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u/mrswaka · 7 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Hi and welcome! :)

You can find all the abbreviations on the right-hand sidebar, but here are some on FertilityFriend.

Some people start testing at 10DPO (days past ovulation), but many wait until their period is overdue so as not to have a ton of disappointment. I usually test at 12DPO because there's no way I can wait that long! Here is a really great website that lets you select how many DPO you are, then it gives you the odds of getting a positive that day.

I stay positive by talking to my husband about what's going on. I'm not going to lie, TTC has been one of the hardest things I have ever done because it can really yank you around emotionally. I wish I had known that before I started because I assumed I would get pregnant right away. Now, six cycles in, I try to find happiness and excitements in the little things. When you start using OPKs (ovulation predictor kits), you'll get excited over a positive test and get even more excited over a temp jump if you take your BBT (basal body temperature) every morning (which I HIGHLY recommend doing right away!). The TWW (two week wait, the two weeks between your ovulation and period) is still tricky for everyone. There's nothing that can give you a clear indication of if you conceived or not and it's just a huge waiting game. Try to stay off internet forums at least until you've gotten through the first week or you'll drive yourself mad! If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask me (or anyone!).

But for now, go get yourself a BBT thermometer (make sure it's specifically a basal thermometer), download FertilityFriend to your phone, and buy this combo set from Amazon. If you're finding that you have a lot of questions, this book is truly one of the best resources out there for trying to conceive. Hope I've helped! :)

u/smiling_sushi · 3 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I have done natural cycle (so timed with OPKs, no monitoring/meds) IUI using frozen donor sperm! In my case, it's because I'm a woman married to a woman.

I started off using the cheaper OPKs that you can get online (a lot of people here use Wondfo, I happened to use Easy@Home). Those are nice because you can buy a ton of them for not much money. A lot of people tend to use them twice a day, and I did at first as well, but I quickly learned that I pretty much can only catch my LH surge between 4-6pm. Most people tend to surge in the late afternoon-early evening, but that's not always the case.

If you aren't comfortable with trying to interpret the cheaper OPKs (determining if the test line is the same color or darker than the control), then I highly recommend the Clearblue Digital OPK (specifically NOT the advanced version - that one will give you a bigger fertile window range which is not important/helpful when timing IUI). When you are having your LH surge, you get a smiley face. Simple but definitely much more expensive.

I definitely recommend supplementing the OPKs with temping. You can use a Mabis or any other basal body thermometer to take your temperature daily first thing in the morning and then put those numbers into a TTC app such as Fertility Friend. It won't tell you when you're ovulating before it happens, but it will tell you after the fact and then you will know if your IUI timing was good or not.

Also, you should check out the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It will give you a lot more information on charting and helping you to pinpoint your ovulation day.

I hope that helps a bit! Please feel free to ask me any other questions 🙂

u/Llawdrin · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

These are the ones I bought, from Easy@home:

So far I'm very happy with them, the strips themselves seem very well put-together, whereas some photos of other internet cheapies look kind of flimsy, if that makes sense. I paid extra for faster shipping, but otherwise these are SUPER low-cost. I got the 50-OPK/20-HPT pack, but they come in other sizes and mixes, if you aren't interested in the OPKs.

For tracking, I rely mostly on CM, which was SUPER important this cycle. Before my last TWW, I had been taking a regular multi-v plus folic acid supplements, but during my C1 TWW I started taking my prenatals daily, and I'm pretty sure they caused me to ovulate early (lots of B vitamins). My cycle is normally like clockwork, so any change is very abnormal, and if I hadn't been checking CM, I would have missed it completely. I ovulated on CD13, versus CD16, and I hadn't even started the OPKs until CD14. Luckily, I was temping, so I was able to confirm my O-date after the fact.

If you are looking into getting a thermometer, I ended up getting mine at the grocery store, and it was like $5. Still a BBT, and I've not had ANY issues with it: Veridian Healthcare 60-Second Digital Basal Thermometer. The price online varies from $6-10.

I swore I wouldn't start temping, but I do honestly feel relaxed by doing it. I think it just suits my personality, because I really like data analysis and following a routine. I do wake up a lot at night and temp at different times each early morning (usually from 3am-8am), but even so, my chart looks consistent enough! :)

u/siriuslyserious · 4 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Congrats on your upcoming wedding and welcome! Sounds like you're doing a good job planning way ahead to have your best chances of conceiving when you're ready! You're on the right track in trying to lose weight, that's the best you can do right now is get as fit as possible. Easier said than done!

First, get yourself a copy of this book, which teaches you about how your cycles works and how to track it.

I personally can't give much input on PCOS but I'm sure others can.

My doctor recommending going off BC at least 2-3 cycles before actually TTC. My husband and I are currently using condoms for the most part, but from a few days past ovulation to when my period starts we don't need the condoms because it's an infertile period. Anyway, yes it is get allow your body time to get back to normal but also to allow your uterine lining to build up better (so I've heard). It needs to be able to hold and nurture that egg!

As for prenatals, I use the CVS gummies, which are quite delicious. Not sure if they're veggie-friendly though.

