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u/7xcelle · 2 pointsr/TrollAnxiety

The westernized version of mindfulness does sound really kitschy. I found it helpful putting it back into the culture from which it has been adopted/bastardized and understanding it from there gives it context and adds depth. One book I really liked is Mindfulness in Plain English
It's written by a Buddhist monk for non-Buddhists. It's very direct with really basic and interesting exercises that aren't very Eat Pray Lovey.

u/nuclearhugs · 16 pointsr/TrollAnxiety

So I have moderate anxiety, with the occasional panic attack when I'm really stressed out about school. I bought a weighed blanket because my anxiety/panic attacks generally happens at night.

Honestly one of the best things I've purchased for my pre-sleep anxiety. You're right when you say they're SO PRICY. Like for real... 300 bucks for a blanket, with some plastic beads in it? Like come'on now.

I've done a hell of a lot of research on these blankets because I didn't wanna spend 100+ bucks on something that might not work for me. Plus who knows some of the places are a hassle to return the too.

Long story short. I found this weighed blanket,

If you have amazon prime you can get it in 2ish days. You can return it with no questions asked. Also it's washing machine safe. If you do get one of the 15-20lb blankets I would suggest bringing it to a laundromat that has those industrial washing machines.
Hope that helps!