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u/jonbert134 · 1 pointr/Tomorrowland

I had the same idea and bought this one in the UK from amazon:

CrosFace Running Belt

This doesn't have zippers but just folds over, so might be a bit more comfortable. It sits nice and tight, feels soft and hardly noticable even with my phone in.

If it's made for running, it sure is good for dancing and much better than a heavy phone dangeling around a (zipper) pocket shorts ;)

u/ashwrecker · 1 pointr/Tomorrowland

Just went in 2019 From Buffalo, NY. Your spot on with that estimate. Spent about 5k. 1400$ on flight to France for 2. 2500$ on GJ camp2camp full madness comfort pass. $1000 for random shit. You may come out a little under. We stayed in Paris 2 days before the train and 3 days after the festival. Tricks. Camp2Camp was super nice, it was right near the market, and 45 secs walk from the bathroom. Bring something to hand out. I brought these

I was able to hand them to people in front of me as I made my way forward, as a gift, and make my way past them to the front of every stage without pissing anyone off. I also sharpied my facebook on all of them so everyone could share their pictures with me.

u/Fallen_bdps · 1 pointr/Tomorrowland

I got this bag at the end of summer and I love it! I take it with me to every show. Because it's a sling bag you can dance with it very easily. Much better than a traditional dual strap bag imo.

u/x1009 · 2 pointsr/Tomorrowland

A travel money belt was the best festival accessory I've purchased. It has enough room for your phone, cards, cash, passport, earplugs, etc. It fits comfortably and discreetly under your shirt. You won't have to worry about getting pickpocketed or losing your phone/wallet! Plus it's made with RFID blocking material.

u/SavesTheDy · 3 pointsr/Tomorrowland

Why not buy and bring a couple instant cold packs like they have in medical kits? Then you just smoosh and crack them, they turn cold, and you're all set. For like $10 or $15 you can get more than enough for all weekend.

I think this is the preferable method, then you're self reliant and don't have to worry about tracking anything down when you need one.


u/utopia91011 · 1 pointr/Tomorrowland

Gone to a lot of shows with these:

My husband and I both have them. Very comfy - worn up to 9 hours straight and never felt uncomfortable. Multiple sizes mean good fit options. Still can hear crisp sounds. No ringing or headache. Highly recommend.

u/sistom · 3 pointsr/Tomorrowland

I'm wearing a pair of lightweight trail running shoes. They can get wet, are comfortable, and have enough support to not have your feet killing you after standing in them for 12 hours.

They are pretty pricey though.

u/kcpolitico · 3 pointsr/Tomorrowland

Here is a link to some similar. Cheap, fun and takes up minimal room in luggage.

u/weemucker · 4 pointsr/Tomorrowland

I've used these ones from Amazon for multiple events and they are good, no ringing in ears the morning after

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Filter Ear Plugs for Musicians - White

u/Buttersdidit · 2 pointsr/Tomorrowland

These are 19db and HiFi, a bit higher quality than Downbeats. They are closer in quality to eargasm earplugs. they are very short and go invisible in your ear. I got hooked up with some coupon codes from my friend. Here is a general code (75IA7LDT) to get it at $5.00. I also have some $2.00 codes if you want, but they are single use.

Higher quality would be Earasers ear plugs, but they get pricey. If you want more protection, but lower quality sound go with livemus!c. But be warned they filter a lot like 28db.

u/plyskor · 1 pointr/Tomorrowland

It's not a book... That's 2015 album and of course you had to buy it (not for 60€)

u/BartjeTijs · 13 pointsr/Tomorrowland

A friend of mine is a photographer at tml. Her 70-200mm lens was stolen (they took it of the camera) while she was taking pictures with the other camera. F*cking stupid etc etc. So yes be careful. Next year Ill bring myself this for safety:

CrosFace Universal Laufgürtel für alle Telefon (iPhone X/8/7/6/XR/XS/Max/Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10,S9/S8/Plus und Mehr). Schlank Hüfttasche Joggen, Sport und Fitnessstsudio. Einheitsgröße Running Belt.

u/Boom_frontpage · 1 pointr/Tomorrowland

Avoid cotton socks and go with wool or a synthetic material. I’ve been using these for the past 3 years:

Darn Tough Men's Merino Wool No-Show Ultra-Light Cushion Athletic Socks, Black/Gray, Large

u/tworandowords · 8 pointsr/Tomorrowland

I keep everything in my hydration pack, all zippers locked with these. They are kind of difficult to open without feeling it being messed with. Depending on where I am, I will carry it in front as opposed to my back. So far it has been a successful tactic for me.