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u/ColdIceZero · 3 pointsr/TheRedPill

Much of my research has been focused on men who grew up under an emotionally abusive, narcissistic female parent ("Nparent"). Boys with high levels of intelligence who grow up under these conditions develop defense mechanisms to avoid the irrational, and often unpredictable, wrath of their Nparent.

One of these defense mechanisms is a highly developed sense of empathy, or in other words "the ability to understand and share the feelings of others." Children from abusive homes often develop higher-than-normal levels of awareness for other people's emotions as a survival response; because while growing up, a child's well-being was determined by the emotional state of the Nparent, whose mood and behavior could radically and unpredictably shift without warning or provocation. So, these children learn how to observe their Nparent and be aware of their every-changing emotional state at all times.

There are a couple consequences of this. First, many of these children learn how to interact with other people in a disarming way. These sort of children do very well in professional sales environments because they have an advanced ability to "read" people.

Which leads me to a second consequence: primarily being in a state of reaction to other people's actions. If life were a game of chess, you would be black, always reacting to white's first move. Again, as a defense mechanism, children in abusive homes learn strategies to disarm or satisfy their Nparent. Since the Nparent is always on the offensive and the child is always on defense, everything the child is trained to do is counter, repel, or otherwise disarm the actions of others. And these children can become very well adept at developing strategies to anticipate the needs of others.

So while the bulk of these boys' training is as a reaction to the wants and needs of others, these boys are not taught how to be in charge, how to identify and exert their own wants and needs in a relationship in a healthy way. In every relationship, there is a leader and there is a follower. Your relationship training growing up has always been to be reactionary, to be a damn good follower because your survival depended on it.

Now, you are dating, and women are looking for a leader in the relationship. The problem is that you don't have any training on how to be a leader in relationships. Like a fish in water, your whole world growing up has been focused on being the best survivor you can be, and that has meant being the best listener, the best reactor, the best follower you can be because you never knew what it meant to be in control.

Shifting gears into being on the opposite side of that fence, by being the person whose Will is exerted instead of being the person upon whom someone else's Will is exerted, is difficult. It's like riding a bike for the first time: no matter how many books you read on riding a bike, you're still going to fall the first few times. Becoming comfortable as a leader in a relationship is learning experience. It takes time to explore what that means for you and what that means to the women who follow you.

Diving deeper, if you grew up in this sort of environment, you know what it means to be taken advantage of; you've seen what it means for a person to manipulate some unsuspecting individual into fulfilling the manipulator's desires. Like a used-car salesman, you may view the whole experience of "using your magic" to get other people to do what you want as coercive, as something negative. You feel bad because maybe you feel like you're taking advantage of these women; and knowing how badly it sucks to be taken advantage of, you feel uncomfortable escalating things because of it. You haven't necessarily been so accommodating to others because you wanted to, you've done it as a means of survival, because you've had to in order to avoid punishment. You can't fathom or haven't considered the reality that there are people out there who genuinely desire to support others, not out of a sense of avoiding pain but because they truly feel a desire to support the fulfillment of someone else's Will.

If any of this applies to you, then here's my advice: first, recognize that you've been playing the part of the follower in relationships. Your approach has been reactionary, to anticipate the needs of others in order to satisfy those needs, as you feel a good partner should. The problem with this approach is that it requires the other person to have definitive needs. If they don't have needs that can be defined, then you won't know what to do; and nothing you do will satisfy them.

This might explain some issues you've had with LTRs in the past. There's the ongoing joke that if you ask a woman "what would you like to have for dinner?," her response is ____. You already know the stereotypical response (it's "I don't know", if you didn't already guess). While publicly men will lament about female indecisiveness, TRP explains that women aren't interested in making the decision about dinner because they've already made the only decision that matters: they chose you. Now, it's your job to decide what's for dinner; it's your responsibility to figure out what you both are doing tonight; she depends on you to take the lead. And since she's waiting for you to exert your Will, she often doesn't have definitive wants to satisfy. This may very well be the reason why you kept expecting insight from previous LTRs on what you should be doing for them, all the while they were becoming frustrated with you because you were not exhibiting the very same indicators that you sought from her.

Second, you need to learn how to be a leader in relationships, learn how to be in control. There are strong, positive leaders and there are shitty, negative leaders. Realize that exerting your Will in a relationship is not inherently bad thing. There are ways to do it positively. Women seek this strong leadership in relationships with a man. Just like you presently react to someone else to satisfy their needs, women desire to do that exact thing for you. So if you're not exerting your Will in a relationship, then your relationship with her will invariably fall apart.

So get over feeling bad about exerting your Will. Realize that a huge percentage of women desire to support the Will of a strong man. This desire is so ingrained that a surprising quantity of women admit to sexually fantasizing about being raped. This psychology tells us that even under what we might consider to be the most severe of circumstances (being raped), a situation that you would overwhelmingly consider to be "bad," many women still generally sexually fantasize about being "taken" and satisfying a man's Will by his force. By being a man who exerts his Will, you are quite actually giving women what they truly seek: a man who knows what he wants and ACTS on it. So in your chess game with women, be the white piece and make the first move; let them react to you, your desires, your Will. They want you to take charge, and you're hurting yourself and disappointing them when you don't.

Final thoughts, pick up copies of these two books: (1) "No More Mr Nice Guy" by Dr. Robert Glover, and (2) "Models" by Mark Manson. First read No More Mr Nice Guy.

u/dsfargeg · 12 pointsr/TheRedPill

Narcissism and Machiavellianism never got me anywhere worthwhile.

I've been reading this book recently, I found it helps with women of course but basic interactions with anyone as well.

It's a great blueprint, it's more about finding and expanding your true Alpha self than using arcane techniques to pass off as an Alpha.

Don't be only invested in you. Be driven, invested in yourself but make a bit of room for someone else. Don't brag but enjoy sharing yourself with someone who deserves it.

Be interested in them but don't let that influence you. Don't be arrogant, respect their opinions but don't ever change who you are for them.

I used to manipulate others, now I'd rather be upfront. "You're trying to get me to do x or y, for your sole benefit? I won't stand for that, goodbye."

Don't dwell and plot in the shadows, expose yourself boldly and stand your ground. You'll save time and effort. And you'll feel relieved and comforted that you've stayed true to yourself and your values.

u/IllimitableMan · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

Buy him this as a gift: it's a book called "The Rational Male" by /u/rollo-tomassi who has a blog over at

Also get him listening to this podcast called "The Beige Phillip Show" over at, there's a lot of comedy and joking around on the show which will help him ease into the ideas, it lacks that "alpha bro" approach but still distils the same kind of wisdom that we discuss.

