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u/Rebar77 · 1 pointr/TheOCS

Well WhaleDickNachos, it varies person to person. Whether it's the whole spine, just a section, the direction (front/back). I had a 64 degree S from mid to lower so I got away with only needing a section fused. Nine times out of ten something like cables are mounted with hooks where your rib cage starts - on the outside of the ribs. = Vertical scar down center.

You may as well start googling images to know what you're in for if you haven't already. This isn't getting your appendix out and you get ice cream for a week. This might turn into a ramble after smoking while typing, sorry in advance but you asked and you should know what you're in for friend.


The surgeon, in London 23 years ago when I was 19, drilled and bolted me from the inside of the rib cage. This was so I could keep more mobility and stay semi-active. Compared to having hooks between or above shoulder blades and not leaning forward/side/twist as much anymore. Depends on the severity. My scar looks like a side swipe from a Katana. Belly button around to under my shoulder blade, left side. Bar itself is like 7", fusing 5 verts, bolts are just long enough to go through the thickest diameter. Years later the first free discs have been crapping out on me because they now had to take the brunt of those 5 top and bottom.


Before surgery I had the option of using/giving my own blood. Like, give a quart every week(or two I forget) beforehand. But I was living in Kitchener at the time so London was a bit of a cruise. The friggin specialist that arranges the blood draw would only accept blood drawn at his location. Couldn't draw it locally and post it to the blood bank at the London Hospital for some damned reason. Somebody mis-labeled something 34 years ago and are still paying off the law suit. I digress...


After surgery I was fitted for a brace. Two girls one bucket of plaster... and cast tape stuff. Two weeks on my back in the hospital then 4 weeks on my back at home. Needed a cane and heavy wall leaning to truck to the Loo. If I even moved a wrongly, and god help me if I sneezed, the muscles would totally spaz out. k, they(every back muscle) were so used to the curve were now stretched on one side and way over-slack on the other. The over-slack side would spasm and twist up into this huge knot of twitching fury for 10mins a pop. Time and physio did help with that but it took months to settle downand even out. The now stretched side wasn't happy either btw.


So yea, after four weeks back at home the brace arrived(woo). They used the plaster mold from the hospital to form it to me. It opened in the back, held closed with straps. From resting on my hip bones to my arm pits. Yay I could walk down the street and back with a cane, then around the block, *insert rocky theme song*, went back to work six months later. Small offset printing presses at the time.


*results my vary*


Get your own Physiotherapy equipment right now, or as soon as you can. For me 20+ years ago physiotherapy was covered by OHIP until they dropped it 18 years ago. $40-60 per physio session twice a month now has to come out of your pocket. Screw that! If you've never been maybe go to one or two, or watch youtube vids, either/or.


Links are for example only, probably better deals to be found on ebay and whatnot:

  • Ultrasound Wand. You don't need the horsepower of the $1k+ professional units therapists use. Pricey up front but lets be generous and say you'd get 5 visits out of that $235. Stale waiting room wait. They show you a stretch and how long to hold it(can't do that at home). Lay you down or sit backwards in a chair while they goop up their wand and rub it in the area you say it hurts for 2mins [pro unit higher wattage so less time needed for deep pen]. Can't do that at home, nope. Then for the last minutes they'll stick the four TENS pads in the area where you say it hurts and you play with the dials. Too complicated to do at home I tell you!
  • Inversion Table - $152! Was $250'ish five years ago to doorstep from Amazon. May be cheaper finds on local Kijiji or w/e. Absolutely helps decompress everything. Takes getting used to. I suggest a target and Nerf Batarang's while you dangle to kill time.
  • TENS machine. $40 box with electrodes to train and/or sooth deeep muscle pain. And/or focus on one side to build up strength and build muscle. Especially if one side always seems to be doing the work.
  • ​

    So yea, for like eight visits where you have to drive, or bus, take off work, or w/e, it pays for the equipment you can use daily for as long as you want/need!


    That turned into an ordeally rant, sorry all. Hope it gives WhaleDickNachos an idea of what to expect. :)


    Have a good one. I'm on to bowl #4 now, lol.
u/Scarvis12 · 4 pointsr/TheOCS


I mostly vape. I also have a bong. I don't usually smoke canons/cones. I can roll by hand, and do, if I'm rolling something big, but for just myself and my girlfriend, I just use the RAW 1 1/4 papers and roller with the cellulose filters.

I do not use tobacco. Only smoke straight green.

I do rehydrate now, only in the last few months. Never used to. Always just picked up and smoked right out of the bag.

It does make it easier for rolling a burns a bit smoother IMO.

With the roller, you pack the weed in with a filter, close it shut, spin it and it will compress the weed to the same side/shape as the filter. Once you've rolled and compressed, slide in the edge of a paper, start spinning the roller and it will pull the paper in and wrap it around the weed and filter. Open it and you have a perfect "cigarette" every time.

