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u/codhopper · 1 pointr/Trichsters

Your parents sound like they are unintentionally awful. They are probably great people who just don't know how to help you. Your brother is probably just an arse who learned all of his social finesse from your parents, no doubt.

My big brother teases me about things (I crashed mum's motorbike once...), but never my hair pulling (on my beard) or my face picking (dermatillomania). I get upset, but remember that he is just that way.


I would try to focus on your pulling (not the nasty people in your life). Have you considered trying a supplement like NAC. There seems to be quite a bit of evidence to suggest that it helps with compulsive behaviors. It is also fairly cheap (and safe as far as I can tell).

There was also a fairly recent post about stress and how people respond to it. I pull when I am stressed, but understanding this has really helped me stop pulling a lot. I know I find pleasure pulling out hairs. I know that I shouldn't do it. I still manage to do it anyway.

In regards to finding it (pulling hair) pleasurable, I found it amazingly useful to read The Pleasure Instinct. I have also cut down sugar/chocolate consumption since reading that too. It was really helpful all round to improve my life. I think I've even started enjoying smells (never really enjoyed smelling things before) and feeling things. I can usually not pick now if I have something nice to touch, like a bit of velcro or my headphone cord.

If you are game, try reading this document: I don't know how comfortable you feel with talking about this with your parents (I still haven't told my parents, after knowing about it for about a year), but it might be worthwhile sharing this with them. It is a problem, and as far as I can tell it is treatable. I suspect you're still at home and still a dependent. Your parents may be the best bet you have to stopping (They might be able to help supply you with a therapist, different shampoo/conditioner or some NAC).


I have a friend in hospital for what I think is suicide watch. I have been super scared to talk to him in case I make things worse. I hope you have a lot of supportive friends out there who just don't know how to confront the issue and talk to you. I would really love to offer him some help, like see if he wanted some books/magazines to help pass the time, but I just don't know how strange it would be.

I stalked your comment history a bit. I didn't even know a subreddit was dedicated to shiny pokemon until now. Also, how is your kick boxing going? I have found that yoga was great for helping motivate me to stop picking.

Have you considered cutting your hair shorter like a pixie cut, but not shaving it all off. It seemed to work for a bunch of famous people like Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence and Felicia Day. (Tip #1 for looking good, be attractive; don't be unattractive). Sorry if that is bad advice for a girl**.

I hope this helps even slightly. If you want to talk about anything just PM me. I am a strange 26yo male from Australia.

P.S I use picking/pulling interchangeably because I pull hairs and pick in the same areas (my face) (/cryface).

u/Sababa_Gump · 3 pointsr/Trichsters

You and I have had virtually identical experiences. Granting that I still struggle with getting my trich under control, here's the humble advice I can offer:

  1. Identify times/situations when you tend to pull more frequently and then if possible, create uses for your hand(s) that prevent them from automatically migrating to your face. For me, driving is a big auto-pull time. With one hand on the wheel and my mind wandering, my left hand will find its way to may beard and start wreaking havoc. What I did to combat this is is buy a hand strengthener like this one which I keep in my car. When I recognize that I'm pulling, I'll grab this thing instead. I also keep silly putty in my car for the same reason.

  2. Medication/therapy can and does help. Though I personally haven't yet had much luck in this department, trich is an anxiety-based behavior for which treating the underlying causative factors helps significantly. In fact, we've all tried willing ourselves to just stop and we've all seen just how effective that can be. Getting to the root (so to the speak) is the sustainable way to rectify this destructive behavior.
    On that note, try to take note of when you tend to pull more and when you tend to pull less. That is to say, try to pay attention to what else is going on in your life when your trich gets worse. Are there possibly certain triggers that are influencing the rate of your pulling? Become more mindful of how you're doing generally and how that relates to your pulling. Creating these links are important in coming to understand the behavior and ultimately stopping it.

  3. Lastly, eye-shadow. Yes that's right. Go to a beauty supply store or Walmart or whatever and find a color that closely matches your beard color. I have a dark auburn/copper colored beard and ended up with a color called "latte". It's not an exact match but its close enough to where it fills in the hole(s) and blends everything together fairly seamlessly. Oh, also pick up an applicator. You can either get a small paint brush type thing or the eyeliner applicator itself (which is what I use and is pretty effective).

    That's all I've got. Best of luck man, I wish you many full bearded years ahead!
u/jaela · 5 pointsr/Trichsters

N-Acetyl Cysteine is an amino acid that can be taken in pill or powder form --
It's been recorded in a trial to reduce pulling urges. Given, the study was pretty small and NAC only proved greatly effective in 60-some percent of cases, but it's definitely worth trying.

I've been taking the Now Foods brand.
It doesn't smell very good, but otherwise is easy to take and well worth the money.