How to introduce him to these things? Say you "found it on the internet", started reading things and listening to that podcast and you thought he'd find it interesting. These are probably the "softest" ways to introduce someone to TRP, if he's still not receptive I'd be seriously questioning his gender identity. Being a man and being completely unreceptive to men/maleness whilst supposedly being straight is neither normal nor healthy, hopefully it doesn't come to that. A lot of men here are the products of single mothers too, and so they have to work extra hard to cultivate their masculinity, but that doesn't cause them to outright reject it, maybe it affected him more profoundly or perhaps he has other issues, I don't know him so really at this point I'm just speculating.

Best of luck to you and your boyfriend and kudos you haven't just dumped him for another guy but are actually trying to help the guy improve. I'm not sure that's entirely for unselfish reasons (maybe he's rich or you're not particularly flush with better options than him - that's not my business) but whether you guys last or not, giving him access to this information will help him endlessly for the rest of his life, so kudos for that, your intentions will serve him well.

u/0xdada · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

Interesting thing about bikes, they get your adrenaline up, but also get cortisol up as well.

Burning through traffic at 100+mph is awesome, but guys who just get off their bikes tend to have their eyes bulging out of their heads. Great for energy, but the extra good vibes don't really come until you've come down. Someone advised me against getting a panigale because it would roast my nads, and there are motorcycle related ED issues with some models.

If you are going to ride, get involved with the new wave custom scene by getting a cheap machine and building it out. The physical knowledge will be the real transformative aspect. If you are intellectual, read "Shopclass as Soulcraft," and check out sites like BikeExif to get the idea.

Also, mandatory viewing includes:

u/Mooshaq · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

I had a pretty RP two weeks. They are of course mundane events (as the OP suggests), but big for me nonetheless, as I'm only about two months into TRP and Game.

  • I got complimented out-of-the-blue by a female friend and (later) by a random girl on my standing posture. I've always been a sloucher, and since I started TRP and Game, I've been working on it.
  • I got my brother into TRP stuff; he was in disbelief, but I gave him a well-planned (on my part) list of readings (a lot of sidebar stuff), and now he is on board.
  • I finally made out with a female friend that I was always close to but never physical with. Sure making out isn't huge, but I was stuck for three years trying to make moves. I was (am) always physically attractive to her, but I was too beta to make a move. I'll see her again soon, and hopefully finish what I started.
  • I gave MMSLP to a recently married close guy friend. He just began it, and he loves it so far. His wife isn't super against it either; she's apparently willing to see how it goes after he's implemented the strategies in the book.
  • I broke all my weightlifting PRs. It's not red pill, but I'm proud.
  • I became good friends with two guys that I used to think (in my beta days) were "misogynistic, womanizing scumbags." Turns out, I was a beta bitch, and they're super cool guys.
u/-Anteros- · 3 pointsr/TheRedPill

> MGTOW Doesn't Get The Respect It Deserves

Now why is that? We know that its not respectable for a man to quit, to run away from that which he finds appealing (all healthy young men find women appealing). Let alone walking away from a challenge, which women today are.

Lets set a definition. From our side bar glossary:

  • Men Going Their Own Way; the growing contingent of the male population who are saying “Fuck It All” to the Mating Dance.

    MGTOW are committing an act of self-betrayal. Especially the younger ones. They don't seem to realize an important fact: Eventually we all go MGTOW. Its called "Getting old".

    MGTOW just gives a feeling of validation to a generation of young men wasting their days on videogames and porn, completely hoodwinked into thinking that they are wasting nothing by doing so. There is no book, no art, no website that will teach a young man more than he would learn by going out and socializing. Particularly with women he is interested in.

    Yes, dating sucks. Yes, it has never been this hard. No, young men should not give up. They should change strategies and improve their socializing skill while they have the energy and availability to do so. Throwing their opportunity in the trash is self-betrayal even if they don't realize the mistake they are making.

    Even worse, by accepting the validation that MGTOW provides, they are taking on an identity that other people have made for them.

    > backlash from women because it is a direct threat to their sexual strategy

    Absolutely not. Read the sidebar. They will happily move on to the available men, particularly the top 20%.

    > Even those that are in happy relationships seem to understand why MGTOW makes sense and can come to a rational agreement and support the freedom that MGTOW gives men.

    Running away is not freedom. Freedom when one is able to do something one wants to do. This is granted via the right perspective, which is for a man to put himself first. MGTOW cannot lay claim to this perspective or any other self-improvement despite its attempts to redefine itself.

    > However it is not meant to be a lifetime commitment as it directly challenges our biological need to procreate and reproduce.

    This is somewhat correct but for the wrong reasons. The challenge from MGTOW is not to our biology but to our freedom, which is (indirectly) what MGTOW will do to a young man as he ages.

    From the MGTOW subreddit sidebar definition:

    "We are men going our own way by forging our own identities and paths to self-defined success; cutting through collective ideas of what a man is."

    > forging our own identities

    Admirable try. Identity is created by harsh experiences and reactions from others, as undesirable as that may be.
    Also, interpersonal identity is not as self defined as one would hope

    > paths to self-defined success

    Here is the problem: If one does not know what a successful life is or its potential, how would one know what success is or can be? I ask rhetorically because its clear that younger men do not personally know their potential . They have no business writing off the things they aspire to, this is essentially why MGTOW gets a bad rap, as it should.

    The men who experience high levels of success do everything they can to continue it and increase it. They do not check out because of the complaints that MGTOW espouse.

    > cutting through collective ideas of what a man is.

    Thanks to feminists and gender identity politics "A man" is a murky concept that everyone believes they have a valid opinion on. Young men are understandably unclear about it.

    Here is a part of one of my definitions:
    A man changes his environment to his will, as best he can.

    Here is a good book on the matter

    In conclusion, game (Socializing) is a skill and if every MGTOW built up that skill instead of rationalizing away his retreat there would be no such thing as MGTOW. I have empathy for these boys but they are making the wrong choice. We only live once.
u/jb_trp · 6 pointsr/TheRedPill

This. Yes, this guy needs a lot of work on his inner and outer man. I’d like to piggyback on your comment with my advice as well.