Best of luck with all of your big plans!

u/lizardrex · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I suggest keeping it simple. Focus on eating nutrient dense whole food as much as you can and take a good prenatal (or 400 mcg folic acid/folate at the very least) to start.

I can't comment on the Celiac, but I have IBS and throwing a bunch of new things into my diet all at once is never a good idea for me. I also try to manage my stress, get enough sleep, and exercise moderately.

When I first started trying, I was tempted to take all the things. The great wild internets makes it extremly tempting to take all of the supplements and herbs. I also think that the fertility "industry" does a really good job at preying on our desire and our insecurities about fertility. So, in my opinion, a lot of this stuff hasn't been rigorously scientifically proven enough to be both safe and effective enough for me to take it.

In the Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant, she recommends giving your body at least 3 months to do it's own thing before adding in extra supplements and herbs beyond the basics. This gives your body a chance to start regulating naturally, especially after coming off of the pill.

I also really liked the recommendations in It Starts with the Egg because the author goes into the science behind egg quality, evaluates the studies, and makes recommendations.

I settled on my own routine that I'm fairly happy with. A prenatal, Vitamin D, Omega-3, Ubiquinol (a form of CoQ10), and B6. I'm still skeptical about the B6 even, but it really seems to be helping my CM.

Good luck with everything. I'm sure you'll get tons of advice.

edit: Spelling because I'm tired.

u/cheerfulmuse · 3 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Welcome and good luck! :)

As for reading material, get your hands on this. Very good read (just ignore some of the anti-doc speech she has in there and you're good to go).

Do you have a smart phone? Download Fertility Friend! There's a free version and you can also pay for a subscription version that unlocks additional features. (You can also use their website if you don't mind using a desktop version -- desktop and mobile versions sync so you can use both as well, website located here )

Get thee a BBT (basal body thermometer). You can normally find them in the drug store or online (unless you're like me and can't find them anywhere except Amazon, but in theory, you should be able to find them anywhere a thermometer is sold! :P)

ETA: I just noticed you said you're in your 30's. There's also /r/ttc30 if you're interested in checking that out :)

ETA2: If you want a recommendation on what OPK's to use, I use Wondfo OPK's. They're dirt cheap (For a 100 pack of OPK's and a 20 pack of HCG tests, it's ~$35?). Supposedly their HCG tests are garbage, but I've never had a problem with the OPK's. They work great :)

Let me know if you have any questions :) I think I covered all the basics lol

u/ErroneousFunk · 15 pointsr/TryingForABaby

My husband and I usually only have sex a couple times a month (when not TTC), so I definitely understand. Fortunately, we've both been super on board, but last month he was too "tired" (er, hungover) to try the day after my ovulation stick was a BFP, and, of course, it didn't work, so, I totally get that the lack of motivation to have sex can be frustrating.

Anyway, I'm terrible with the psychology stuff, but I do have a few practical/logistics ideas that might help...

Temping is a LOT of effort. Don't pressure her into doing that if she's not really into it. Almost as good is the pee sticks:®-Ovulation-Test-Strips-Individually-Sealed/dp/B009G497KK
The only problem is that you can actually ovulate 24-48 hours after a positive LH, but you don't know exactly when. Also, the results can be a little trickier to interpret in the first month (is that a dark positive line, or only a kind of dark negative line?), but as long as you're having sex within that window, and slightly before, you're fine. Save the ovulation sticks from the month before as a reference guide. People's pee and LH levels are different, and you really have to interpret the shade of the line based on experience here. Of course, that can be true with temping as well.

Something that sounds absolutely bonkers at first, but might actually be right for you, is ejaculating into a soft cup and having her insert it: No actual sex involved, most of the pressure is on you, and the odds of conception might actually be higher than doing it in the old fashioned way ;) They're a little on the expensive side (I mean... just over a dollar... not that expensive compared to a baby!) but (and I'm not supposed to say this, but...) they are reusable if you clean them well!

Also, it's obvious that lube can make a world of difference when a lady's not particularly in the mood. Make sure you're using a sperm safe lubricant, like Pre-Seed

I know, I sound like a shill for Amazon right now, but I buy all my stuff from them :)

Good luck!

u/developmentalbiology · 5 pointsr/TryingForABaby

This is exactly what I've always done. I like the CB for the low/high/peak distinction, but I like actually being able to see the strength of the line to determine actual positive OPK day. (...also, the Wondfos read faster than the CBs, and I'm not a patient woman.)

I really like the CBs because I don't feel like I have very readable CM most of the time. If you feel like you have a good handle on your CM, and if your CM follows a predictable pattern, you may not find them as useful -- the low/high distinction is made by detecting rising levels of estrogen in the fertile window, which is the same thing you're doing when looking at different kinds of CM.

This is the CB kit I've always ordered from Amazon. It's much cheapter to buy them from Amazon than in your local drugstore -- I think this same kit was something like $70 at my local CVS. You can re-use the reader for multiple cycles, as long as you still have sticks left.

u/rrjems220 · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

> what thermometer are you using?

I use this easy@home one. It is a lot more expensive than a lot, but I absolutely love it. Plus, it came with a nice case that I use for all my TTC stuff.
> Where did you get it?

> How long does it take to give you a result?

I'm not sure how long it takes to read, because I tend to pass out again until it beeps.

