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u/soulfiremage · 6 pointsr/Tulpas

{How old is Ares?}

We have a quick suggestion before knowing more. You need to train yourselves on cognitive behavioural therapy - and I mean really train yourselves in the basics. Whether you have a counsellor or not. A good counsellor would train you anyway with CBT homework.


Because at the minimum you and your tulpa need the skillset to tackle the thought part of the cycle that you get into.

This is a simplification, a big one, but useful: thoughts affect neurochemistry and neurochemistry affects your thoughts. It's a cycle that can be virtuous or vicious.

So teach yourselves how to influence the thinking that you do first. Not a magic bullet, of course not, but it has empiric evidence (CBT) and is something that I believe you should certainly teach yourself well and also I'd encourage Ares to do so as well.

{Ok, so my own concern is you creating a tulpa to help with your problems. It's not that it's a problem to do this however please realise that he is a person OR will certainly become one. An individual. It is likely he'll help but he is as human as you and will not automatically know anything more about how to help other than be a second viewpoint at best in the early days.

Whether you agree with specific therapy ideas or not, Ares deserves full exposure to as many evidence based ways of working with these issues as you can practically manage.

By doing this for him you maximise his own ability to use the knowledge in your brain and that he gains to help you.

He's not going to know how to fight with the reduced resources of depression. He won't know how to kick you out of bed and get you to just exercise, even if you are doing it zombie fashion.
He's not going to know he's gotta get you out and connecting to anyone you can call on for some support.
And he's not going to know how to get you to re examine your thinking about the past and future.

I'll tell him this - he's got to intervene in rumination: over examining and "Why" questions regarding the past or indeed the future.

Nope, we aren't offering a full silver bullet but I'm certainly hoping he's mature enough to take the hints here. He's not learnt anything like enough yet and if he's managed to intervene with anxiety, then he's done brilliantly.

YOU have got to be a serious help to Ares now, no matter your feelings and deliberately arm him with as much materials and knowledge as possible.

Does that help?}

She's right mate.

Have a look at some of this stuff as a quick start:

Then have a look here. I've chosen the Dummies ones because I've used the second one myself and contains all the basics, plus there's little time wasted in getting theoretical.

We are not claiming this is all that's required. Like a balanced diet, these skills are an essential part.

The other parts, you probably already know.

Our point is: your tulpa sounds fearfully young for handling serious adult problems, so put your heart and soul into helping him learn how to help you EVEN if you don't always think the therapy ideas can be of help.

And also be dead honest with yourself - I'm biased towards CBT/Hypnotherapy mixed with CBT stuff for this - however, have you seen a professional whom you trust for possible medication support?

Don't discount it without seeing someone if your depressive symptoms are that strong.

Finally, for me, a good vitamin b complex AND vitamin D plus exercise was another major element. Again, not claiming it's a silver bullet but you need these vitamins anyway and they are on the list of the few supplements worth taking. Can back this one up with research links if wanted.

Hope this gives you guys a start.

Oh really last thing: when thinking stuff about yourself, when self examining yourself, avoid the use of the WHY questions. Not kidding. There is a TED talk on it.

Use WHAT and maybe HOW. Don't bother with WHY:

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Tulpas

It's a philosophy of life and goes into how you can live a good and virtuous (old definition) life. But for most people, you just use it to control your emotional responses to the outside world and be happy with what/who you have regardless of the circumstances. Eventually, you can achieve a state of near-constant joy in knowing that the outside world (outside your mind/control) is neither good nor bad. Couple this with stoic teachings on how to live a good life and you'll find that you have/do less, but are completely delighted with where/what you are doing in life; even if most other people would be cursing their luck.

It's the philosophy that lets men and women look at an unavoidable death (e.g. cancer) and accept it without overwhelming fear and worry. If you actually care, then get the book (also Audiobook & free with Audible) called: A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy. It's a very popular book and a very easy listen.

u/Ash-Animus · 3 pointsr/Tulpas

Doing it on your own without a teacher isn't the best way to go since there are a lot of bad habits and cul-de-sacs that you can fall into. So if you're going to do it without an in-person teacher or group it's a good idea to have a clearly defined system and a way to be able to get feedback from a teacher. There are two that I'd recommend you research and see if they'd be a good fit for you.

The Mind Illuminated is a book that focuses on concentration-style meditation. If you want to do breath meditation and only want to focus on one style of meditation, this is a good choice. The book is very detailed but is set up so that you only have to read as far as your practice has progressed. There's a Reddit community (/r/TheMindIlluminated) where you can ask questions and get responses from other practitioners and teachers.

Unified Mindfulness is a system that's more focused on mindfulness-style meditation, but it has options for concentration styles along with a wide array of other meditation types. If you like being able to explore and choose different objects of meditation and different techniques, this would be a good fit. There's a less active Reddit community (/r/UnifiedMindfulness), a youtube channel with a lot of information, and a free online course that you can take.

u/Arutyh · 2 pointsr/Tulpas

> I want to have my own Tupla

A: Well, this will probably surprise you, but you have to buy them unfortunately.

