my "cabin" portion to my frame via little plastic pucks, screwed. That lifts the wood off the metal a titch so any moisture can drain or dry out rather than wick into the wood.

You should grab a drink and a cigar and go out and just sit and think like a raindrop and mentally go over and over how you sealed it, how you layered stuff and thinking like a rain drop see how you would get inside to have a pool party in the far back corner.

u/Chilton82 · 1 pointr/TeardropTrailers

I’d love that book for a coffee table reader but it’s a bit pricey, $24.30 on Amazon.

u/wonderquads · 3 pointsr/TeardropTrailers

I use a climateright 2500 model. It's 120volt so I must be plugged in. HVAC is doeable on 12/24 volt but you gotta have a hell of a lot of my case a prohibitive amount. What I did do today however was install a 12v fan. I modified the base to hide the wiring, it looks great! Caframo Ultimate 12V Cabin Fan, Small, Black

u/KarotzCupcakes · 1 pointr/TeardropTrailers

What about getting a legal-sized file holder and use duck tape to redirect airflow upwards? Something like this Rubbermaid wall file holder

u/wassmatta · 2 pointsr/TeardropTrailers

IMHO you should skip re-lubing the factory bearings and just replace them. These kits from etrailer are so cheap and reliable that it just isn't worth it to repack already-greased bearings, especially if you are changing the type of grease you are using. I do the bearings, races and seals once a year or every 2000 miles regardless of condition. I also replaced the stock lug nuts with these full length chrome ones for the bling factor. :) Oh and with good tires and regular bearing maintenance, I do 70-75 mph no prob.

u/josh6025 · 2 pointsr/TeardropTrailers

> It seems like the connection has more than 4 pins - but it's in pretty rough shape. Anyone know what kind of connection this is?

Looks like a 7/8 flat trailer connector, the 8th socket is likely dead as it's not used in North America. The 4 with the 3 sockets and 1 pin will likely be your standard 4 wire trailer connection. The other 4 are most likely for reverse, brake and +12 VDC with the 8th one being dead.


With how beat up this connector looks, dragged and corroded, I would have it replaced with a sealed 4 and 7 pin housing, EX, the flat 4 and round 7 are the North American standards used.


Since this the first time pulling any major weight have the receiver inspected to make sure that none of the bolts or supports are rusted out.

u/illegal_brain · 2 pointsr/TeardropTrailers

Here is the fuse mount and here is the fuse I use for my battery. Goes right on the + terminal.

u/bobapple · 3 pointsr/TeardropTrailers

The smallest little buddy heater would probably be sufficient:

little buddy

u/keymonkey · 1 pointr/TeardropTrailers

It does.... quite a bit. That's what pushed me over to cheap cover in the end. Picked up. Camco 45761 8'-10' ULTRAGuard Pop-Up Camper Cover (46"H x 87"W)

u/biomags · 9 pointsr/TeardropTrailers

They make deflectors for air vents. You might have to look around for one that fits properly.

amazon air vent deflector