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u/ftmichael · 10 pointsr/TransSupport

Come hang out on /r/ask_transgender, /r/mtf, and /r/transgenderteens. :)

This is more of a general resource dump, but I hope it helps!

The books The Transgender Child and The Transgender Teen by Stephanie Brill are the two halves of your new bible, seriously. There's also a new book out for Trans teens and their families, called Where's MY Book? by Linda Gromko, MD. I haven't read it yet, but it looks well worth a look.

Check out and . You'd love Camp Aranu'tiq.

Watch this great video too. It's about Trans kids and it's really good. (Ignore the line from one mom about how blockers are "brand new". They aren't. They've been used for decades. The books I mentioned above explain a lot more about all that.)

Your parents should run, not walk, to and join it when they're ready. It's a wonderful parents-only group specifically for parents of Trans and gender-questioning kids who are 18 and under. There's a lot more to it than "you should support your kid". There's lots for them there, even if they're supportive from the start. And it's just as important for them to talk to other parents of Trans and gender-questioning kids as it is for you to talk to other Trans folks. On Facebook, they can join these great groups for parents of Trans and gender-expansive kids: here and here. And here on Reddit, they can check out /r/cisparenttranskid.

Trans Youth Family Allies, Gender Spectrum (and their fantastic conference), and the Trans Health conference, among other resources, will help your whole family a lot.

The nice folks at the Gender Development clinic at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, the Gender Management Services (GeMS) clinic at Boston Children's Hospital, The Center for Trans Youth Health and Development at Los Angeles Children's Hospital, the Genecis clinic at Children's Medical Center Dallas, the gender clinic at Seattle Children's Hospital, BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, and/or the Trans youth clinic at SickKids in Toronto can help your family connect with more providers and support networks in your area for Trans children and their families, even if you're not near any of those clinics. They do a lot of networking with groups and providers across North America and around the world.

To find a therapist who actually gets Trans issues (most don't, and are unhelpful at best and actively harmful at worst), see and . For the second link, enter your location and then select Transgender from the Issues list on the left.

u/Kaywin · 13 pointsr/TransSupport

>Like I said I generally feel a lack of happiness about gender but not "bad" about it.

This is kind of what dysphoria felt like for me. I imagine not every cis person takes every last opportunity to look at themselves in the mirror and say "Damn, gurl!" to themselves, but... in my case, it was more about how my baseline was just a general apathy about my features to sadness or active distaste for some of my other body parts.

Looking through your post history, I think you might relate to a book I recently read: "Yes, You Are Trans Enough"

The author, Mia, is a trans woman who spent a lot of years not feeling explicitly bad about her body parts; or actively engaging in hobbies that didn't align with her AGAB. She also reports that she kind of was waiting for someone else to bestow the label "trans" upon her, feeling that because her experience was not like the experiences of other trans people around her, it was not a label that would be appropriate for her to take for herself.

Spoiler: She is trans enough, and you are too.

u/SilverlightPony · 1 pointr/TransSupport

[Note: clinical terms incoming]

Okay, so for the full-tuck (what you're talking about), after getting the testes back up into the inguinal canals, I generally pull the now-basically-empty scrotum back until it's taut, then do the same with the penis. Then I use a gaff to hold the whole mess in place. Generally stays put pretty well.

u/Jessinchi · 1 pointr/TransSupport

I recommend reading this book. It's encouraged me to start facing who I am sooner rather than later. I'm 29 now and I have a long way to go, but start soon. I haven't started therapy or anything, yet, but I am going to. You should too.

u/mixandmatchgirl · 1 pointr/TransSupport

I gave my mom this book

Mom I Need to be a Girl

It's a bit dated but it helped my mom a lot because since the book is written from a Mom perspective, seeing her MTF daughter grow-up