C: Luckily Amazon offers a great deal on them, selling 4 for the simple cost of $9.49 USD

A: This certainly really sucks for those of us who hope to get them for free, but hey, that's just the kind of economy we live in these days, sadly.

u/bacon71 · 2 pointsr/Tulpas

I would first focus on learning how to deal with those intrusive thoughts of yours before I would even think of making a tulpa. Conduct some research on how to become comfortable with them. Meditation would also help immensely (here's a book written by a guy who knows what he's talking about and has the history of his past/current achievements to show for it).

As a bonus, meditating on a daily basis will help with your attention span and should alleviate some of the symptoms associated with your ADHD. It should also help you in your journey towards creating a fully-functional tulpa.

u/gatesthree · 3 pointsr/Tulpas

It's foolish to judge without first trying the water. I haven't posted here either, and no longer practice this, however, I have at one point in time and found a great deal of worth out of it. A entity of mine saved my life.

Create an entity, play the game, and see the results. What do you have to lose other than that judgmental ideology that's somehow making you better than a large group of people?

In all honesty you're telling everyone here the last thing they want to hear, that they're crazy. And you're doing it in a nice way, that seems to be coming from their perspective, forcing them to try and be polite in their responses.

It's highly entitled. and I see right through it. It doesn't mean I'm trying to start a flame war, I understand your apprehension, I just don't like the way you've gone about it. If you were to make a legitimate post about your curiosity it may have attracted a worthwhile post suitable to your needs.

Either way, if you are interested in what I call "entity creation," I'd suggest Creating Magickal Entities, that might be more your speed.

u/houtm035 · 1 pointr/Tulpas

I'm curious because Jesus promised the Holy Spirit in John 14. I've read a book containing John.G.Lake's sermons and diary entries which tells me it ain't a light thing. Mr.Lake had happen to him as is told about in the book of Acts. People who knew him couldn't deny it.

Would be very special if both ouf you receive the Holy Spirit into your being :)

u/fordaplot · 2 pointsr/Tulpas

"The Power of Habit" is an excellent psychology/productivity book on how you can optimize your thinking and behavior. A lot of its lessons can translate to better tulpamancy practices.

u/Nobillis · 3 pointsr/Tulpas

There is quite a tulpa community in Japan, but they are largely non-communicative outside Japan (my opinion) :

u/Zeldashu · 3 pointsr/Tulpas

  I need to make a few points before I start:

  I'm a Chinese user, and I use about four translators when I read(Including Google translation.).To be honest, all four translators are different for the same sentence. This is very common.

  Let me start. I only read this book at the moment.

  The article gives a brief summary of the development of Japanese tulpa from David neal to the 1980s. In the 1980s, relevant books about tulpa began to appear in Japan. Different authors had different understandings of tulpa, which paved the way for tulpa on the Japanese Internet today.

  It is worth mentioning that Japan's tulpa is not quite the same as the English community's tulpa understanding.

  Later, the author began to explain that the tulpa he introduced was not the tulpa on the Japanese Internet, which was closer to David neal. You can see some buddhist terms there.

  The author thinks that tulpa is just one stage of something that can develop into a better existence. He then introduced this method of creation by tulpa, in which the concept of "thoughtform" was mentioned several times. I just wanted to learn about history, and I didn't have much interest in it. So I'm not going to go into specifics.

u/Lashrael · 2 pointsr/Tulpas

you may be refering to this book by Alexandra David Neel

if you want something of a more primary source think you would probably have to teach yourself ancient Sanskrit and then try and find the teachings themselves. But im pretty sure this book is the book that introduced Tulpas to the west. Hope this helps.

u/Jigsaw591 · 2 pointsr/Tulpas

Well, leading up to the 25th I'm reading them stories from this book.

They don't really care much for presents, so I plan on giving them some extra love and affection. We are also planning of decorating the wonderland with plenty of tacky Christmas guff, which will be a nice bonding experience.

Other than that... not much. I wish I could show them snow, but here in Louisiana, it snows once every few leap years.

Oh! And I want to teach them the real Christmas story, rather than the... you know, marketed version.

u/r271answers · 3 pointsr/Tulpas

I super-majorly-insanely recommend the book Rethinking Madness by Dr. Paris Williams. While it doesn't cover tulpas directly (that I remember anyway) it does talk about the failures of traditional psychotherapy and alternate forms of therapy that have been much more successful. Honestly though, I think every human being should read this book.

u/chaoticpix93 · 2 pointsr/Tulpas

Yeah here's the amazon page for the first book in the Hybrid series though:

u/ShinyuuWolfy · 1 pointr/Tulpas

[ actually yes. Try this book? Shinyuu made lots of parallels between tulpamancy and what's written there. ]

u/KaynanK · 2 pointsr/Tulpas

When God Talks Back has been linked here a bazillion times, many of them by us, but this is the strongest the parallel's ever been, other than maybe that atheist former preacher who said he could still talk to God today (Dan Barker?).

Must be a hell of a blow to the ego to come down from literally being God, though.


u/Falunel · 2 pointsr/Tulpas

>I definitely need to work on my manipulation skills, so I should look for books on that.

You're welcome.

u/GolganTheGreat · 3 pointsr/Tulpas

I was only recently made aware of it, but there's a book about Tulpae you can buy.

Creating Magickal Entities by David Micheal Cunningham.

It does have an occult skew, if you're put off by that.

u/throwaway_tulpa · 3 pointsr/Tulpas

If anyone else wants a copy you can just order it on Amazon.