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u/Cuhai · 1 pointr/TheBluePill

I know that I am 7 days late, but I just read your comment and I just… Can’t.

What? You're a girl? Your argument is completely moot, then! This absolutely holds zero weight now that I know you're a girl.

The fact that you just dismissed everything I said because of my gender, really demonstrates your lack of objectivity and logic. In case you haven’t figured this out, gender is not a black or white thing. You can be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Intergender, Asexual , etc. Not to mention the fact that you can be a straight, cisgender person who does not conform to most of, if any of the stereotypes attributed to your gender.

You have no idea what it's like to be a guy

You just put almost 4 billion people into one category. Good job on sounding like a dumbass. You have no idea what I’m like, and the fact that you think every male is like you shows that you have zero objective reasoning skills. Travel the world a bit and you’ll realize how much “being a guy” differs from culture to culture, not to mention from person to person.

I’m not even red pill

Your labels mean nothing to me, and furthermore, you've already proven that you’re ignorant as fuck. You’re also sexist since you dismissed everything I said because I have a vagina.

You aren't a guy. You don't have the male libido. Unfortunately, you can never understand this because you don't think about sex every 2 seconds. Yes. We are prisoners to our libido. For most guys, it's fucking torture to not have sex for a month or longer.

The “male libido” is not a thing lol. Men’s libidos fall into a wide range, and contrary to what the media told you, not every male has a high libido. If this were true, there wouldn’t be millions of women complaining that their sex drives are higher than their partners. All of my best friends have been male since I was about 3 years old. 5 of them have told me that they do not have a high sex drive, that they can go a long time without having sex. Of course, this is not something that they publicize to everyone which further perpetuates the stereotypes. Two of my exes had lower sex drives than I did. I’m sorry that you live in a bubble and haven’t had enough experience to realize the wide variety of sex drives out there.

"Spinning plates" is way fucking better than not spinning plates, by a large margin.

How do you know this? You have just proven what I said in my previous post, that those who have not experienced something and crave it, have many grand illusions about the fulfillment that the object of their desire will bring to them. I have dated some super hot guys who had been having tons of sex since the day they hit puberty; they have all confirmed that it does not fulfill them at all. I have many friends who are male models, they have told me the same thing. You will however dismiss this and choose to believe a bunch of guys like yourself whose years of desperation have warped their whole perception of true self-esteem and fulfillment.

That is not an exaggeration, we think about sex every 2 seconds. It is on our minds all the time.

Wow, do you ever stop projecting your own experiences onto everyone else? Also, how do you know that I do not think of sex all the time? You don’t know a fucking thing, you’re just a silly hamster trying to rationalize your own obsessions and desperation. Guys who have a very easy time getting sex do not think of sex every two seconds, I know this from experience. In fact, it turned out that I thought of sex more than my ex did, and his sex drive was very high. It makes sense though that you think of sex every minute, because the lack of it has caused you to become obsessed with it. I feel your pain though, because when I went long time without having sex, I thought about it all the time too. Meditation might help you.

See, this doesn't hold any weight in the argument since you're a girl.

Again with the sexism; do you ever stop trying to put everything and everyone into little boxes? There are much healthier ways to deal with the uncertainty of life than to dull your existence to that level. I am the kind of person who others open up to, and I often have very deep conversations with people. This is something that most of my very hot “alpha” male friends and exes have told me, not to mention basic psychology.

You don't understand that guys do not receive the same amount of attention from girls as vice versa.

You clearly don’t know many guys, because two of my best friends (male) get checked out constantly. I can’t spend a night out with them without little girls obsessing over them and walking by our table 10 times. Just because you haven’t gotten much female attention, does not mean that other guys don’t.

Plus, if you're as attractive as you say you are, you probably have at least 4 male friends in your phone contacts right now, that if you asked them for sex, they'd come over and fuck you within the hour.

This is another myth. If this were true, I wouldn’t have had periods where I didn’t have sex for months at a time. Also, my very good looking female friends wouldn’t complain to me constantly about how horny they are and how there’s no one to have sex with. Contrary to what you think, most attractive guys are not animals who will fuck someone after knowing them for a few hours, or run out to fuck someone just because they got a text. It takes time for them to get comfortable too. My best friend is gorgeous and has turned down girls who he feels want to use him for sex, in fact, he is very selective for precisely this reason. Everyone is different, and most intelligent people have their own views and beliefs about sexuality that are not dictated by the hive mind.
It would make sense though that you would jump at the chance to fuck a girl if she booty called you because you’re desperate and have been desperate for a long time.
Anyways, good luck to you dude and I hope you find happiness in your life.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/TheBluePill

Np, also I had a bit of a typo in my comment, my pet theory was actually that our higher cognitive function allows us to deviate from primal instinct to some extent but ultimately not enough to where we are perfectly moral, non-animalistic creatures-- we are very much driven by basic need, since that helps us survive and gets propagated throughout generations, the other things our intellect affords us such as awareness of our insignificance in the grand scheme of things or philosophy, art, etc. are just fortunate by-products of our abstraction ability, which was selected due to it's ability to aid us in survival and reproduction, consequently it is subservient to those basic drives.