  • Go full monk mode for a while. Maybe several months. Learn to take care of yourself. Eat clean, drink less, work out, read, meditate, etc. You need to learn to approve yourself and not seek the approval of others. This will only happen if you learn to take care of yourself. You can’t approve of yourself if you’re 80 lbs overweight. It won’t happen. But 80 lbs is doable, so lift and cardio. After you’ve gotten in decent shape, buy better clothes and groom yourself accordingly.
  • Do you have strong relationships with other men? Find some. Do you have hobbies and passions that you love? Find some. Maybe it’ll be MMA. Maybe rock climbing or backpacking. Your confidence will grow and you’ll learn to enjoy life and yourself a lot more.
  • Read TRP. Especially read any post that gets over 100 upvotes. As the community has grown, there have been more posts that really aren’t solid advice, so watch out. But you need to internalize TRP principles. Understanding SMV, abundance mentality, “nexting”, etc. will help your dating life immensely. A widow with an adopted child has a very low SMV and you dodged a bullet.
  • Read “No More Mr. Nice Guy.” All your texting and asking about plans reminds me of my old self (cringe). You were putting too much into things and trying to do things to seek her approval. Of course she lost interest. As a recovering Nice Guy myself, I can relate.
  • Don’t post on TRP for a while. Just read and listen. You’ll go through the phases… Anger, etc. Feel free to comment when it is beneficial. After a while you’ll get what I mean.

    Good luck, brother. I’m sure there is more advice, but I’m short on time. Anything else anyone would like to add?
u/benjman25 · 4 pointsr/TheRedPill

Great list! I have read all the above and totally agree that their value is worthwhile to anyone seeking to improve their life -- regardless of financial status, relationships, profession, etc. A couple others that I've found useful along the road:

6. The Six Pillars of Self Esteem by N. Branden. During the reawakening stage and after a particularly painful breakup, I found this book helpful. Learning the concept of "alone-ness" versus "loneliness" continues to drive many motivations.

7. Games People Play by Eric Berne. Want to understand why your plate/gf/wife went batshit insane over the stupidest thing, and how to counteract it in the future? Read this book. Want to understand why your coworker was making those strange comments to your boss? Read this book - a must for anyone wanting to learn more about game theory and its application to everyday life. (Next on my list is The Art of Strategy ).

8. Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. In many ways this is an antithesis to Freudian thought -- whereas Freud argued man is happy when seeking and obtaining pleasure, Frankl postulates that finding meaning and understanding is what makes us happy. In the context of TRP theory, meditating on, if not fully understanding, these concepts is absolutely necessary.

9. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. The seminal work on the concept and application of persuasion. From negotiations to dating/relationships to job performance, I would rank this book at the top of many lists.

A few other authors/books I've seen mentioned elsewhere that are worth checking out: anything by Kurt Vonnegut, The Art of War by Sun Tzu (which goes hand in hand with The Prince for a great East/West study), and Rollo Tomassi. I've also found some of Oscar Wilde's writing to be both amusing and insightful.

[edit: formatting.]

u/rpscrote · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Making less than the woman is not fatal but it would require immovable frame. Making less than the woman is generally indicative of a greater trend though, which I assume is why this rule of thumb holds true in most cases. If you can know that making more money truly doesn't put her above you because X, Y and Z then you have a chance. OP here needs to make sure he's got X, Y, and Z that he can point to for his inner frame to put him into prize position. OP does not currently have the frame necessary to pull it off, and I agree this will lead to divorce if he does not change.

OP: you need to be able to sit down, list the reasons you are better, more desirable, smarter, etc. than your wife and you need to believe them all. Then you need to take action, every single day, that is congruent with you being that high quality of a person whether she sees it or not.

OP: Lift. Stop making excuses. Not being fat naturally is not an excuse. You'll just end up being a skinny fat, unimpressive looking AFC. Bulk up and get big + muscular, but not fat. It will take time and it will be difficult. That's the point. Eat right. Get at least your bodyweight in grams of protein every day, or even more. There is no way she will not notice once you start filling out and leaning out. Read and practice this: Purchase this book to start lifting correctly:

Lifting regularly and doing it effectively is the single most important thing you can do right now (after maybe talking to an attorney for the worst case scenario before its too late)

u/[deleted] · 13 pointsr/TheRedPill

For people interested in the genetic origins of our sexual behaviors, read in that order:

  • Dawkins' The Selfish Gene: the original book on seeing evolution from the correct point of view: the gene's eye view. A bit raw though, as Dawkins probably hurried up writing a book before someone else did. Not much data available to confirm the theory at the time so it's full with speculations, which prompted many corrections and footnotes in the second edition.

  • Dawkins' The extended phenotype: the actual good book on the topic. After Dawkins secured his position as the inventor with his previous book, he had more time to refine the theory. Along with new data, there is less speculation in this one. If you only read one of these two, I advise this one.

  • A book on evolutionary psychology, such as Robert Wright's The Moral Animal: applying the above principles to understand human behavior.

  • Matt Ridley's The Red Queen: applying above principles to animals (and humans) sexual behavior.

  • Rollo's The Rational Male. A lot of the books above are infused with bias from the authors' blue pill indoctrination. The consequences of evo psych to explain the nature of women's sexual behavior are too damning for the man born and raised in a society bent to the Feminine Imperative. As a result, one needs to read the relevant parts of Rollo's work to truly appreciate how evolutionary psychology explain women's behaviors.

    EDIT: anyone with other suggestions on the topic?

    If you know your theory on mating systems, you know that animal sexual pairing comes in basically two different flavors.

    In the right corner we have polygamy, characterized by strong male competition (violence) for exclusive sexual access to all females of the group, little parental investment, strong sexual dimorphism (e.g. elephant seals, gorilla, lions, etc.). Only the strongest get to mate with all females. There are no betas, just one alpha per group (or a few, in special cases such as lions). Other males don't provide. They just masturbate if they can, or die challenging the alpha or trying to poach one of his females.

    In the left corner we have monogamy, characterized by strong parental investment, little sexual dimorphism, high female infidelity (e.g. bonobos, most birds). Estrus is hidden to facilitate female infidelity. There are no alphas, only betas, only providers. Females are out trying to cheat on their partner with males with higher-quality genetic material (but these are not alpha males in the previous polygamous sense) while their beta partner desperately display strong mate-guarding behavior.

    Humans are in between, we display traits of both types. We probably started as a polygamous species slowly shifting into monogamy. In this context, what sexual strategy do we choose in order to reproduce and pass on our genetic material?

    My view is that there are no set Alpha men and Beta men. They are just sets of behavior traits. I believe every man has the capacity to be Alpha or Beta, depending on his environment. I see it as two different "psychological modules". And which one is activated depends on the environment, which is: sexual options.