When rolling cone, larger joints, cross joints, etc... I like to use something to roll the paper with, a pen, a rolled up sheet of white paper, etc... To make it easier to hold the shape. Roll the paper around whatever I'm using and stick it to create a hollow cone/tube. Then I slip a paper filter/tip from the top, down to the bottom and let it unroll itself a bit to fit the open, then fill the weed in from the top. Different people have different methods. My "hand roll" method is a bit unorthodox and "assisted" but a lot easier than fumbling weed everywhere. If that's. It an option, just use the fold in a pack of paper to hold and fill with weed, then tuck/roll a corner and spin it between your fingers, similar to what the roller does.

I prefer to use the rollers though.

If you want to pick some up to try for yourself, here's the links:

The simple RAW 1 1/4roller:

With 1 1/4 papers:

With the slim, cellulose filters (a lot easier on the lungs):

u/Smoking76er · 2 pointsr/TheOCS

Well, Harper Lee is pretty lit'ry, and in keeping with the Dream King theme, the first Gaiman I would recommend to you specifically my friend, is a longish short story called "The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains".

Of course, you've probably come across Gaiman on the big screen and just didn't realize it. 'Coraline', 'Stardust', 'Mirror-Mask', and recently 'How To Talk to Girls At Parties' are movies based on his work (as are TV series 'American Gods', 'Neverwhere' and 'Good Omens'). Now although the Sandman graphic novels (along with the now 'retired' (Ha!), Alan Moore's Watchmen), are justly renown for shaping modern comics, they are rather longish whereas 'Truth' is much more pithy in that you'll either like it, or not, a lot quicker! :)

Your weekends sound brilliant! Many is the day (many, many), from way back when I was just in the single digits on the lake up in Muskoka I'd row my brother up half-way up the lake, just offshore the rock-face, and he'd fish and I'd read. Now in later years, when we were in our teens, we may well have been smoking other than tobacco (what is the statute of limitations on operating a boat stoned?), but whatever, I always loved reading on a boat gently rocking in the waves. I used to 'stock-up' a pile of about 8 - 12 books for those two weeks, 'cause if I ran out of reading material there wasn't any place nearby to get any. Ahh, good times, summer times...

u/javapile · 1 pointr/TheOCS

I've had really good luck with Grunge Off. It's a cleaner made with citrus oil and unlike the iso method or Orange Chronic, this is meant to soak your pieces in. If you take the bowl and soak overnight it should clean a lot of the build up away. Rinse with hot water. You may have to rinse it out and soak again the following night but it will eventually break down any build up you have on there. It smells great to! Amazon link below so you can see what it looks like but don't buy from there because that price is stupid! I think i pay $18 a bottle. It's reusable many, many times.


And once you get it clean use a few drops of Rez Block in the water to prevent it from getting dirty again. This stuff works wonders!!!


Good luck!

u/ABC-Co · 3 pointsr/TheOCS

The Spectrum (Canopy/Tweed) syringe works well with the Redecan bottle. Personally, I detest Redecan’s syringe.

I haven’t ordered these but they look like they’ll work;


1ml Oral Tuberculin Syringes by Terumo - 100 Pack - Luer Slip Tip, No Needle, FDA Approved, Without Needle, Individually Blister Packed - Medicine Administration for Adults, Infants, Toddlers and Small Pets - Made in Japan - Box of 100 Syringes 1cc.

u/mjtribute · 8 pointsr/TheOCS

Thank you for the detailed review and EXCELLENT pictures! This should be the standard for all other bud reviews from ocs.

Other users have reported success with Boveda humidity packs. Have you given them a try yet?

u/duce7 · 3 pointsr/TheOCS

Sorry only tried Boveda and have been very satisfied, wish I figured this out years ago.

Amazon is reasonable at just over $2 a pack and 4 month eta seems ok no?

Others use the ones on the ocs site say they are fine think they are cheaper to around a $1 if I recall correctly

u/AnalShits · 1 pointr/TheOCS

Not bad. Yesterday on Amazon (I have Prime) I got these 12x500ml for $9.87... for some reason they're selling for $21.97 today so I'd definitely go with your choice if I didn't get them cheap.

But to be honest, 500ml is too big for 1 - 3.5g of weed per jar. Ah well.

u/alrobert13 · 2 pointsr/TheOCS

From what I've read, a humidity control packet works great. I just ordered these yesterday.

Boveda 58 Percent RH 2-Way Humidity Control, 4 Gram - 10 Pack

u/new2thisno · 1 pointr/TheOCS

justI bought these from Amazon, I am not 100% sure if I should actually transfer all of the product over.

14 Amber Round Glass Jars, 12 pack 2oz Amber Glass Round Glass Jars, 2 pack 4oz Amber Round Glass Jars, with Inner Liners and black Lids

This one looks pretty awesome, but man, it would be pricey to buy more than one or two

Prepara EVAK Glass Food Storage Container with Soft Touch Black Handle, Mini

u/rosso65 · 1 pointr/TheOCS

This is the bag, it definitely has gone up in price since I purchased mine

u/banananapixel · 1 pointr/TheOCS

Something like this

It's added to THC extracts to make things taste better/pump up the terps. I don't think it will get you high on its own though, it's more of an additive.

u/remember_987 · 4 pointsr/TheOCS

if you have time you could cancel your order on the OCS store and just order them off amazon: 4 gram 62%, 8 gram 58%