Some other books I haven't even touched yet (but plan to) but which also have a good reputation:

u/tawtaw · 2 pointsr/TheBluePill

If anyone's curious, there have been more than a few philosophy of biology books from a feminist perspective. The Case of the Female Orgasm made a big splash about a decade ago in critiquing the whole Masters & Johnson legacy on sex. It's an interesting read and the author was a student of Stephen Jay Gould. Not to mention I think some feminists would have a hard time accepting one of its conclusions, that being the male orgasm drove the evolution of the female one.

Also, this is supposed to be pretty good as well, though I can't say I've read it.

u/BossLaidee · 5 pointsr/TheBluePill

Oh look, another post where a guy tries to rationalize being superficial at an age when it's no longer cool.

Education and Attractiveness in Marriage Choices:

Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder? (hint: the answer is yes)

Age preferences are more similar than we think, and TRP greatly over-estimates the "mate preferences" of men as they age. Most men prefer 2 - 3 years younger in their twenties, and as they age that gap widens to about 10 - 15 years younger in their 60s.

At age 60, I hope these guys want to protect younger women from creepy guys, rather than BEING the creepy guys.

u/MissCherryPi · 6 pointsr/TheBluePill

Well in "Woman: An Intimate Geography" Natalie Angier explains it that mammals traditionally had sex with the man entering from behind the woman ("doggy style", etc.) and so men associated the shape of women's buttocks with sex.

The idea is that women who had large breasts were more likely to have intercourse with men in face to face positions, because the men liked the look of breasts because they reminded them of buttocks. Having sex in face to face positions included more eye contact, which lead to more oxytocin release upon orgasm which lead to stronger pair bonding and love which created a more stable bond between parents and more involvement in children's lives from their father because he was so in love with the mother.

The other hypothesis Angier covers is that breasts are so aesthetically pleasing that women who had spare food or supplies were more likely to give it to the women with bigger breasts.

This sounds goofy, but it's still a really good book.

u/aresta · -9 pointsr/TheBluePill

excerpts are from here

>Huh? Even if this is true (which I'm not because it isn't referenced and I haven't done any research on it myself), what is the significance of this? What is biologically better about a larger penis?

If you have a monogamous animal sperm delivery is not a problem. The woman only has one mate, so the body readily accepts the sperm.

However, in promiscuous species the men's sperm needs to compete with other sperm to impregnate the ovum. Only 1-2% of sperm have the goal of actually trying to fertilize the egg, the other sperm are blockers and killers, that seek to stop other men's sperm.

The reason why a large penis is so advantageous is because the penis is shaped so during each thrust it creates a vaccum that pumps out the guy's sperm before hand. Plus the guy can ejaculate in a deeper area of the vagina than other men can.

u/Angelastypewriter · 11 pointsr/TheBluePill

>So excuse me if I'm not that impressed by his having written a slim self published plotless self help drabble in two years.
>I'll just go back to watching house flipping shows. That's more my speed, what with that useless lady brain of mine.

It's not self-help drabble, it's a book of fidget spinner tricks.

It took him two years to write a book of fidget spinner tricks, and he basically admits in the description he stole the tricks from YouTube.

No wonder his wife's friends pulled faces. Can you imagine???

u/EuphemisticallyTrue · 1 pointr/TheBluePill

I don't have a bias if you have evidence contradicting my claim I would seriously consider it. To make my case more clear compare the distribution in table 3 and 4 in the paper. If you don't under stand statistics take a statistics course.

If you want to understand the evolutionary theory read this book:

u/Wrecksomething · 11 pointsr/TheBluePill

He's the beta we keep chained up in the basement to lend scientific credibility to our EvoPsych BioTruth claims. You can identify alphas by their headgear.

u/AntiFeminismAU · 1 pointr/TheBluePill

Sick of feminists having those shirts saying "the future is female" so decided to make one myself that says "the future is male"

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u/User-31f64a4e · -26 pointsr/TheBluePill

Don't know where the quote is from, but it's wrong.
According to Sperm Wars, the likely reason is an innate recognition of a strong, powerful man. This is considered to be good genetics for one's own offspring. Furthermore, orgasm increases the odds of fertilization. This is unfortunate, as this instinctive response can lead to (unwarranted) guilt in the victim. Noone should ever be ashamed of anything which happens when they are a victim.

