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u/JacboUphill · 3 pointsr/UCI

You don't have to know anything about programming going in, as aixelsdi mentions. If you want to get ahead, here's some information which may help you do so. The rest is up to your own initiative. It can never hurt to know more about CS or more languages, as long as you don't waste time complaining about what's better in [insert language of choice].

I wouldn't recommend learning data structures and algorithm analysis before coming to UCI. Not because they aren't fundamental, they are. But because most people find it harder to learn those abstractions before learning the tools that utilize them (Python, C++, etc), which is why ICS 46 and CS 161 aren't the first classes taught. If you like math proofs more than math problems then maybe go that route, it could be helpful as iLoveCalculus314 mentions.

Languages: The CS introductory series (31-32-33) which you'll be taking first year is taught in Python. It switched to this because it's a good first language as a teaching tool. Right after you're done with Python, 45C will teach you C++ and 46 will use C++. The lower division systems core (51-53) generally use C or C++ but it differs by professor. Knowledge of Python will be useful in making your first year easier. Knowledge of the other two will make your next three years easier because they're common mediums for upper division courses. But you should be able to pick up a new language for a specific problem domain by the time you reach upper division.

Courses: If you want to get a head start on planning your courses, check the UCI Catalogue - Computer Science page. At the bottom it lists a sample of what your schedule over the 4 years might look like. That page is for the "Computer Science" major, for other majors in ICS see here.

Course Resources: You can actually view the Schedule of Classes without being a UCI student. Select a term (like Fall 2014) and a department (like I&C SCI) and it will list what classes were offered that term. Most lower div will be I&C SCI, most upper div will be COMPSCI. From the results you can go to the websites for those courses to see a syllabus, books used, etc. For example, here are the current websites for the introductory series ( ICS 31, ICS 32, ICS 33 ).

Your course professors and books and assignments will NOT be identical to those, but looking at what's currently taught will give you a pretty good idea of what the course entails so you can pre-learn anything that sounds difficult.

Books: If you have to pick one book to learn before coming to UCI, I would highly recommend C++ Primer, 5th Edition. It's very well structured as a self-teaching tool AND as a reference manual. You won't come away with any Python knowledge, but picking up Python as someone versed in C++ is easier than the other way around, and you'll find 45C much easier as well since you can focus on language quirks rather than fundamentals.

If you choose to learn Python first, Introduction to Computing Using Python: An Application Development Focus is the book currently suggested for ICS 31/32, and Learning Python (5th Edition) is suggested for ICS 33.

Another solid circlejerk book in the CS community is Code Complete, but I wouldn't recommend reading that until later on since it's more of a "best practices" book.

u/drzinger · 1 pointr/UCI

I'm surprised to hear that they don't have an eating disorders group - but I double checked the Counseling Website and you are right. However, they DO have a workshop on Wednesday, March 6th at 1pm in the Counseling Center called, "Love Your Bodies, Not a Size" - going to this workshop might be helpful for you - and it might be a good first step in getting comfortable enough with the Counseling Center and their staff to schedule an individual appointment.
At the very least, you could let the therapist who runs the workshop that you are disappointed that they don't have an eating disorders support group here at UCI and whether they could consider starting one (or at least refer you to one).

I hope that helps!


P.S. You may find this book helpful:

u/NowTheyTellMe · 5 pointsr/UCI

So this is what I would consider the "Core" reading list for anyone interested in programming games. None of this is really game specific though. These are just the fundamentals you need in order to be an effective Software Engineer.

Learn about...

C++ syntax: Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup

Software Engineering: Code Complete by Steve McConnell

C++ gems: Effective C++ by Scott Meyer

Software Teams: The Mythical Man-Month by Frederick P. Brooks Jr.

Why we love Joel: Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky

Problem Solving: The Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt

Common Code Solutions: Head First Design Patterns by Eric Freeman

Pearls!: Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley

I'll do a supplemental on this in a few days that dives into specific topics related to engine development. All of this is generic enough that it will help you regardless of what you do. You'll notice that very little here is actually language specific. Almost all of this is about the art of making software and process of working with a team. These 8 books alone will make you think about making software in a whole new way.

u/Jacxk101 · 2 pointsr/UCI

Well, I’m a big fan of Said, but I can’t seem to find it online very easily. It is for sure in this essay reader according to the table of contents listed on google books (last chapter). Maybe you can find a PDF? But you could see if the UCI library has the reader.

If it’s a required reading, the professor will likely tell you how to get it.

u/uci-help · 1 pointr/UCI

Agreed. Looks like reverse-psychology guerilla marketing. See the Amazon listing:

u/BananaZen314159 · 1 pointr/UCI

Yes, there is a textbook, Understanding Video Games. In the future, you can use The Hill's textbook finder to figure out what textbooks you need.

u/ZotAnteater · 10 pointsr/UCI

Bic is a man of many talents. He wrote an OS textbook and this romance novel:

u/whatdfc · 1 pointr/UCI

I'm currently going through this:

Going to do the Java one after. I'm hoping to get a web development position in OC/LA at some point in early 2012.

It's useless because it's a BA that isn't accounting. Any job you get with it isn't going to be because of your CLS degree (unless you get hired through your Field Study internship), it's going to be because of networking.

u/lunalove11 · 2 pointsr/UCI

There are a couple different options in my opinion... A more confrontational approach would be to next time you hear the moaning, casually say something along the lines of, "Hey man.. I'm trying to sleep right now. Can you be quiet?" Any normal person would feel totally embarrassed and be careful to not moan. He probably thinks you are asleep and can't hear him.

OR a less confrontational approach would be to get one of those privacy tents which look a little dumb, but could offer you some nice privacy and a white noise machine to muffle out the noise. Here is a link to buy a a privacy tent and to buy a white noise machine here or just hook your phone up to a speaker and play white noise from youtube. That could also double as a confrontational approach because he might get the hint that you can hear his late night rub down sessions lol. Or just buy some cheap earplugs! The silicone ear plugs legit block out all noise.