> Does it remember multiple readings?

It remembers up to 60 readings (including date and time) which is super helpful because I always forget to enter and just do so on a weekly basis.

>What do you like and dislike about yours?

Like: Big, backlit display, memory. Dislike: Almost 3x as expensive as alternatives.

>Should I go for one that gives two-decimal readings?

>And does anyone prefer something else over FertilityFriend to chart temps?

I love the no-frills, analytical feel of FF.

u/deadasthatsquirrel · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

> What thermometer are you using?

I use the Mabis one.

> Where did you get it?


> How long does it take to give you a result?

One minute

> Does it remember multiple readings?

Nope, just the last one, but I enter the reading into my phone before I leave for work (or before I go to bed, if I've forgotten!).

> What do you like and dislike about yours?

Cheap, remembers the last reading (so I can temp half asleep and enter it into my phone later) and the beeps are fairly quiet, so I don't disturb my husband.

> Should I go for one that gives two-decimal readings?

Yep. The changes are so tiny that the more detail, the better!

> And does anyone prefer something else over FertilityFriend to chart temps?

Some people do, but stick with FF. I tried about six different apps when I started, but FF is SO clear. And all the extra analysis stuff is awesome.

u/-particularpenguin- · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

To answer your question: Once you stop the provera, you'll get your period within 7-14 days (a lot get it faster though). [ok, technically it's a withdrawl bleed, not a period, but for this case it's the same]

On your first full day of flow, count that as CD1. The monitor should recommend what day to start using it. You can look it up online i'm sure.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility and the Impatient Women's Guide to Getting Pregnant. These will help you understand better what's going on.

Also with PCOS, I highly, highly recommend temping (TCOYF is the bible for temping). With long, unpredictable cycles and inconsistent ovulation, it's the only thing that can confirm you ovulated - with PCOS, unfortunately the monitor may give false positives (you have a LH surge, but don't actually release an egg).

Btw, even with the monitor, you might invest in some cheap OPKs - with 50+ day cycles, i've been going through 50+ OPKs in a month and I know those fertility sticks are expensive. Wondfos are the brand most recommended. These are the ones I have:

Good luck with everything! You'll find a wealth of knowledge on this sub!

u/Sp00kyW0mb · 29 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Congratulations on recovery❤️

You are definitely not alone. Bodies are pretty resilient! I began my recovery in the fall of 2016 and the hardest part was the first year. After that my body has healed up better than I could’ve expected. I honestly thought I had broken it forever and carried a lot of guilt and shame. I feel grateful to have my period back and to be ovulating regularly.

I highly recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility! Maybe it’s my ED past but all of the tracking has become somewhat of a calming ritual. I cannot even begin to explain how excited I was the first time my temps confirmed that I ovulated. I hope that it will help you to find some peace and allow you to forgive yourself.

u/mechitgood · 3 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I feel you on this one! Im not sure if I missed my surge this month on OPKs or Im just not ovulating for whatever reason. So now Im just sitting here waiting for AF to show up (not due for another 10-11 days) and if I dont get a BFP this month I need to step it up a couple of notches TTC.

btw, to save your wallet these are the ovulation strips I bought. I can use 2 a day from CD 10 to 30 (my cycle is around 30 days so I could go all out if I wanted to) if I wanted to without using them all and the best part is they come with 20 pregnancy strips which means you could use 1 each day of your TWW and still have a bunch left over if you wanted to go all out.

Also, Im pretty sure most pregnancy tests (including the strips I sent you) require 20-25 mIU of HCG per sample to turn positive where as digital tests require something around 50 mIU of HCG to be positive. That is why youll see people's tests gradually get darker or not turn positive until closer to AF or even after AF depending on the amount of HCG in their system. Its also why a lot of times companies that make pregnancy tests will sell a "confirmation pack". Im pretty sure both clearblue and first response do. Its a double pack of one regular line test and one digital. I'm pretty sure they recommend you use it after a missed period or after the regular line test.

But other than that I know EXACTLY what you mean because I also feel like Im taking crazy pills

u/brynnflynn · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Absolutely! Honestly, if you're not a little worried about bringing a person into the world, then you're probably not ready. That's the way I've always felt about it.

As for getting ready, now is the perfect time to pick up a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility, a Mabis basal body thermometer, and to find a good pre-natal vitamin and DHA supplement. I personally use a combination of Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal and Nordic Naturals DHA. They work well for me, and I got my period right when I expected to after getting my IUD taken out and have been regular as clockwork since.

I would also recommend signing up for FertilityFriend; it's the most common app we're all using, and does a great job of helping you keep track of your cycles. You don't have to go all in on temping (and if you choose not to, don't worry about the thermometer), but I've found it to be so helpful to keep my expectations in check rather than clinging to hope that "Maybe this period is just implantation bleeding".

But in terms of priority, I would highly recommend you pick up TCoYF, and getting started on a good pre-natal. Hope to see you around!

u/Shortkaik · 8 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Welcome! Nothing insensitive about it - we all start somewhere :)

Book recommendations: Taking Charge of your Fertility will teach you more than you ever wanted to know about reproduction and trying to conceive. It's great!

