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u/emergentdragon ยท 2 pointsr/TheMensCooperative

OK, chiming in here for the first time.

In his book "The Power of Habit" Charles Duhigg talks about "cornerstone" habits.
There seem to be habist that draw a host of others with them, and improve the general life.

That one is sports.

As soon as people pick up the habit of exercise, their diet improves, they often reduce drug usage such as nicotine, etc..

With 400lbs+, this may seem daunting.
A friend of mine did this with walking at night. Just started walking around his neighborhood when no one could see him.

Link to book (no promo code)

As for the other stuff - facebook has been shown to be a bad influence on mental health.

So at least take a break from it.

Good luck!

Aslo: Feel free to message me directly.