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u/the_lonely_road · 2 pointsr/Trucking

This is key. Be proactive instead of reactive to help keep the interior habitable. My truck is my home, I want it clean.

I also use a Eurika hand vac to help keep it clean.

u/alonjar · 1 pointr/Trucking

> a quick, easy way to heat food

Thought about a "lunch box oven" like this one? Its only $35, runs off the 12v cigarette lighter plug, and uses disposable aluminum linings. You can get the same linings from Walmart like 3 for a dollar or so.

Its not as fast or quite as versatile as a microwave, but you can make pretty good food without an inverter or propane.

u/Berkez · 3 pointsr/Trucking

Hey, I used to sell Cellphones and Cellphone accessories. If you want to stay legal talking on the phone and use your phone for MP3's and such, check out this.

A friend got one. It's best thing is it's a speakerphone AND it broadcasts through the FM radio. You start getting static from the Music playing, hit the FM button, it scans and finds a suitable station, and announces it. Tune, if it doesn't work, repeat as neccessary. It's pretty darn good.

u/TheBuddha777 · 1 pointr/Trucking

Some gift ideas (disclaimer, it's my website):

Personally the gifts I would love most to receive would be either a Sta-Rat Tandem Release Tool or gift certificate.

u/chiselplow · 1 pointr/Trucking

Asolo Fugitive GTX. I loved them so much I bought two more pair. One for work, one for regular life, and a pair in the closet for down the road. Expensive but awesome.

Propane delivery here...

u/BlakDrgn · 2 pointsr/Trucking

I use this in the sleeper,

And one of the blower air lines that hook up to the line that powers my drivers seat for quick cleaning up front. Also useful while driving with the Windows down to blow off gauges etc.

u/minux151 · 1 pointr/Trucking

Have you considered something like this?

u/Capisano · 3 pointsr/Trucking

In his book meat in a seat Chris Cox talks about calling the Rangers ahead of time and asking if he can bobtail there, most agreed that he could and they would just count him as an RV.

u/IllIII · 2 pointsr/Trucking

> ...but charcoal is pretty low value,...

At retail of about $75 a kg, 15kg box of Binchotan charcoal retails for over $1100

u/EvilMrMe · 2 pointsr/Trucking

I have resistance bands in my truck. Most vehicles have plenty of places you can attach them to. You can even set them up inside the tractor like attaching them to the seats for a light one arm at a time upper body work out. Way better than kettle bells or dumb bells.

u/AthiestLibNinja · 1 pointr/Trucking

Have you ever considered using a crock pot? RoadPro for $33

u/somefknguy · 1 pointr/Trucking

Scubs in a Bucket

These things are life savers... Then there's the myriad chargers I carry around with me on a daily basis...

u/adventure_dog · 3 pointsr/Trucking

I have the Multifunction HD Car Vehicle Recorder with a 32GB sandisc microsd card for memory. I've been using it for over a year and have had no problems with it, and it had a second camera meant to be used as a back up camera but you can just as easily set it up on one of your mirrors.

I've also been seeing this camera at truck stops with a $150 price tag without the back up camera and some name brand on it.

u/Rbnarc · 5 pointsr/Trucking

This absolutely works. Adding a bottle of HEET to your washer fluid will take of the freezing rain.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Trucking

I have this one

Last summer I put one in my car due to people pulling out in front of me and slamming their brakes and people on bikes, and I got a second one for my truck they were $40 last summer with a 32GB card it logs 48hrs.

It's caught a "training" truck come to a dead stop in front of me on an on ramp, no brake lights they just pulled the air brakes.

I got another "training" company truck stop in front of me on the highway just the other day, they were coming onto the highway I put my blinker on to move over but was unable to move over due to people lingering and not giving me the room, when I finally got the room I had a car come speeding up behind them and pass them blocking me from moving and m only option became to come to a stop on the highway because this driver got in front of me then half assed moved over and came to a dead stop. Pulled into the next rest stop and witnessed that driver having their cell phone in their left hand perched on top of the steering wheel with cell phone in hand looked like they were watching something and because the rest area was looking down on traffic I was able to see what the other hand was doing. I sent that video into their safety department.

u/RickyBigRigs · 3 pointsr/Trucking

Haters gonna hate bro! I get it man I get it.

Installed a customized million color led bar in my truck. Turn the lights on red to drive at night with full visibility inside and out. When the sun starts coming up turn the lights to blue.