My only other product recommendation is a basal thermometer for tracking ovulation. It's a pretty easy habit to get into and will confirm when and if you are ovulating. The book talks about that a lot.

Otherwise, start taking prenatals now (you want that stuff to be in your system BEFORE conception!), and start looking at improving your health in general. Nothing particularly "Trying for a baby" related there, just you know, eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly as best you can!

u/requited_requisite · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

Hi, you sound like me! I'm also 32 and WTT but until January 2019, and just got off the HBC pill a month ago after 15 years on it so that I could start temping and tracking, which I've been doing this month (and was very proud of my body for ovulating right away! Not what I expected since last time I went off it took my body 3 months to ovulate/get a period). My biggest recommendation: buy Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It explains temping and tracking in great detail and will overall teach you all kinds of things about your body - I found it fascinating. All the elements you have to know are a little too complicated to explain in a small space, so I really recommend reading the whole book. It also tells you how to use the method as (very effective!) birth control, which is what we are using (along with withdrawal around fertile times) for the year. I also recommend The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant, especially since you mentioned age worries - the author wrote it with women like us in mind, as she had two children in her mid-late 30s and another at 40. She reviews a ton of research and generally made me feel a lot more relaxed about my age. (Coincidentally, those are the two books this sub recommends, but I have read both and really think they cover everything!)

Also, join us at /r/waiting_to_try!

u/letsgetknockedup · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I'm new at this, too, but as I understand it... you should use them 2-3 times a day (preferably afternoon & evening, the levels are higher then) until you figure out the best time of day. Then do 'em daily until you see the patterns!

As far as I know, it's usually something like no line if you're nowhere near ovulating, then faint lines that get darker as you get closer to O, super-dark during O, and back to faint and then nada as you're post-O. However, again, I'm new and if I'm totally bass-ackwards, I hope somebody corrects me. =)

And FYI, Amazon sells the cheapies!

They have pregnancy tests, too - just check for the Wondfo brand. I've had good luck with them, and I don't feel guilty if I waste one... but hey, if you're trying to figure out how your body is working, that's not wasteful! =)

u/HazMat68W · 9 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Were you on BC? If so, when did you come off?

If you will notice, a lot of women here are past 2 cycles. Why? B/c TTC is 80% luck and only 20% of what you do. So don't stress out too much that you're on Cycle 2 and haven't won the lottery yet :)

Do you have an app to track your cycle? (I recommend Fertility Friend of Ovia) This will help a lot. You can narrow the serious baby makin' to 5 days of the entire month. However, you would likely be fine with doing it every other day.

(Note: Those Amazon fertility tests don't test mobility, just count...not the most reliable)

I would also recommend getting "OPKs" from Amazon (Wondfo brand is cheap). This tells you when you're having a hormonal surge right before ovulation.

I also recommend buying "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" or "The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant. These books give you all the information you need to know about your cycle. (The second book is the shorter version)

ALSO, Are you tracking your cervical mucus (CM) or cervical position? Cervical mucus changes throughout your cycle, and it is the best natural indicator of when you're most fertile.

Position doesn't really matter - your body is developed to get preggo in all sorts of positions.

Sorry if I gave too much information and not what you were looking for. I've been here too long. hahahah

u/whenwillthewaitend · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

If you're confused by charting I would suggest doing the tutorials on FF. You may also find it helpful to read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. It does an excellent job of explaining temping and charting. It also includes a lot of information on the female reproductive system and cycles that are just generally good to know. I'd strongly recommend reading it if you haven't.

Also, try to keep in mind that even with well-timed sex a couple without any fertility problems at all only has a 20-30% chance, depending on where you get your statistics, of pregnancy each month. And it can take a healthy couple having well-timed sex up to a year to get pregnant. You shouldn't really worry about infertility till you've been TTC a year with well-timed intercourse and no luck.

And as far as everything goes with your mother: most fertility issues aren't genetic. There are tons of people who come on here say "my mother was super fertile and got pregnant every time she had unprotected sex. Why am I not pregnant yet?" I know that's true for me. I have infertility (been TTC since January 2015) but I'm literally the only female in my family with problems. Everyone else gets pregnant their first time having unprotected sex. I wish the fertility of others in my family had a bearing on mine but it doesn't work that way.

I know a lady who was convinced she'd be infertile because her mother was infertile and so was her older sister. She ended up getting pregnant within the normal year of trying and has a baby now.

My point here is that it is rarely, if ever, helpful to make assumptions about your fertility based on the fertility on others in your family.

My best advice would be to start temping. If you temp correctly for a couple of months and you still can't confirm ovulation you may want to see your doctor and mention to him/her that you have reason to believe you're not ovulating on your own. At that point I'd suggest having a transvaginal ultrasound done along with having your hormones checked to make sure you don't have PCOS or some other issue.

If you start temping and notice that you are ovulating then I'd say to try not to worry about your fertility. Give yourself the normal year of TTC. At the end of a year TTC if you're still not pregnant schedule an appointment with an RE. But the odds are very much in your favor that you'll never need to see an RE.

u/paperina100 · 5 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I’m so sorry for your loss.