Hope that helps. =]

u/steelcitykid · 3 pointsr/Trichsters

Right there with you. About 3 weeks ago I had a full head of hair. Fairly certain that most of my office has noticed that something us up, I didn't just spontaneously gain a bald spot in that time frame. Sucks but all I can do is try to stay mindful.

My psychiatrist recommended the book The Feeling Good Handbook and it's being delivered today. He mentioned this when I asked about cognitive behavior therapy as any and all medicinal routes I have undergone have proven ineffective for me. If you'd like, I can update you as to my thoughts after having read it.

Take care and don't beat yourself up. You're a human being deserving of love, respect, and happiness. We're all flawed, our's is just a more visible flaw!

u/galenus · 1 pointr/Trichsters

This sub is the reason I finally stopped lurking.

It's not a cure, but I use this stuff. It's pretty relieving. When the urge is overwhelming it feels like fire to put it on. Wonderful, amazing fire.

I was down to 1/4 eyebrows on both sides, but now they're full again. It's a daily application but isn't very noticeable as it dries clear. Basically it makes the tingle go away so the urge isn't there, but the habit can still cause trouble.

u/noodleparty · 1 pointr/Trichsters

Okay so this is gunna sound weird but it worked for me:
Pet Coat Rebuilder - Mega-Tek 16 oz - Repairs Damaged Coat and Paw Pads and Accelerates Hair growth on Bare Spots

It's a pet conditioner but it helped me regrow around my bangs by using it as a spot treatment in those areas like a conditioner and the headband so I wouldn't pull my new growth.

It smells AMAZING and makes your hair so soft you won't even believe it.

u/Black_Gold_ · 1 pointr/Trichsters

Ha! I personally have given up on trying to grow a beard - For me it's currently an area I don't care about since it so easy to hide.

Some other ideas that might help:
Find a fiddle toy you like. For me personally I hate sticky feeling object so silly putty it terrible, and can make my trich actually worse. Soft fuzzy objects work the best for me.

I can't find a good photo, but the purple one in this photos that has a variable length are my favorite pipe cleaners. I fold the tip in to prevent it from poking me and often just wrap it and leave it around one of my fingers.

Posture! Seriously this is a huge one, but with studying it might be hard to execute, but since working on my posture at work I reduced my pulling at work by 90-95% Working on posture is one of the most effective methods against trich for males
Sensory Brushes are another one of my fidgets - The plus side of these is I can pull the little plastic brushes off.

You may want to look into NAC as well - It's not a miracle cure by any means but can help reduce urges around 10-40% I take around 1200-2400/mg a day

Anyhow good luck with finals - and hide / destroy the tweezers if you do have them.

u/plutonient · 2 pointsr/Trichsters

THIS! This is great for playing with while watching a movie or studying or really anything where you have at least one hand free.

u/ammcurious · 2 pointsr/Trichsters

If people are interested, these are the lashes I use daily:

Pretty cheap (I get mine at CVS or any drug store) and long-lasting. If I'm careful with them, I can use mine for about a month at a time...washing them periodically, of course. People are always shocked to find out I wear lashes. They say they really can't tell. I still pull, but... at least these make me look normal! :D

u/Aingeala · 1 pointr/Trichsters

When I was in college, one girl brought in crochet projects to keep her fingers busy while listening to lectures, she just explained to the professor that it helped her concentrate.

I just read online about putting bandaids around the tips of your fingers that you pull with, this may help you from picking cuticles too.

I found this on amazon after looking for silly putty, and thought it might be great.

u/tacopasta_27 · 1 pointr/Trichsters

Scunci makes them! Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands, Assorted Colors, 4-Count

u/bringfightintrousers · 1 pointr/Trichsters

My daughter (7) has been using a finger massager as a fidget at school and she says it helps. It does, however, break fairly easily.

Fidgit for your Digit on Amazon

u/ViolinViola · 2 pointsr/Trichsters

Here is the one I use. I had read that 30 million or more is best, and it has to be the 10 strain version or more. I was going to try 50 million if this didn't work, but 30 works for me. I store them in the fridge, though I don't think it's necessary.

u/SomeChicagoan · 6 pointsr/Trichsters

Not joking here: What about lubin' 'em up with Vaseline? If they were really slippery, would you still be able to get sufficient grip to pull?

From a physical barrier perspective, what about those "Wink-Ease" things people use at the tanning beds? They fold/overlap to create a shallow cone shape with sticky edges. You can get a 50-pack for $20 on Amazon.

u/kodama43_ · 2 pointsr/Trichsters

flyby naturals grassfed beef liver

Sorry not sure how to do a picture... it's bout the cheapest grassfed beef liver capsule on amazon at $25, for me that's a month supply

u/KamikazePrincess · 1 pointr/Trichsters

I have the a similar issue with my therapist. He attempted to hypnotize me to eliminate the behavior - in his opinion, my picking is not tied to anxiety when I know that it is. Needless to say I couldn't relax enough during the first hypnosis session and we never tried again.

I just ordered this [book] ( instead.