    A man can have many sexual options thanks to his good genetics, being born tall, strong and handsome. Or born wealthy or high value in a hierarchical society (e.g. the chief's son). Or a man might have early luck with women in his life, building abundance mentality as default in his teenage psyche. Preselection provides a feedback loop that maintain constant sexual options. Or maybe he has the luck of being surrounded by mostly women, due to a war decimating the male population. The high sexual options activates the "alpha module" in his psychology: high self-esteem, strong will to compete, refusal to commit, etc.

    Everyone else who has little sexual options gets the "beta module" activated. In order to reproduce, he must find ONE female and propose the deal of sacrificing his time and resources to her and her only in exchange for her bearing HIS progeny. Heavy insecurity, mate-guarding behavior, ONE-itis come with the beta module. Or to put a more positive spin on it: the desire to be loved, dedication, chivalry, the desire to be a father and attend to your kids.

    I think the Alpha and Beta modules and their activation predate feminism. Cultures prior to the '50s show the pussywhipped man, the cuckolded man, the poet, the white knight, the dedicated husband and father.. and alternatively the king and his courtesans, the harems, Don Juan, the Marquis de Sade... Just as hypergamy is a feature of all human females, the alpha/beta dual strategy is a feature of all human males: selecting the best strategy to pass on your genes given the environment (sexual options). If the environment changes, the active psychological module switches. e.g. the man who wins lottery and suddenly gets the attention of women is likely to all of a sudden lose his ONE-itis for his nagging wife, rationalize why all of a sudden he doesn't feel like "doing the right thing" is actually the right thing to do, despite having defended his opinion for so long, etc. All in all, our psychology automatically activates the most appropriate module for passing on our genes, given the environmental conditions. As OP suggests, beta strategy is adopted by low SMV males but this is simply because they don't have the options to do otherwise.

    No module is intrinsically good or bad. On a genetic level of course, alpha strategy makes more sense as it will get more copies of your genes in the next generation, but only IF your offspring can survive to adulthood (i.e. personal wealth, or wealthy society). Beta strategy is probably a good bet otherwise such as in times of famine, crisis. On a personal happiness level however, there is no contest. Both strategies have downsides for sure. Alpha strategy implies the lack of nurturing, lack of spouse support, constant competition with other men, constant need to maintain SMV... But beta strategy implies possible cuckoldry, possible abandonment and the loss of your investment. Even if successful, mate guarding means constant anxiety. All in all a pit of sadness that makes it the short end of the stick. And then add to it the current context (unchecked hypergamy, modern divorce laws). Strive to switch your environment to be alpha.
u/always-be-closing · 94 pointsr/TheRedPill

>And people say there is no point of a MRM?

There might be, to you.

I'm just one person, and my job description isn't "Trying to push back against the tides of degeneracy to save the West from itself"

The State and Academia and Corporate interests have what they want out of feminism and the sexual revolution.

Why shouldn't I have what I want?

Don't be so invested in the government and in society; the government doesn't love you. Society only loves what you can give.

Look at how governments and society treat homeless men who cannot offer anyone anything, and you'll see what "you" are worth.


Just enjoy your life as much as you can, and put your effort into building things that help you enjoy it even further.

Meaning, fairness, equality, righteousness, etc.

This is all pretty high level stuff that I don't think I understand; but I understand enjoyment and accomplishment and happiness. I can understand empathy, but don't let it get in the way of putting yourself first - - because no one else is going to be putting you first, I assure you.

u/TheStoicCrane · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

At 17, I wish I knew what I do know when I was at you're age kid. At 17 you have a retardedly high degree of potential for building muscle that when you're my age @27 you'll look like a carved stone statue. If you are serious about lifting and becoming strong & only if you're serious ask your parents to buy the Three books for you below for Christmas ot buy them youself if you have a job:

Starting Strength by Mark Ripptoe

Strength Training Anatomy Workout II by Frederic Delavier

Practical Programming for Strength Programming by Mark Ripptoe

Max your newbie gains using book 1. Learn to bodybuild with book 2. Learn to get beastly strong with book 3. I pretty much just handed you the keys to a shredded body on a silver platter. It's up to you do put in the work.

u/QuietlyLearning · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

I would say to have him watch you in the field picking up women; odds are, however, he will say that you are picking up "easy" women.

Introduce him to No More Mr. Nice Guy; you can find free PDF copies online if need be. This book was my "jump" a few years back. The book reads as self help instead of seduction; seduction material tends to challenge world views drastically compared to NMMNG.

The closest I've taken a friend to the red pill is having them read The Ethical Slut. The guy was always clingy when he put a label on the relationship and reading the book "freed him". While TES will not teach anything major, it could be the tipping point for him since having multiple women is common for red pill men.

u/nophoney · 6 pointsr/TheRedPill

Daniel Rose - The Sex God Method


The first technique to manhandle your girl is called the door
slam. When your girl is standing with her back towards a
door, grab her and slam her back into it. Press yourself
against her and start making out with her aggressively. This
can also work with a wall, but works much better with a
door. A door will have a some give to it, and the force of the
blow will be distributed across her back. You can slam her
fairly hard without causing her too much pain. In addition, a
door will make a loud noise when you slam her into it,
adding to the exciting Element of Dominance. A wall will
cause her more pain and will not make as much noise, but
can do in a pinch.

The second is ripping her clothes off. Literally. This works best
with her panties. When she’s particularly turned on and you
notice she’s wearing old panties, put your hand inside them
and twist them around your hand to make the ripping easier.
Then, anchor her down to the bed with one hand, and pull
HARD to rip her panties off with the other. Be sure you put
some strength into it, as it will take more force to rip them
off than you think. Also, pull to the side so that the force of
the rip goes into her hip, not her sensitive anal and vaginal
areas. Like the door slam, this creates the impression of
Dominance without excessive pain.

Another way to establish Dominance is by pulling her hair.
To do this, grab her hair as close to the roots as possible and
pull her head wherever you want. This works well when
you’re behind her, sucking on her neck. Hold her by the hair
while you do this and she’ll love it. This also works well
when you’re making her look at you while you’re fucking her
(a great way to increase Emotion, as discussed in the next
section). Holding her by the hair to force her to look at you
packs a powerful one-two punch of Dominance and Emotion.
Finally, spanking your girl is always a great way of
manhandling her. If you two start play-fighting with each
other, wrestle her so that she is face down beneath you and
pull her pants down. Then, throw her over your knee and
spank her naked ass. Spank her HARD – this area of the body
has a lot of muscle and fat cushioning, and can take
considerable punishment before it hurts too much. If you do
it right, the pain won’t be excessive, but it will be very loud
and dramatic. Combine spanking with dirty talk to make it
even more powerful. Tell her “You’re a bad little girl, and
bad little girls have to get punished” as you spank her. If she’s
more comfortable with you, kick the dirty talk up a notch.
Say something like “you’re a dirty little slut, you’ve been
thinking about getting fucked all day. Look at how wet your
pussy is…you need to be punished for being such a whore.”
Spank her a few times, then take the rest of her clothes off
and fuck her hard and deep.