I recommend reading this post first to give you an idea of how the menstrual cycle works and then I would check out this post. It outlines your options in terms of trying to conceive (TTC). Some couples choose to just have sex several times a week ensuring they’ll hit at least one day in the fertile window. Others like to track cervical mucus, use OPKs and/or chart their basal body temp to narrow down and confirm the ovulation window. If you are interested in an app to help you track, most of us on TFAB recommend Fertility Friend and they have a charting course to get you started.

I also recommend reading Taking Charge of Your’s the TTC Bible. The sidebar of this subreddit also has tons of useful information.

Finally, after one year of trying, I would definitely work with your doctor to start some testing...especially with your long and irregular cycles. Hope this helps!

u/Miroet · 12 pointsr/TryingForABaby


OPKS (Ovulation Prediction Kits) are used to let you know when your body is producing more LH. LH ramps up in the body shortly before you ovulate. These kits are often a dip test that you use with urine you have held for 3-4 hours. Unlike pregnancy tests, these strips are only positive when the test line is as dark or darker than the control line. Having a +OPK does not guarantee you are going to ovulate. Instead, it says that if you do ovulate it will be within the next 12-48 hours. Though some people ovulate as soon as 6 hours, and some as late as 72, most people ovulate 12-48 hours after a positive OPK. Many women do not surge until the afternoon, so it is a good idea to test in the morning and early evening when you are getting close to the day you normally ovulate. Many of our users purchase bulk packs of Wondfo Ovulation Prediction Kits as a cost effective and reliable way to test during the cycle. Here is how to tell if your Wondfos are counterfeit. Sometimes your body gears up to ovulate and then decides to abort the ovulation for whatever reason. If that happens you will have a positive opk, however, if you keep using them you will find another positive opk in a week or two. If you are not expecting this, it may seem like you are late for your period, when really you are not.

u/scandinaviAnd3rson · 8 pointsr/TryingForABaby

A lot of people here use the MABIS thermometer and really like it. I just got a cheap one from Target and it works just fine. As far as OPKs, the Wondfo brand/other internet cheapies are really popular and super cheap compared to some of the digital ones (Clearblue, etc). It depends on your preference, though. My first time around I used the Clear Blue digital OPKs and I liked that they were cut and dry with their negative/positive response. This time I'm using Wondfos because they're much cheaper, although there is more room for interpretation with the negative/positive. You can check out /r/TFABLinePorn to see what pictures of positive/negative cheap OPKs look like. You can also get cheap HPTs bundles, too. Happy shopping!

MABIS Basal Thermometer, Digital BBT Thermometer, Basal Body Temperature Thermometer...

Wondfo Combo 50 LH Ovulation & 20 HCG Pregnancy Test Strips

Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test, 20 Ovulation Tests

u/heartshapedcheese · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I got this one from Amazon. The Easy@home one. Somewhere in this sub someone mentioned it before, and I saved it in my wishlist... and then it was price reduced and I ordered it. So far I've been using it for a little over two weeks, and it seems to be doing great. There was one morning I wasn't sure if it cut off or not, but I think I just fell back asleep and couldn't judge time lol. There have also been a couple of consecutive mornings where the temp was the same, so I tested later in the day to make sure it would give me a different reading, and it did. So I feel like it's pretty accurate. Also easy to use :)

u/qualmick · 7 pointsr/TryingForABaby

The daily chat is likely winding down at this time of night (at least in north america)! So, most people recommend either the mabis or the easy@home. I like the MABIS - quiet beeps, temperature recall, no backlighting. Lots of people like the easy@home for the backlighting.

Most of us use fertility friend - it does the best job at using your data in predicting future cycles. Wanna help people do science and get a free VIP subscription? Join the BU presto study. You might want to take the free course they offer to get started on how to temp.

Lots of people use OPKs - most people buy wondfo brand OPKs and HPTs so we can piss on something if the wind blows. OPKs are useful for timing sex. HPTs are useful if you want to have a drink on 10DPO but you're a little worried. At least, that's the only use I've found for them. :)

Lots of people take prenatals - a multivitamin that has 400 mg of folic acid should have you covered, but y'know. Talk to your doctor. I'm guessing if you're in the WTT crowd you got this covered.

You'll also find that we have a stickied thread at the top of the subreddit that goes over the sub's rules, and has additional information. Searching the subreddit will also often find you the answers you seek, in a more timely fashion.

u/Nugget_Brain · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Welcome! At 2 months, you have absolutely no reason to worry that you won't be able to do this. It can take a healthy couple up to a full year to conceive.

Do you temp? Use OPKs? My suggestions:

Buy and read Taking Charge of your Fertility. This is going to show you things about your body that you never knew. It really is eye opening.

Buy a Basal Body Thermometer. You can take your temperature vaginally or orally, as long as you do it the same way every day. You want to take your temperature after at least 3 hours of solid sleep. Don't get up, don't move around. Wake up to your alarm, take the temp and go back to sleep. I believe the one I linked has a 'history' so you can read it in the morning.

Enter your temperature daily in Fertility Friend This is free and will help you track your ovulation. You should have a drastic dip and then a pretty drastic rise. This indicates that you have in fact ovulated.

