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u/Laurelisyellow · 1 pointr/TransDIY

Amazon, shady I know, but I’m pretty sure I’ve posted the link here before. All my research looked like the company was reasonably legit and it’s working so far for me so I trust it.

I’ll post the link again for you when I find it.

Edit: This is the one I found to be the best price with the most estradiol. They also have a progesterone cream that I use on my ass face and breasts that seems to work really well for me.

u/kayleepop · 2 pointsr/TransDIY

I take this everyday with food

I also take a Vitamin D/Calcium supplement for hip growth and a B complex 2x a day to counteract the B12 deficiency caused by cyproterone acetate.

IMO it's better to be safe than sorry, because the body is much better at dealing with too much of something than not enough. (but pay attention to the maximum recommended daily allowances)

Make sure you take them with food though, because that usually increases bio-availability.

u/Surfing_Tree · 2 pointsr/TransDIY

Same boat. This is really awesome for while you are in Tanner 1 or 2 and can’t present as you would like. I wore it today with a white and tight T-shirt on while in Tanner 2 and you couldn’t tell I had any breast growth. It was about 100 out as well and it didn’t feel like I had two layers on. It could’ve been cooler too or maybe that’s me buying into the advertising but for sure comfortable to wear all day.

I have a size small btw (It could be a tiny bit tighter.) I’m 5’6” and 115lbs.

u/KaySOS · 1 pointr/TransDIY

> Your brain cells for example, can't run on fatty acid's and need glucose from carb's to run on.

Not exactly. It can run on ketones and the glucose needed is produced endogeously through gluconeogenesis. Carbohydrates are not an essential macronutrient. I ate zero carbs for up to 9 months.

Extract from this book

> In fact, the human brain is a carbohydrate-dependent organ ONLY if one routinely eats a lot of antiketogenic nutrients such as sugars and concentrated carbohydrates. When dietary carbohydrates are held to 50 grams or less per day, humans undergo a process called keto-adapation, causing the liver to make
and release ketones into the bloodstream. After a few weeks of the keto-adaptation process, serum ketones increase severalfold, reaching 1-3 millimolar (mM). Above 1 mM ketones, more than half of the brain’s fuel comes from ketones. The rest of the brain’s fuel must indeed come from glucose, but this amount (usually less than 50 grams per day) is easily produced endogenously by the liver from ‘metabolic left-overs’ via a process called gluconeogenesis.
Thus, the brain uses glucose in varying amounts depending upon the availability of ketones. The manifest ability of the body to supply the brain with fuel independent of dietary carbohydrate intake clearly contradicts this committee’s assertion that the brain is a carbohydrate-dependent organ. Simply put, this is a classic case of a false premise leading to a false conclusion.

u/HeatherInProgress · 3 pointsr/TransDIY

I just use a razor blade. I cut them in half, and then cut the two halves in half. sometimes the doses aren't completely even but its not that big of a deal. Supposedly pill cutters work even better but i've never had any issues with just a good old razor blade

u/dodell616 · 2 pointsr/TransDIY

I am using these brands. The top link is a little thinner, and seems to absorb faster. Plus, my skin feels a bit softer. 💕 E

Progesterone Cream - BIOidentical...

Progesterone Cream (Bioidentical)...

u/prttytrns · 1 pointr/TransDIY

Get Tegaderm Film and apply it over the patches (

Works like a charm. I can shower, do sports and after some days they're still fine.

u/8675Thr · 1 pointr/TransDIY

Staggering medication start times is generally done so that if you have an adverse reaction to one of them, it's apparent which one is causing it. Also, I'm suggesting going bicalutamide-only initially just so you can tell if it's effectively blocking testosterone before starting the rest of the therapy.

By splitting pills, I mean getting a tablet splitter and physically cutting your pills into halves or quarters. Bicalutamide is intended to treat prostate cancer, so its dosage in a single tablet is actually much higher than most transgender women need.

A drug's half-life time is the amount of time it takes for your body to eliminate half of the drug. Flutamide has a half-life of 6 hours, so 12 hours after taking it, you only have a quarter of the dose still in your body, and an eighth after 18 hours. In comparison, bicalutamide has a half-life of 6 days, so you can sustain an effective level in your body around the clock much more easily. The flip side though is that if you took enough bicalutamide for it to immediately be effective at the first dose, you'd quickly reach toxic concentrations by taking that same amount every day. It takes about three months for the amount of bicalutamide you take daily to equal the amount eliminated by your body, regardless of what that dose is.

u/Nina_Freu · 1 pointr/TransDIY

ye you can wear them in the Shower and it Depends on the Manufacture on how long you wear them in Estradots case its a switch , every 3.5 days means 84 Hours Maximum then Switch it out for a new Patch ( i usually let the old one Applyed for another 12 Hours) means : are 3.5 Days over i Apply the new Patch then i wait another 12 hours and Remove the Old Patch that way i have no Homon Crashes :)). Nice greetings and ofc here for example: its sold in the UK o,o i buy them in an apothecary shop ;D <3 other websites are Healthexpress (transgender Therapy) , QHI CO UK or Goldpharma (they sell currently German and Switzerland Estrogen Brands)

u/Sinyria · 6 pointsr/TransDIY

compared to Europe's Amazon stores, the U.S. version actually sells a mixed E2/E3 cream ( ) which should be ok, esp. if you don't need max. feminisation if you're looking for enby-hrt or similar - however, the Estrogel you can get through various online pharmacies might have more E per dollar anyway..

u/JanelleMTX · 6 pointsr/TransDIY

>were extracted from pregnant horse urine.

Those are conjugated estrogens. Nasty stuff, and not prescribed very much anymore.

>Because I found bioidentical estrogen for sell on amazon. If this is what it seems like, then it is great for me because I can’t consume animal products, and I can get HRT w/o prescriptions.

Thats sourced from yams. Not a good source of estrogen.


Most of the estradiol that we use is bioidentical because it is synthetic, i.e. manufactured.


u/Sam0x007fff · 1 pointr/TransDIY

Haven't started yet but I intend to. this is a good pill cutter if you need one (not the cheapest but the cut is clean and you can do a bunch at once).

u/SilverlightPony · 2 pointsr/TransDIY

You can buy 'em for like $25-30. I use these.

For making your own, I seem to recall something about using a tube sock and the waistband from some pantyhose, but I haven't tried it or even looked up how to make one. Try googling.

u/ChibiOne · 1 pointr/TransDIY

You can pull the medicine into a syringe and replace the cap on the syringe and keep it to inject at a later time. Alternatively, you can order these

and open all of your ampoules and use a syringe to move the estradiol into one of the empty vials, that way you can fine-tune your dosage without wasting estradiol.

If you want a decent video about gluteal injections, here's one

u/PinkSparkle123 · 2 pointsr/TransDIY

Informed Consent Clinics might work with out letters etc. Depending on where you live you may can get a prescription rather quickly since you are already diying. On my post many have said because they mentioned DIYING to their therapist it sped up the process of getting a reference to an endo. However, they also told me to be very careful as not every therapist will be open and willing to hear out Trans people or take them seriously. Mentioning DIYING to the wrong therapist In the wrong area could get you in trouble. I guess it would depend on where you live, and who you are seeing. Its really quite unfortunate that there are so many gates we have to go through just to be ourselves. I agree with you though, DIYING IS SOOOOOO STRESSFUL. I have been succumbed to taking multiples of these because i have run out of hormones (spearmint has been proven to be an effect anti androgen.) I am praying my next shipment will be here no later than tomorrow afternoon.