You can also spank her when you’re already fucking her. The
more aroused she is, the more effective spanking is. This is
because as she gets more turned on, spanking isn’t a threat to
her Immersion, so she can fully enjoy the increased
Dominance that it provides. Spank her while you’re having
sex with her on top of you, or in any position where her ass
is exposed. A favorite of many girls is to be spanked while
you are fucking them doggy style.

u/OnTheGoBro · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

Getting triggered doesn't enhance your argument it just makes you seem childish.

> Why do you keep comparing social skills to athleticism? You really think running a marathon is similar in any way to talking to people?

Implying that social skills is just talking to people is a false equivalence.

  • PUA
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover
  • How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • The Book Of Pook by Pook
  • r seduction
  • r redpill
  • Real Social Dynamics

    None of these things would exist if social interaction only involved "talking to people".

    > Ok then, you CAN TALK TO PEOPLE. This isn't a marathon. It's talking to people. That's it

    This is just gibberish because you're triggered.

    > Worrying about results and if you are doing it right is lack of confidence, LACK OF BELIEF THAT YOU CAN DO SOMETHING

    Worrying about results doesn't mean you lack confidence. It's normal for a person of even the most basic intellect to fuss about his performance when he does something important to himself. Whether it's building a pyramid of cards, making a music album or painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling, you'll obviously examine and re-examine any move that you make because you want to do it right.
u/RedSunBlue · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

Step 1:

Buy Starting Strength.

Do the program. This includes cramming +3000 calories down your gullet daily.

Step 2:

Learn how to dress yourself. /r/malefashionadvice can help you with that.

Step 3:

Stack bills.

Step 4:

Approach females. Run game.

All steps can be carried out concurrently. Steps 1, 2, and 3 make step 4 exponentially easier, but are not prerequisites. Consider acquiring a game guide to accelerate progress in step 4.

This also assumes you are already good at making male friends. If not, consider that Step 1b.

u/Raging_Dragon · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Interesting situation to be in, as long as you keep doing the things that demonstrate your value to her, you should be fine. Again, here's the link for the book:

Very good reading and advice. He has a blog too and a coaching service if you're interesting in deeper self improvement.

u/Versepelles · 0 pointsr/TheRedPill

That is not the case.

When I am hungry, I eat; when I am done eating, I shit. These instincts are believable, and can be safely assumed. However, it is also the case that I can resist the urge to eat for a long while, to the point of death. While I'm not suggesting that treating people equally is anything like facing death, it does seem quite plausible that we are, by nature, selfish. However, we are also, by nature, social. It is our best interest to obey both of these instincts to a degree, but it is also in our interest to resist these urges at times, which we certainly do. Our society and all of the technological achievements which we have achieved and now enjoy all stem from the overcoming of our instincts, and this is the view which seems most legitimate to me.

Richard Dawkins wrote an excellent book on the subject, titled The Selfish Gene.

u/doubleknee24 · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

From what you've written it seems like you could gain a lot from this book No More Mr Nice Guy. You will see it recommended on here as you continue to read the side bar. It will help.

u/a2abfcd4 · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

Don't do the zyzz workout unless you're on the juice. It's not as efficient training as it could be. I personally like doing GSLP, but you can also do SL5x5 or SS.

These are better for a begginner for sure, because you can hit your body harder more times per week and still grow stronger. Also these all include lifts that raise test.

u/bbmc7gm6fm · 3 pointsr/TheRedPill

Frame is dynamic rather than static. You may enter as guest and still be comfortable, receive all the attention and people would want to follow you around.

The 48 Laws of Power is a great book about frame.

Sometimes you need to burn your own house down in order to maintain your frame!

u/Mechbiscuit · 3 pointsr/TheRedPill

What OP describes in his post isn't cold reading. Cold reading is...

> Cold reading is a set of techniques used by mentalists, psychics, fortune-tellers, mediums and illusionists to determine or express details about another person, often to imply that the reader knows much more about the person than the reader actually does.

(Source: Google)

It's what Derren Brown does to tell people what colour their curtains and carpet are. It's a trick and whilst fun to do to people in pick-up, has limited value in the real world.

If however you're talking about reading peoples body language to get a feeling for how positive and negative stress emotions display themselves, I highly recommend Joe Navaro's What everbody is saying.

That book is a great starting point and actually an invaluable resource to get to grip with the basics of body language, which DOES have value in the real world.

u/vissil · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

That's so totally wrong. Don't compliment someone when you're expecting something in exchange. Compliment them because you sincerely believe what you're saying to be true. I think you need to take a closer look at No More Mr. Nice Guy.

u/IAMTHEDEATHMACHINE · 43 pointsr/TheRedPill

As someone who has gone to college, graduated, and joined the workforce, I can say without question that I wish I hadn't gone.

I had lucrative Navy offers on the table and was also considering trade schools. Instead, I chose to go to a 4-year private university that offered me some scholarship money because it had been drummed into my head that college was the only way to succeed. I didn't know what I wanted to do in life, and I ended up with a poli sci degree and about $40K in debt (even after the scholarships). Useless.

Now, I have friends in the military who are doing great (in or out). I have friends who work in the oilfields, who are mechanics, who are welders, plumbers, electricians, etc... all doing very well personally and financially. And here's the kicker:

Most of them work their 40 and go home. If they work more, they make more. Lots more. They feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete a physical task with tangible results.

Me, I work as many hours as it takes. For the same money, no matter what. My job is ambiguous, the results often unclear. It's sad.

Check out the book Shop Class as Soulcraft if you're more interested in this disparity. But be careful, as it will make you want to quit your job and become a welder, carpenter, electrician, or mechanic.

Also, it's tough to justify going to college when some 50% (ish) of guys my age are un- or under-employed, despite their degrees. Part of that is guys (like me) getting dumb degrees. A larger part of that is that the college education that our parents/advisors enjoyed doesn't pay us the same benefits as it did them.

u/CopperFox3c · 22 pointsr/TheRedPill

> female feminist here in good faith to learn and add new perspective for the sake of the evolutionary and ecological principles of diversity

What? That sentence doesn't mean anything. I have a PhD lady, big words don't impress me, only meaning does.