Temping is only good in retrospect. You can see that you have ovulated, not that you are going to. That's where [Ovulation Predictor Kids] ( come in handy. You use these in the afternoon (when most women will have a surge of Lutenizing (sp?) Hormone. This indicates that you are gearing up to ovulate. And yes, it's true that it's possible that you don't ovulate every time you surge. That's why you want to temp to actually confirm it.

Combining these 3 things will give you a really clear picture of what's going on each cycle. For some women, it can really stress them out. For me, it makes me feel empowered. Let me know if you have any more questions!

u/Petunia_JAK · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

If you haven't got it already, I would get Taking Charge of Your Fertility

A lot of people also seem to like the Impatient Women's Guide to Getting Pregnant, but I haven't read it myself.

Personally, I like charting on the taking charge of your fertility website ( better than Fertility Friend. The website does run a little slow but it is easier to use in my opinion.

u/mrscartoon · 3 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Good luck to you! FYI, OPK tests can get speedy if you buy them from Walgreens, etc. amazon has a ton at a much better price. These get great reviews an are typically the ones I've seen used by the women here.

u/nmspms · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I don't have experience coming off BC before TTC, but prior to starting the TTC process, I read this book:

It has a lot of great details on the author's experience coming off BC and very helpful (and promising!) statistics :)

u/loopymath · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

Thanks for the reply!

It's not that I don't trust the university, it's that I'm wary of the transmission and digital storage of information. My dad's in the IT field and has a deep lack of trust with information security that he's somewhat passed on to me (even though I don't really know how any of it works).

And I've also already got a FF account with VIP.

I would like to help with the data and possibly changing incorrect information that's out there. I haven't read the Impatient Woman's Guide, but I have read Expecting Better and I am really appreciative about the information behind the Do's and Don't's of pregnancy. :)

u/Refhgarad · 7 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Taking Charge of Your Fertility is an amazing book! When I read it first I was amazed at how little I knew about my cycles, definitely recommend it :)

u/ttcwish · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I've only been tracking for 5 months. This is what I did:

Month 1:
I went to OB to get a workup re: my PCOS, I had irregular period too coming off BC, PCOS, Hormonal Imbalance. We did blood tests and ultrasound and she gave me medicine to regulate my hormones. So far I have 27-28 day cycles with Duphaston. I bought a Basal Thermometer and started logging my wake up temperature. I input that data with Fertility Friend app. It's not the prettiest app but it does better and gives me a clearer picture of what's happening than other apps I've tried. BBT Tracking only and I was able to pinpoint my Ovulation.

Month 2-3:
I was traveling so no valid temp data.

Month 4:
BBT tracking but I learned that I need to track temp at the same time (give or take 30 minutes and at least 3 hours straight sleep). My temps were all over the place and I was temping at different times. Decided to set an alarm for this and to take my temperature vaginally (apparently I sleep with my mouth open and it affects the results). No ovulation for this month.

Month 5:
Using alarm regularly to take BBT vaginally then I sleep again. I've added checking my Cervical Mucous too. I wash my hands then wipe it dry with a tissue before inserting it to check for CM. So far, my CM are on track with my cycle. I tried checking my cervical position this month, nothing definitive as I'm still familiarizing myself with my cervix.

I'm also using Wondfo Ovulation Predictor Kits this month. I took it at CD10. More info here I get giddy seeing the test line grow darker with each day of testing. If the test line is darker than the control line it usually means that you'll be ovulating within 12-36 hrs. But according to what I've read, a sustained Temperature shift is the only way you'll know if you really did ovulate. When in doubt, Baby Dance!~

There are things that I never really bothered about until TTC. Everything is a learning process but I'm enjoying it so far. I hope this helps. But please do read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler or Fertility Friend's free ebook. Those will really help you understand your cycle better.

u/frostfromfire · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

I recommended this to someone else earlier today: please get opk test strips. I was also using Fertility Friend for about a year & when it came time for the first month to start trying to conceive, I got a BFN. I BDed every day that the app told me was within my fertile window. By using the test strips I was able to find out that I ovulate a week late and that Fertility Friend had gotten my fertile window wrong. Best of luck at getting your BFP in a few days or next month!

u/myanodyne · 3 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Lots of us!

Day 14 is supposedly the magic number - if your cycle is the perfect, textbook 28 days. Even then you may not be ovulating that day. There is a lot of variability in the length of your cycle leading up to ovulation, and not so much variability following it. Generally speaking if your cycle is less than 28 days, then you are ovulating sooner than day 14, and if your cycle is longer then you are ovulating later.

For example, my cycles run on the longer side of normal. My last was 34 days with ovulation on day 20 or 21.

There is a lot of great information out there on the internet and in books about the menstrual cycle and determining when you are or are not fertile, so I'm not going to try to explain what others have already done more thoroughly and eloquently.

