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u/JoeDice · 57 pointsr/ToiletPaperUSA

I really love how smug the guy is. That's how you know you're supposed to relate to him. He's like the knuckles of conservative media and conservative media is like the Sonic the Hedgehog of regular media.

There's a lot of layers, sure, but that just means that it's extra absorbent.

u/Gella321 · 46 pointsr/ToiletPaperUSA

Read “confessions of an economic hitman”
The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

u/Marted · 19 pointsr/ToiletPaperUSA

Buy the book.
^^^^You ^^^^can ^^^^also ^^^^pirate ^^^^it.

u/Gougeded · 9 pointsr/ToiletPaperUSA

Just a quick reminder that Ben Shapiro once wrote a novel where a guy named Brett Hawthorn, the youngest general in the US army, has to save America from Muslim terrorists, pervert socialists and black people (I shit you not)

u/forporn-dontpost · 3 pointsr/ToiletPaperUSA

>This is correct. Hockett said in an interview with Carlson that the line Carlson read was from a doctored version of the GND FAQ, which was a lie.

In other words, You were incorrect.

>Here is a Mediaite article with a picture of Ocasio's retweet, which was a clip of the interview in which Hockett claims the provision regarding those unwilling to work was not in the GND FAQ, but was from a doctored version of the FAQ. That was a lie, and AOC retweeted said lie.

Wow, that's a giant leap there friend. If you go ahead and click on his tweet. You can watch that clip where they talk about more things than just the Unwilling to work line. If this were a 10 sec clip highlighting that line, I'd be inclined to agree with you but its not. Giving AOC the benefit of the doubt, its reasonable that she retweeted this as its an edgy and punchy tweet that will get people attention. Not because it makes people think that line didnt actually appear on the FAQ. It's a big leap to say, AOC retweeted this clip of Fox news where AOC's staff member lies is proof of AOC lying. I hope you see that. We could go back and forth on this, but have you tried looking at it objectively. Hell have you even looked at what AOC came out and responded with after Right wing critics started this lie narrative. Literally hours after this whole lie thing started to blow up, AOC clarified what was happening. But sure do whatever mental gymnastics you need to do.

>The dude asked for an example, I provided one. Actually I provided 2.

Are you trying to imply here that you don't actually find her moronic? Or are you trying to say that you find her moronic for other reasons that you just didn't want to share? Do you think I don't know why you were commenting? This is your defense for something? What are you trying to say with this? If you really don't find her moronic and were just wrongly giving an example of her being moronic. Why get so defensive in your replies to the other commenter. Why not just say. Here is one example of her being a moron. Instead you try to double down and ask him "does it make you dumb to say this line" Which isn't even what she meant when she said the line. So your own "example" was false.

>Yea, which isn't the one she originally made, was it?

WTF dude. Is this a troll. Right wing critics took the stupidest interpretation of her words that they could to make her sound stupid. She clears up what her words actually meant in a tweet. No of course it isn't the tweet isn't same statement, because the first statement caused confusion. The same confusion which you are currently suffering from. Come on this has to be a troll right.

>Because I didnt think you were all ignorant enough to not have known this beforehand, but let me educate you then.

Educate.... with an article locked behind subscription. OK yeah this is a confirmed troll. Let me educate you then

>While there's no question Evita's husband admired fascist leaders and was a Nazi sympathizer, the evidence linking Evita to Nazism is more tenuous and widely debated among historians.

>As The Washington Post reported on Monday, there have long been rumors that Evita received treasures stolen from Jews by the Nazis, and an Argentine journalist who investigated the Peróns for years once suggested she helped lay the groundwork for Nazi war criminals to come to Argentina.

>Evita also apparently had a bodyguard who was a former Nazi, Otto Skorzeny, with whom she also was rumored to have had a romantic relationship, the BBC reported in 2015.

>But historian Marysa Navarro, co-author of the biography "Evita: The Real Life of Eva Perón," told The Post there's no "conclusive evidence" that Evita took Nazi gold stolen from concentration camps.

>Moreover, Tomas Eloy Martinez, the former director of the Latin America program at Rutgers University, in 1997 wrote for TIME that Evita "played no part" in her husband's efforts to aid the Nazis.

>"It is true that Perón facilitated the entrance of Nazi criminals to Argentina in 1947 and 1948, thereby hoping to acquire advanced technology developed by the Germans during the war. But Evita played no part," Martinez said.

>"She was far from being a saint, despite the veneration of millions of Argentines, but she was not a villain either. Human beings are full of contradictions and labyrinthine complexities," Martinez added. "Rarely do they resemble their portrayal in the musicals of Hollywood and Broadway."

Wanna keep talking about ignorance?

>Another Strawman. I never said she was a Nazi sympathizer, I said she was a moron for quoting Nazi sympathizers.

Wait wait what. Ok. I give you a 4/10 for your trolling. Execution needs work. Let me ask you did you care about Evita peron at all before AOC tweeted out about it. Otherwise you would know more about how controversial her history is. It seems like you might have heard about her after AOC tweeted about her, then looked up the perons after Right Wing Media outlets started telling you Evita was Nazi Sympathizer. Because that seems to be what happened with the Unwilling to work line.

>Oh please enlighten me then. All I have is investigate journalism to refer to. But I'd be willing to look at any source of yours that shows Eva Peron was someone to be admired.

Oh boy. We got links. Oh wait. Is this where you are getting your information. Please don't tell me you are passing this off as facts. Really now? Well since you'd said you'd be willing to look into the sources. Here you go:

I mean why would anyone ever want to quote this lady. Hell why would anyone want to make a play about her.

>I mean, you could build strawmen all day or actually respond to the words I've fucking typed.

Im going to respond to all your strawmen comments here. I don't think you know, like many things, what a strawman is.

You: AOC is dumb because of this
Me: wow you think that one line makes her dumb?
You: StRaWmAn!

You: AOC quoted a Nazi sympathizer and that makes her seem moronic because.... it makes it seem like shes sympathizing with a nazi sympathizer?
Me: So you think AOC quoting a Nazi sympathizer makes her a nazi sympathizer?
you: StRaWmAn!

Way to not even try defending your points or arguing my points. Why am I not surprised.

Im going to respond to your other comment her as well:
>Yea it's your bias that accepts the "Ohh see what I actually meant was" excuse that comes after the backlash.

>And that is what she did.

Look. You're obviously are coming into this with a bias, as we all are. For one second PLEASE! try to push your bias aside. AOC's comment was stupidly interpreted to make her seem stupid. I don't know why you can't see that as plausible, but that's what happened. The very next day, AOC responded with what she actually meant. Why is it so hard for you to accept "this is what I actually meant"? Especially when the former makes absolutely no sense and the latter actually does. Is it because you are so fixated on this AOC = Dumb narrative. Have you bought into it that hard?

At the end of the day believe what ever you want and I never expected to change your mind through a reddit post. But maybe stop and ask yourself, why is every response to criticism AOC makes, just an excuse? Oh them saying the FAQ was a draft, EXCUSES. Oh they say people are misinterpreting her words, EXCUSES. You have to see how dumb this make YOU.