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u/anonmymouse · 1 pointr/TikTokCringe

"stems from" implies historically. so you're not 100% wrong

HOWEVER, consider this. Could it be that we can take an outdated ideal, and make a joke mocking it in the current time? Because a device that goes "boop boop you're gay" obviously isn't actually detecting a gay person. It's a joke. If you actually looked up the product before deciding to be offended, you'll see that all of the canned responses are actually pretty pro-gay. In fact the only non-gay option is "oh no, you're totally straight, what a waste." if anything this would be used to make fun of homophobes rather than make fun of gay people.

u/Hippie11B · 7 pointsr/TikTokCringe

Screw you I did and I came back here to see if someone could fucking tell me where to find one! What does that logo say?!?!?

Is it this?

Animolds Squeeze Me Rubber Chicken Toy | Screaming Rubber Chickens for Kids | Novelty Squeaky Toy Chicken Regular Color 2-Pack (Random Colors)


Actually I think it’s this

Guys I know it may not be the correct size but guess what...... Im pretty sure this is the company that makes it.

Animolds is the company I think and I’m sure you guys can figure the rest from there

u/McFlare92 · 3 pointsr/TikTokCringe

Lmao they actually made this dude unto a real thing

Go! Games Tiny Headed Kingdom: Pip 6.75 Inch

u/Zoloir · 251 pointsr/TikTokCringe

Well i zoomed and enhanced and it looks like it's called "Giant Hug Me CHICKEN"


This is the biggest one i could find: XL 15 inch chicken , but hers looks like at least 2 feet tall like wtf

u/themoviehero · 9 pointsr/TikTokCringe

I can’t find the eBay link anymore for this one, there are some on there for like 12 dollars. Here is one on amazon for 4 dollars though :

u/hatchedfromanegg · 1 pointr/TikTokCringe

Animolds Hug Me Giant Rubber Chicken Toy Huge Screaming Rubber Chickens for Kids Novelty Extra Large Squeaky Toy Chicken Our Biggest Chicken Yet! (Random Color)

u/throwdemawaaay · 3 pointsr/TikTokCringe

Ethnic market or online. I like this brand:

Note paprika comes in sweet/mild and spicy versions.

u/Little_shit_ · 1 pointr/TikTokCringe

I got you man,

There is even an option two buy two, you know in case you need it

u/IllTakeOutTheTrash · 101 pointsr/TikTokCringe

To anyone that has an unfrosted window in their shower, you can buy window frost film. Been there, done that.

u/Whos_Sayin · 28 pointsr/TikTokCringe

Is really a simple device. It just uses existing pressure from your toilet's filler pipe and sends it up your ass

u/Redo_Undo · 0 pointsr/TikTokCringe

I think you're perceiving anger because I'm saying something negative about the organization, and it's making you feel defensive and angry, so you're projecting how you feel onto my words.

You're misinformed about every claim you made. If you want, you can research and see for yourself.

A few things to consider. Have you noticed that the Watchtower always bring court cases and political news stories to the congregation's attention when it has to do with them being "persecuted"? They mentioned Russia and had everyone write letters. They've talked about how they went to court and fought for their right to preach, and not to salute the flag. But they never mention the cases that accuse them of wrongdoing. They lose and settle so many of these cases, but never mention them. They never get into the details, they don't show you the supposed lies against them and how they've defended Jehovah's organization. They just tell you to believe their side of the story, without actually telling you anything about the story.

As for your claim that some witnesses made up the 1975 date, I used to believe that too. Until I saw copies of old Watchtower Publications that aren't available in the online library. You have to find a long time Jehovah's Witness that still has them. Here's a link to a page that gives a lot of sources, including audio, as to how so many JWs came to believe the end would come in 1975

You don't have to look that far though, the Overlapping Generation is a hard one to swallow these days. Soon they'll be claiming that Jehovah's Witnesses who remember them saying that the generation of 1914 would not pass without Armageddon's arrival, had also just gotten confused and made it up. You'll see.

You can decide whether or not you want to verify it for yourself.

Lastly, I suggest you read Crisis of Conscience if you ever get a chance, and are actually interested in learning both sides.