I recommend Taking Charge of Your Fertility (along with just about everyone else on here) if you are interested in learning more.

u/pinggoespow · 5 pointsr/TryingForABaby

It's important to do the same time every day b/c your body temp naturally rises through the night into the morning. I would set your alarm and go with it. I set mine for 6am b/c that's when my partner gets up in the AM and she usually wakes me anyways. On the weekends, I wake up enough to take my temp and fall back asleep. I think it was on here, but someone (a lady and a scholar) suggested putting a bit of velcro on the thermometer and attach it to a spot on your bed frame so you don't have to fumble around. Genius! Or, apparently there are thermometers out there that will store data for a few hours so you could record your temp, go back to sleep, and record it when you wake up. Mine doesn't do this. :(

It sounds like we both have a similar approach to TTC, philosophy-wise, so I'd strongly recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility.
I finally bought it after seeing it referenced so much in forums and am glad of it. I thought I was doing well with my research online, but there were so many holes and it was frustrating to have to sort through data on multiple websites. One book was just easier.

u/jareths_tight_pants · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Buy some Wondfo OPKs and if you like sciencey stuff get a saliva microscope. Add these to your monthly tracking. Plenty of T1 Diabetics have families. Are his sugars typically well controlled? Cleaning up his diet may help a little.

Check out /r/ttchealthy

Wondfo Combo Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests (50 LH + 20 HCG)

Ovulation Fertility Scope Saliva Based Bia Lady Q Microscope - Aluminum Enclosure

A lot of people recommend taking a prenatal now. Some people also like to take a fish oil high in DHA and CoQ10. I bought my vitamins by the brand Dr.s Best because I’ve used them for supplements before and really like the way they compound things. At the very least you must start taking some folic acid everyday. You don’t want to mess around with brain and spine problems.

u/jeanine990 · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I would recommend some reading - I liked Expecting Better since it explained things like nutrition and exercise in very scientific, data-driven ways, and explained the difference between things you absolutely should or should not do (there are very few of these, basically no crystal meth) and what's up to your interpretation of the data available. I've seen several OBGYNs before and since I started trying and was never given the kind of information I was looking for -- I had to do my own research.

On mobile so I don't know how to link, but

Good luck!

u/givemeteapls · 3 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I would advise seeing a gyno right off the bat to see if they can do some testing for pcos which could be a cause for the irregular cycles and possible weight gain.

Highly recommend Taking Charge of Your Fertility, it's pretty much a bible for ttc. Also would recommend reading The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant. Both are great reads.

Get a BBT thermometer from your local pharmacy (the Target pink & white one sucks, so try a different store) and start temping/tracking your cycles through Fertility Friend.

Buy a buttload of wondfo OPKs to test for ovulation. Wondfos are cheap and plentiful. Check here for a 'how to' on buying them from a reputable source on Amazon/

u/kpendolino · 6 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I've been using this one for about two weeks now, and really like it. The backlight makes it easy to operate in the dark. It dims during the measurement, then brightens again when the measurement is done. Stores date and time of 60 measurements, and the alarm feature is really handy.

I had been using my phone with an alarm about half an hour before my normal wake-up time (because it had to be different for me to remember the new habit), but even then, it was difficult to remember and sometimes difficult to find the thermometer. With this one, I've got the alarm feature enabled, which makes it both super clear why I'm being awoken and super easy to find the darn thing.

u/makuka · 4 pointsr/TryingForABaby

In my opinion the clearblue fertility monitor is over-priced and uses old bulky technology (it has been around in this form-factor for about 15 years).

There is little need to spend the money on it as they sell another product that does exactly the same thing (tests for LH and Estrogen using identical sticks) that is called the "Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test".

The only thing that the Clearblue fertility monitor does that the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test doesn't is cycle day calendaring and insists on a pre-selected test window - the cheaper Advanced Digital Ovulation Test will show exactly the same status, low fertility, high fertility and peak fertility at exactly the same times.

Don't believe that the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor "adapts" to your cycle, it doesn't, it just keeps a note of your cycle length (which you can do with a chart, spreadsheet or fertility friend) - in fact lots of people who are Fertility Monitor pros just start feeding in sticks a couple of days before ovulation and stop after the peak reading.

Compare the prices -

Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test with 20 sticks included
= $35.98


Clearblue Fertility Monitor - $151.99
+ 30 Sticks $48.76 = $200.75

I have all of these types of units btw, the two types of digital ovulation testers and also the CBFM.

NB: You need to make sure that you get the "Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test" not the "Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test" as this one only checks for LH (and not Estrogen and LH like the Advanced Digital Ovulation Test does).

u/lemonade4 · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

My Mabis works great. If I'm sleeping in that day I'll take my temp and look at it and put it in FF, but it does keep the last temp if you want to look later. It's not backlit which I know some people like, but it has never bothered me phone is always handy and the screen easily lights it.

Here's mine: (

u/Crossfitandcoffee · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

Mine are consistently below 97 pre-o. I've been told it doesn't really matter as long as there's a shift. Like you, my normal temp at the doctor is around 97.5 ish. No need to freak out about that, but you really should invest in a BBT thermometer for the sake of accuracy. The mabis thermometer is pretty popular around here.

Edit: it's cheap, too :)

u/123_journey · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I love this comment. Lol.

