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u/Visigothi · 2 pointsr/UltralightCanada

Follow up..... bought this...

Puredown Nylon Waterproof White Goose Down, Indoor/Outdoor Camping Blanket, Black

So a little smaller than the ranger blanket but seems big enough still as a top cover over our double quilt. About the same weight but smaller and should be warmer as it’s down vs very old synthetic.

Pretty pleased with it. Quality is good and feels like it can take a bit of abuse so gonna try it in the local mountains next weekend.


u/ScarIsDearLeader · 3 pointsr/UltralightCanada

I'm just getting into tarps myself and found these two on amazon prime:



They're both about the same size. According to this guide silnylon stretches when wet but is lighter and stronger when new than silpoly, but silnylon loses strength when wet and over time due to UV rays. So silpoly is a bit heavier but lasts longer and is stronger over its life.

I'm probably going to pick the silpoly one, but both seem to be a better choice than the MEC tarp.

u/TwoMedFan · 3 pointsr/UltralightCanada

I like Trail Toes. You can get it on Amazon and it comes and really small jars that are great for throwing in your pack. Trail Toes

u/outbound · 4 pointsr/UltralightCanada

Not really. Pushing the definition of 'closest', the 'closest' I've found is:

  • My local Walmart has spam in foil pouches for $2.89

  • Amazon has a large can of freeze dried chicken, but its pretty expensive at $86.95. I figure its got about 12.5 servings equivalent to a chicken breast, which puts the cost at $7.25/serving.
u/joyster99 · 1 pointr/UltralightCanada

I use this Ravpower 10000mAh and am happy with it - charges my phone roughly 3x which is more than enough for my purposes:

I don't remember it costing $46 though so try to wait for a sale. I'll weigh it later.

u/heimeth · 3 pointsr/UltralightCanada

Water System:

-Sawyer Micro Squeeze w/ adaptor for back flushing
($45.40 on Amazon )

-2L Evernew Water Bag
($15.82 on Amazon )

-2 1L Smart Water Bottles ($5)

Cook Set:

-Toaks Titanium 900 ml pot
( $60.81 on Amazon )

-Light My Fire Spork
( $3.56 on Amazon )

Or, you could use a long handled spork to reach into dehydrated meal bags, e.g. Boundless Voyage, Toaks, Snow Peak, etc (More Expensive)

A cheap disposable option is a Dairy Queen large spoon if you don’t require a fork.

-Optional hot drink mug: GSI Infinity Backpackers Mug
( $11.09 on Amazon )


Alcohol Options:

  • DIY cat stove with integrated pot holder (go on YouTube)

    -Trangia or Titanium alcohol stove e.g. Vargo Triad

    -Make a DIY beer can or aluminum flashing windscreen (YouTube)

    [You need to make sure that the alcohol stove has a snuffer cap if a fire ban is in effect]

    [If you use an alcohol stove, you will need a leakproof fuel bottle- check MEC, Litesmith, or use an old fuel stabilizer bottle]

    [In Canada, good alcohol fuels are Methyl Hydrate and Captain Phab Marine Stove Fuel]

    Gas Stoves:

    I don’t use a gas stove, however, here are a few I have heard of that are more affordable.

  • MSR Pocket Rocket 2
    ($59.95 on Amazon )

  • BRS Titanium Burner
    ($20.93 on Amazon )