Anyway, that's just the take on how evolution plays in. It's not really relevant; rape is still 100% unacceptable.

u/ILurvesMeSomePie · 65 pointsr/TheBluePill

I'm really sorry about your previous relationship, OP. hugs You're really brave for getting yourself out of that situation.

There's a really great book I've been reading that's been mentioned a lot, here and in other subs like /r/relationships, called

"Why does he do that?" by Lundy Bancroft.

Bancroft is a counsellor who has worked with abusive men to change their behaviours. In the book, he outlines a lot of tactics that abusers use, which are (surprise, surprise) pretty much the same tactics TRPers talk about to win over women.

He also mentions tips that women can use to identify/avoid potential abusers. (I'll see if I can find that section and post it here)

It's a worthwhile read - you should definitely check it out!

Edit: (Some Key Points from Bancroft's "Why Does He Do That" - How Can I Tell if a Man I'm Seeing Will Become Abusive?)

  • He speaks disrespectfully about his former partners: Be cautious if he is very focused on his bitterness or tells you about his exes early on in your dating. Also, be aware if he says you are nothing like the women he's been involved with - it could be a tactic to get you to work doubly hard to prove you're not like the women he was with.

  • He is disrespectful towards you: Put downs, sneering at your opinions, rudeness towards you in front of other people communicates lack of respect. Also, if he idealizes you, puts you on a pedestal, treats you like a fine piece of china, this is also something to watch out for. He could turn nasty if you don't live up to his perfect image

  • He does favors for you that you don't want or puts on such a show of generosity that it makes you uncomfortable: This may be a sign of someone who is trying to create a sense of indebtedness

  • He is controlling: This usually starts off gradually, with subtle hints about your clothes or looks, or negative remarks about family or friends. Eventually, he may start to show hints of impatience that you don't share the same opinions.

  • He is possessive: Possessiveness shows he doesn't love you as an independent human being but rather as a guarded treasure

  • Nothing is ever his fault: As time goes by, the target of blame increasingly becomes you.

  • He is self-centered: Notice when he does a lot more than his share of talking, listens poorly when you speak, shifts the topic of conversation to himself

  • He abuses drugs or alcohol: Bancroft says that chances are, even without a drug/alcohol addiction, the abuser will always remain an abuser, and will blame his behaviours on the drugs/alcohol. However, be careful if he pressures you to take drugs/alcohol with him.

  • He pressures you for sex

  • He gets serious too quickly about the relationship

  • He intimidates you when he's angry

  • He has double standards

  • He has negative attitudes towards women

  • He treats you differently around other people

  • He appears to be attracted to vulnerability

    Edit #2: Gilded? Me? Gilded? Oh, wow! I'm all of a dither

    breathes into a paper bag

    Thank you so much, kind redditor!

    Oh, and for those of you looking for Why Does He Do That?, here's a link to Amazon:

u/Joffrey_is_so_alpha · 28 pointsr/TheBluePill

>She said my whole vibe and the way I was looking at them was creepy.

This is called "intuition", sometimes known as "emotional intelligence". It's detailed in Gavin De Becker's masterful book that every woman should read, The Gift of Fear. (Seriously, if you haven't read it, do yourself a favor. If you're a guy, buy it for all the women in your life.)

Experts like De Becker, who specialize in helping women avoid violence, say that the single most important thing any woman can do is follow her gut feelings about creepers.

If a woman says you were being a creepy degrading asshole, dude, you were most likely being a creepy asshole. The very fact that you've come running back to gerbil about your lack of success to your fellow redpillians - plus your post history - tells me that she's RIGHT ON TARGET.

Creepy misogynist PUA-wannabe: 0
Intuitive woman's creepdar: 1

edit: after reading the replies: holy shit they hate women a whole lot in there shudder

edit the second: wow, this post seems to have hit a raw redpillian nerve. As long as you're reading, dudes, what you do is predatory behavior. A lot of women out there are going to intuit that you're up to no good whatsoever. What you do is predatory and creepy as all fuck. You're gross. What's worse is that you're gross and don't realize it. You're like the old fat dude in the otherwise respectable bar wearing gold chains and a texas tuxedo and a nugget ring who talks too loud and tells shitty jokes and pinches the waitstaff's ass and has too much nose/ear/back hair and who thinks he's the hottest of shit, but for whom everyone else - especially women, but normal dudes too - feels a combination of growing impatience, disgust and pity. THAT GUY IS ALL OF YOU.