Men have a gang mentality, always have, always will. Go read Jack Donovan's book "The Way of Men". That has nothing to do with individual agency. Individuals acting in concert still maintain their autonomy. It is only when others want to tell/shame them into behaving in particular ways (as feminists/SJWs/progressives like to do), that they become hypo-agents.

Actually, you make a great argument against feminism, ironically enough.

u/_Molon_Labe_ · 7 pointsr/TheRedPill

Get a therapist. I don't say that in a negative way. I mean that the best person to help you identify and work through your issues, especially if you're the typical "nice guy," is a licensed therapist. Obviously, not all therapists are created equal, and not all are good for men.

If you're wanting some material for yourself to read, before you get to a therapist, there is:

No More Mr Nice Guy by DR Donald Glover - focus on identifying past issues and self improvement.

And the website of Dr Tara J Palmatier, Shrink4men - more focused on healing and recovery from relationships with women possessing a variety of social disorders.

Again, if you're really trying to work through some serious issues, you're going to walk to talk to a professional, that is aimed squarely at men. That cuts out probably 95% of female therapists, and about 60% of male therapists. If you have serious issues from your past that affect your behavior its really hard to self-diagnose, and self-treat, which is why most men deal with those issues through booze or drugs or women, or more commonly videogames and isolation.

u/iceet · 3 pointsr/TheRedPill

I have read the Way of the Superior Man and the Manipulated Man. Both are excellent. Here are two that I recommend:

Sex-Ploytation by Matthew Fitzgerald

No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover

u/CaptainFalconer · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Got an answer for ya

Working my way through Models by Mark Manson.

u/Bennu2017 · 5 pointsr/TheRedPill

I really like your point about everything having to be about you. I'm almost half way through Rules for Radicals and I can't support it enough. I think OP may be having issues with preconceptions about certain words or ideas. A word from Alinsky.

> "Even the word politics itself, which Webster says is "the science and art of government," is generally viewed in a context of corruption. Ironically, the dictionary synonyms are "discreet; providing, diplomatic, wise."

> "The same discolorations attach to other words prevalent in the language of politics, words like power, self-interest, compromise, and conflict. They become twisted and warped, viewed as evil. Nowhere is the prevailing political illiteracy more clearly revealed than in these typical interpretations of words. "

He goes on to shed those words in a positive light and I can't recommend his book enough. I really like when OP said

> "Its all fucking fake."

He's slowly realize life's a game and most people don't even realize they're playing. We have the rules now just do it

u/Shitpost-Alert · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

Its from a book called Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clarey (the one who is on the front page currently). The quote is a bit out of context, so here is an excerpt of the relevant section:

I think what Clarey is trying to say is the better you get, the harder your search is to find an equal or somebody you want to spend your time with. It's not necessarily an either or game either. You can focus on the pursuit of excellence and later if you want a family, focus on that.

u/u-r-silly · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

Thanks for the reco. I get my mindset from Mark Manson's Models

And here I was blinding myself. Glad to see someone who thinks like this.

u/PracticedPrick · 45 pointsr/TheRedPill

But you seem to know most of that already.

You can actually use your natural altruism to justify a more realistic and self-concerned approach when you realise that boldness, confidence and assertiveness are gifts you give others not just yourself.

u/Porkinscrash · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Read, "The 48 Laws of Power". If you are a history buff and want insight on how to gain power, this book is for you! One of my personal favorites.

u/VZPurp · 6 pointsr/TheRedPill


Covers this topic, and is good material if you want to start practicing it for your own gain.

u/omanisherin · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

I suggest starting him off with some reading to establish a core belief system before sending him deep into TRP...

Are pretty easy to digest.

u/baconOclock · 3 pointsr/TheRedPill

The recommendations from other Red Pillers are pretty good so far, let me add some things that are a little bit different.

Sperm Wars

The Mating Mind

Dangerous Passion or just about anything from David M. Buss.

u/elevul · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Ugh, don't link random stuff to beginners. Link them what's known as the best beginner program: Starting Strength!

u/fernandoleon · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

I've read it. It's evolutionary psyche/behavioral psyche. Not a bad read, but Ridley comes across more as a pop-science author than an actual scientist.

I liked this and this much more.

u/laere · 26 pointsr/TheRedPill

What Every BODY Is Saying

Read this book and other body language books.

When you walk, walk with your shoulders.

Take up as much space as possible while sitting or standing.

Hands on your hips (power pose).

I avoid things like crossing my arms, hands in my pockets, and never ever have your head hanging low, or looking at the ground. Always keep your chin up slightly, never break eye contact first, etc.

These things alone have had customers at work assume I was the boss there. It's like magic.

EDIT: Also when talking, speak slowly, with calmness, and use a deep voice. Don't be afraid to pause before speaking as taking a couple seconds to contemplate on what to say is natural.

u/bsutansalt · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Congratulations, you just learned that we live in an era of open hypergamy. Get used to it and enjoy the decline.

u/Valreddit99 · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

"TL;DR - Fuck her well and good and she'll want you more than she even thought she could."

This is a good read.

u/BabaxGanoosh · 1 pointr/TheRedPill
  1. The Way Of Men.
    This book changed my life. Im sure anyone on this sub will recognize themselves and the situations Donovan writes about.

  2. Anything by Robert Greene.
    How to become powerful, seductive and master yourself.

  3. Meditations.
    This book helped me overcome my fear of death, which made me give less fucks. Because in the end, nothing matters.

    I dont have anymore than that at the moment, but i would suggest reading biographies of great men. Right now im reading Seven Pillars Of Wisdom, T. E. Lawrence(of Arabia)s first hand account of the Arab uprising during the First World War
u/complyordie222 · 7 pointsr/TheRedPill

If you havnt already, definitely read "No More Mr Nice Guy" (

Sounds like you are on the right track but the key to everything is about balance, push the envelope out a little bit more each time to see where the push/pull sweet spot lies.

u/ok_go_get_em · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

Speaking of redpill reading, I feel the need to shout out Jack Donovan here. Two of his books, "The Way of Men" and "Becoming a Barbarian" have been absolutely revolutionary for me. These are dangerous books, full of dangerous ideas. The former one, in particular, is an excellent primer in masculine virtue. I bet I've given half a dozen copies away. Read them, learn them, commit them to memory. Also recommended: "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius and "Letters from a Stoic" by the one and only Seneca.

u/gELSK · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

// , My knees have finally stopped clicking, as of a few days ago.

Bulgarian split squats and step ups may finally have me ready to try Starting Strength Squats with real weight again.

The most important gym equipment is between your ears.