Last cycle I had 6 empty circles, 4 flashing smileys, and then the solid smiley. Considering the fact that sperm can live for 5 days inside you, I'd say that was a pretty good indicator for me. (even though I didn't actually get pregnant but whatever)

But jeez, $35 for 20 sticks!? And that won't even cover 2 full cycles for me, because my cycles were longer than I predicted and I had a lot of empty circles. Meanwhile, there's this mountain of tests for $20 on Amazon, but... I kind of like the smiley faces and the early calls for pot roast... hmm...

u/nix0s · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I think the next step of conception would be tracking if and when you do ovulate. A lot of the ladies here chart various items such as BBT and Cervical mucus, although it can be as simple as using Ovulation Prediction Kits.

As far as your fears of infertility due to medical issues, I think it would be important for you to talk with your OB about your intentions to get pregnant. They would know best about your body's health and capability, in addition to recommending the best courses of treatment if necessary.

Also, if you just want to talk, vent, or yell about fertility, pregnancy, or really anything, then jump into the chat we have setup. You can also find a link to the chat in the sidebar as well as up at the top of the page.

u/distorted_perception · 3 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Amazon has bulk packs shipped to your door.

$16.5 for 50 ovulation strips and 20 pregnancy strips.

We only use the ovulation tests to pinpoint probable ovulation ie not every day.

Another fun fact is most ovulation test strips will show positive if you are pregnant. They can act as a simple giggle test in a pinch.

u/anna_maple · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

FINALLY I'm at CD1. I feel like I learn something new about my body and fertility with each cycle, so I'm totally ready for cycle 6! This cycle I'm going to temp vaginally; hopefully my chart won't be all over the place. I also bought this book, which I'm very excited to read:

u/kiln · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Good luck to you! I really love the book The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant. You can get the Kindle edition immediately (if you're impatient like me!).

u/Saint_Olaf · 3 pointsr/TryingForABaby

This has been awesome. I set the alarm for 5, wakes me up--take the temp and fall back asleep. Sometimes I won't even input my temps into my apps right away and will do it when I go to bed because I can recall the past few days. Seems pretty darn accurate. Takes over a minute to get the temp, but I am all for accuracy so that is ok with me. Good price too. See information below:
Easy@Home Digital Oral Basal Thermometer, backlit LCD display, 1/100th of a degree precision,
by Easy@Home

u/wishiwasyou333 · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

I use Clear Blue as well. These to be particular.

This is my first go round at this though, so I am not sure if it works or not. Hopefully I will come back with good news. I did notice though that I went straight from an empty circle to a smiley face in one day. I read their site and sometimes women just go straight into peak without having a high fertility test reading. It isn't normal, but I was told to trust the test and that it was really sensitive.

u/brrlynne · 3 pointsr/TryingForABaby

I use the Easy@Home one and it's been great so far. It also has memory and holds up to 60 temps, so you can fall back asleep after temping :) I recommend just getting a 250 pack or so of alcohol wipes for cleaning.

u/zainineteen · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

These are Ovulation tests that test for Lutein Hormone (LH) which can help predict a forthcoming ovulation in the next 12-48 hours. It's not a guarantee or confirmation that you do ovulate - only temping can help confirm an ovulation. I use cheap Wondfo tests which you can order on Amazon here:

We're currently doing the Sperm Meets Egg Plan (SMEP) so that dark OPK means it's a BD fun filled weekend for me and the DH!

u/Stryder1025 · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

This is good to know. I thought I was careful when I bought my "Mabis" back in November (after my Easy@Home died...) but apparently not. Just realized this morning it says "TopCare" on it.

Might as well just buy from the Briggs link, (though I am so opposed to buying a third BBT in 9 months)! Thanks for the info!

u/theodore_boozevelt · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Because you don't pee on a stick for what most people here are doing.

For many types of pregnancy tests, to determine if you're pregnant or not, you have a stick and you pee on it. Most of the tests you see on TV and that are the easiest to grab at the store are like this.

But most of us on this sub aren't talking about pregnancy tests all the time, and this post isn't about pee cups for pregnancy tests. Nah, we're talking about ovulation predictor kit tests, which tell you if you're ovulating or not. Ovulation happens once a month (hopefully) and means that your egg is released and is ready for sperm to come and attach to it, making a baby. It's a bit tricky to know exactly when you're ovulating, especially if you just started checking for signs of it. But there are reliable and proven signs, including fluid or discharge that has a stretchy, egg-white consistency (called egg white cervical mucus or EWCW), a slight drop in your body temperature, and a surge in a hormone called the luteinizing hormone, or LH. You can check if there was a surge in LH from at-home urine tests. If you're trying really hard to have a baby, it's super important to know if you're ovulating or not, and so most of us on this subreddit are taking these little tests daily or twice-daily for a week or two each month.

For ovulation predictor kits (OPKs), it's not a stick that you directly pee on, it's a strip that you dip into a small amount of urine for 5 seconds. Here is the brand of ovulation test strips that I use. Here is information and instructions for this type of test.

So, you need a little cup. And I was wondering what kind of cups we all used and if or how they got cleaned. And I got my answers! And that is the very, very long response to your question!

u/trekkieminion · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

this is the one I saw A LOT of ladies recommending, so I got it!

My temps are so all over the place. HERE is my chart so you can see what I mean. I finally had it balance the last few days, but I'm hoping i'm gearing up for O this weekend!

I can't wait to see the chart after I've completed one cycle. It'll def make going forward (if I need to) easier!