Edit: Your muscle is the natural predator of your fat. Muscle will destroy fat's ability to attack your mind.

u/beefypork906 · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Walk slower powerful people walk slowly. Source

u/down_with_whomever · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

>Are there any RP guides on fucking specifically?

I've heard other RP people talk about this book as being essential TRP material but I've never read it and I don't know what's in it.

>I know there's guys out there that can own a girl entirely off their dick game, how can I move in this direction?

I don't personally recommend it. I recommend using every tool in your arsenal. If a lot of people want to know my sex method I can write another post about it, but the short answer is that experience is valuable. Practice, mix it up and take note of her reactions, of what works and what doesn't.

u/the_irish_kid123 · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Has anybody read his new book "Bachelor Pad Economics?" Looks like it has a caricature of Roosh and some other people on it:

u/Mortikhi · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Buy the book, Enjoy the Decline: Accepting and Living with the Death of the United States. Read it. Follow the advice. Pretty soon you won't give a shit about those things that piss you off because you will realize that there's nothing you can do about it so you might as well ignore it.

u/Ronfar · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

While I don't know of any definitive blog post on the decline of Western Civilisation (from a RP view), Roissy tends to go into that topic a lot. To be honest, there's so many posts on the subject throughout the Manosphere. You just need to spend the time searching through.

Aaron Clarey wrote on a book on it called Enjoy the Decline, but I haven't read it myself.

u/drawingroomgentleman · 1 pointr/TheRedPill
>Law 48: Assume formlessness
· By having a visible plan you open yourself to attack.
· Stay adaptable and on the move

Also consider reading the whole sidebar, include the references contained in the assorted links. There's a fair amount of good stuff, and it will shed light on much of the discussion.

u/real-boethius · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

If you read "Sex at dawn" you may want to read

"Sex at Dusk: Lifting the Shiny Wrapping from Sex at Dawn" by Lynn Saxon

which explains some of the pseudo-science and misinformation in "Sex at Dawn". Warning: it is fairly dense and less for the popular audience, but worth the effort.

u/fingerthemoon · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

'Sex At Dawn' has been thoroughly debunked and revealed to be pseudoscience written with a personal agenda. I wish people would stop promoting it.

Sex at Dusk: Lifting the Shiny Wrapping from Sex at Dawn

u/-voteforPepe- · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

I'm a (now reformed) felon and I spent most of my criminal days trying to look like I wasn't up to anything. To not arouse suspicion. Most felons/"thugs" have a drug problem and only really attract women who also have a drug problem which carries a lack of commitment with it usually. I think you're misunderstanding some things. A man can (and should) demand respect through his demeanor, by being a "closed book," by making the right choices, by being assertive, etc. One of the 48 Laws of Power is to always obey the law. You cannot be a powerful individual and also a criminal because the rest of society automatically has power over you when you are breaking laws. Based on your posts I think you'd like to read that book, and mighty clarify the difference between a thug (who is alpha in his circle of convicts and trashy women) and a true Alpha Male who commands respect from everyone around him.

u/ribati · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

It's very similar to the "social proof" that Cialdini explained in his the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

u/Lt_Muffintoes · 4 pointsr/TheRedPill

There's also Games People Play

What Every Body is Saying

For learning about body language and social psychology

u/linkfoo · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

The point of this whole sequence of threads is to discuss The 48 Laws of Power.

u/orange_juice007 · 3 pointsr/TheRedPill

I recently bought Bachelor Pad Economics: The Financial Advice Bible for Men, what's your thoughts on it? I'm completely new to finance and my goal is to retire before I'm 100 y/o.

u/F9R · 9 pointsr/TheRedPill

"Men on Strike" by Dr. Helen Smith explains all of this perfectly.

u/El_Shakiel · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

> Over time, over much time, so many cycles of the game, so many years, the altruistic did flourish.

Wrong. Source ? Here:

u/gensyms · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

> We aren't the descendants of the guys who got cheated on

Many of us are the descendants of the guys who got cheated on. For any given generation, it's at least 10%.

See Sperm Wars.

u/ClockworkPUA · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

Sperm Wars: Infidelity, Sexual Conflict, and Other Bedroom Battles by
Robin Baker

u/truchisoft · 2 pointsr/TheRedPill

So I asked a friend who just finished accepting the Truth. We have been sparring for over 6 months while I absorbed more and more, and he decelerated from Ultra Blue Bitch to Angry Phase.

He is a 30+ engineer, who slept with 30+ women so far while Beta Bitch. Far from a complete loser.

His words:

> It's hard to accept the Truth.
>The mental breakdown that this does to you that is terrible.
>Your paradigm is halved, and you have to rebuild yourself from zero.
>I was too far the other side, and suddenly realized everything is backwards... it fucked up my brain.
>My happiness paradigm was broken, I had to relearn the meaning of life.
>Learn how to find the meaning of life without looking outside of myself.
>And start from within.
>There are still days I miss the old romantic BP ideals.
>Now I know they are an impossible utopia.
>I realized that I had invested too much hope in those ideals, and that life was empty without them.
>But everything was a phantasy.

More as it comes.

My commentary:
Rollo's excellent book helped a lot, he is very through and really hits home.

Bonecrker's blog and also his book (form 2004, fuck this guy was a real prophet) really helped too, he is even more to the point, and speaks from anger, something BP guys need.

u/megatron37 · 7 pointsr/TheRedPill

Hello 29 year old version of me, from the 36 year old version of me. Since you're a reader of actual books, this should be pretty easy.

  1. Women judge others (both genders) based on clothing. Doesn't matter if it's fair or not, they just do. If you roll into a bar rocking UFC branded clothing, it's not going to work. I used the Details Guide to Style to up my style game.

  2. Books? My man. First: No More Mr. Nice Guy. You will be blown away at how he says that everything you've done with women is wrong. I realize you've said that you handed it to your therapist, but by the questions you're asking, you haven't started to live it yet. Second: Models by Mark Manson. There are other resources, but read those two first. Come back to Rational Male afterwards.

  3. Here's what I gather about online dating:
    Okcupid/Plentyoffish: free sites, lots of cheapos/weirdos. Probably decent for hookups.
    Match: Pay site, has a moderate "meat market" feel to it.
    Eharmony: the most expensive, best for meeting long term relationship material

  4. Hold off on having kids. Focus on you for a while.

  5. You were a lifelong feminist? How did that work out for you? TRP will help out a lot with this.

  6. Sorry, I have no idea what this question is asking.

  7. When you start feeling confident - believing in yourself, standing tall, not breaking eye contact - people will respect you.

  8. I banged a few substandard women to get it wet after my divorce. While it was great to spread the seed around (wear a condom), be forewarned - low quality, insecure women can be really hard to get rid of.

  9. Buying dinner is one thing - buying her jewelry and shit is another (don't do it.) PS - she should be offering to buy dinner/drinks every now and again. Take her up on it. If she never offers to pay for anything, she views you as a cash register, get rid of her.

  10. I'm not a fan of counseling myself, but live your life. I'm not sure how many hard-charging badass counselors there are out there but if you're not happy with his level of service, find another one.

    Overall Impressions/Recommendations:

  • You really seem intent on asking other dudes for permission/approval. I'm sorry that you didn't have a male role model, but you need to start doing things that YOU approve of, and make YOU happy. This is the essence of TRP.

  • Once your phase of crying/drinking/feeling sorry for yourself is over, take some time, and work on YOU. Improve yourself before you get out there.
  • Get your ass into a gym. Lifting weights will get your testosterone flowing, and get all of that shameful, feminist estrogen out of your system.
  • Get a hobby. I was feeling powerless after my divorce. In addition to weightlifting, I started martial arts lessons. All of the time I would spend by myself drinking beer and playing video games, I converted into weight training/martial arts time. It will turn you from a little whimpering beta into a bad motherfucker. Plus you'll have something to talk about on dates. No woman gives a fuck about how you beat level 35 of Knight's Quest 8.

    It's a lot to deal with at once, and I wouldn't wish divorce on my worst enemy. But you know what? A year after I got divorced, I was banging women 8 years younger than my ex-wife. You can do this.

u/kempff · 3 pointsr/TheRedPill

Did you catch her username? GDP stands for Girls Do Porn, the name of the company that raped - raped! - her. Interesting how she embraces her rapist when she presents an online identity. This will be important later.

> Before GDP, I was a normal college freshman.

Setup for a tall tale. Liars and high school kids writing creative fiction often begin their stories with unnecessary setups such as "It was a normal day at the office", or "It was a day like any other", when of course it wasn't. I'm putting my money on her never having been "a normal college freshman", whatever that means. She desperately wants us to think she is an innocent victim of circumstance. Knowing that she's lying makes the rest of her garbage that much easier to sift through.

> Going to art school...

St. Aaron Clarey pray for us. Shameless plug:

> I never wanted to be a model...

"I never said that!" ... "I never hit her!" ... "I never go there!" Liars often talk about what they don't do, what they've never done, what they don't want, and so on. Truth-tellers talk about what they do.

> One day,...

When a story begins with Once Upon a Time you automatically know it's fiction.

> I was lied to repeatedly...

(1) Use of the passive voice indicates lack of agency, but we all knew that. (2) She knew she was being lied to and wants us to think she didn't know. Notice she does not say "They lied to me" - and I'm not going to say it for her.

> They don’t have to convince you to shoot an adult film, they just have to convince you to fly to California and they’ve already won. They email you plane tickets and hotel reservations worth over a $1000, and then they get you excited to be in California (I’d never been) and to be on the beach, and go shopping, and you don’t even stop to think that maybe this isn’t just a modeling gig after all. And once you get there, you’re done. He’ll convince you that no one will ever see it, it’s for Australia/foreign markets only, it’s only released on DVDs, etc.

You ... you ... you ... no I/me. Whatever she is talking about, it didn't happen to her. Remember Charlie Rogers, the lesbian who faked her own hate crime? She didn't talk about herself, she talked about you, you, you. "Being a victim in a situation like this or a survivor ah and then having your ah, integrity questioned".

> “Do you know what a facial is?” I didn’t.

Wait wait - I thought she was a normal college freshman.

> I remember getting ready to go to a concert one night. I got out of the shower and ...

Sexually abused people and sexual abusers often include unnecessary washings in their stories. Reading between the lines here it sounds like she whored herself out - probably in a desperate ploy for attention - and now regrets it after the fact.

> I would have never consented to having a video of me on pornhub, ever.

There she goes again telling us what she "would have never" done.

> I was in a small program, and reputation was everything. The stress of knowing people know, wondering who doesn’t know, and hiding piled up and eventually everything fell apart.

Social shaming is the most powerful weapon against women. Women will put men in jail for life only to deflect being called a slut.

> I was blackmailed into staying in an abusive relationship because my ex threatened to send the link to my family and siblings if I ever left him. And when I finally did find the strength to leave, he actually did it. He would wake my mom up at 3, 4, 5 AM with screenshots. He sent them to my 17 year old step brother.

Notice her messed up family situation. A mom, a step brother, and no mention of a father or step-father. Again in the words of Captain Capitalism (no, I'm not his shill), "The father was not available for comment".

> I’ve gone on several dates just to be left when I told them the truth.

The manosphere is replete with advice about women who are up front on the first date about their sexual histories. Of course in her case it's obviously not her fault that men run away for no good reason at all just because she is truthful - truthful I say!

> I get spooked easily because I’m so terrified of men now.

Oh wait - strike that last comment. She is so afraid of men that she repeatedly goes on dates with them. (Is your brain hurting?)

> Some people have told me I’m one of the strongest people they know.

Women who abuse or even kill their own children often say things like, "I'm a good mother".

I'm glad the comments include some serious bullshit-calling. I have other things to do today.

u/pirateundies · 10 pointsr/TheRedPill

>The reason that all men are considered potential rapists and pedophiles, is because we ARE all potential rapists and pedophiles.

This statement you made in one of your other comments really struck with me and brought me to respond. You also state that you're trying to do research and find things to read, so I'll see what I can provide. It will likely be a combination of articles, research studies, and comments from other redditors.

As for the topics of rapists, pedophiles, domestic abuse - these might be something you'll find better answers for over at /r/mensrights. They're typically more informed on things like how the CDC, according to its own policy, doesn't recognize that women can rape men. Or how men are as likely to be victims of domestic abuse by women, yet no one in America seems to care. And what's worse is the researcher writing in the Introduction about how publishing that would probably damage his career.

From my perspective, the 'Manosphere' is this meeting of game with Men's Rights issues to deal with the fact and the frustration that men will have to learn to seduce, as well as just generally live, in a world that sees men only as potential criminals and not victims. Women can cry rape and face no repercussions and when they resort to general crime they typically receive less than half the jail time that a man would. This creates a view that they are being raised to feel entitled to anything rather than aspiring to anything through hard work.

You obviously have tons of personal experience with game itself, so if you're looking for other primers on the social/political issues you could also check out this great post by FrenchFuck or the book Men On Strike. There's a lot of anger on here, but anger is a secondary emotion that's almost always preceded by some form of fear or sadness.