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u/WarSport223 · 1 pointr/VEDC

If you really want some sort of defensive weapon;

  • Get a small shovel. Cold Steel makes a sweet one. I think I found one or two & keep ‘em in my trunk.
    EDIT: Here’s what I’ve got: Cold Steel 92SFS Special Forces Shovel Includes Sheath

    You can apparently get it with or w/o the sheath. W/o is about $15 cheaper. I do not have the sheath on mine nor do I really care, but if I was buying a new one, I’d prob get the sheath just because I could then more easily lash it to a bag if we needed to desert the car.

    You’ve been talking elsewhere in the thread about shovels anyway, so.... :-)

  • Get a baseball bat of whatever size you want, keep it in car along with a glove & ball.

  • Keep in mind, in some states like CA for example, carrying any sort of baton / stick / bludgeon is a FELONY.

    Hence the need to keep the ball & glove with your bat; “I like to play catch with my kids, officer.”
u/lomlslomls · 2 pointsr/VEDC

I've owned and used this compressor over the past five years and it's been great. Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor. It does connect directly to the battery but that prevents blowing fuses when trying to use the 12v outlet in most cars.

On battery jumpers I've tried a few but found the GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter works very well. I've owned three of them. The first time I had to use it was after it had been sitting in my trunk for six months without a recharge and it worked like a champ. I gave that one to my brother in-law as it was his battery that was dead and we were parting ways after a road trip vacation. I bought a replacement and have used it probably a dozen times, often when I see someone with their hood up in a parking lot and offer them a jump start - works every time.

u/TexMarshfellow · 1 pointr/VEDC

The link you posted is an Amazon referral link and as such is not allowed on r/VEDC. I've approved your comment, but will remove it if you do not edit it to the clean Amazon link (

u/Yourestupider · 1 pointr/VEDC

These are on the expensive side but are great to carry for all terrains


u/NateTheGreatOutdoors · 2 pointsr/VEDC

And get a good clean agent one. Otherwise it leaves even more of a mess to clean up (I learned the hard way how a standard extinguisher gets powder EVERYWHERE). Get something like this one.

u/BoolitBilly · 2 pointsr/VEDC

I have a standard cab pickup and behind my seat I mounted my "truck axe" everyone thinks it's odd but it has come in handy multiple times.
Doesn't have to be anything fancy
These are the mounts:

This is the axe:

A good small ratchet set I found a nice one at autozone

u/chipperjatl · 2 pointsr/VEDC

This is the number one item on my wish list, although I have been looking at this Stanley Here. They both seem to have really good reviews.

Edit: the one I linked to only has DC/USB power. So that may not cover your needs.

u/UnicodeConfusion · 7 pointsr/VEDC

WeatherTech are really nice and durable. This would be the first thing I put in my truck. You might want to do a gift certificate if you don't know the model/year/etc.


Also a fire extinguisher - I have this one:

Again, it's a bit pricey so you might want to just contribute to the truck fund and let him supply the rest of the $$$

u/DeltaCharlie45 · 3 pointsr/VEDC

I really like this jack for my Jeep -easy to use and you can get rid of your jack stand. Watch the price on it, I picked it up for $38.

Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912 Black 3 Ton,All-in-One Bottle Jack

u/spilk · 8 pointsr/VEDC

Yeah that's what i mean - the beefier portable compressors all come with battery clamps. No need to hardwire it in like if you were installing air lockers. I don't have this exact model but one very similar to it, just pop the hood and clamp it on and air up. I use it when offroading - air down the tires for better traction, air back up when I get back to pavement.

u/avoutthere · 3 pointsr/VEDC

Great post. If I were you, I would add to the box a power inverter (like this one) and a 12v air compressor (like this one).

u/SgtBrowncoat · 1 pointr/VEDC

Hi-lift jacks are very dangerous and should only be used when nothing else will do the job. I use mine only for getting unstuck, a bottle jack or small floor jack are much safer for things like tire changes.

To help reduce how high I have to lift the vehicle, I use a Lift-Mate. If you jack from the chassis, you have to lift the vehicle much higher due to the suspension droop, this allows you to lift from the tire and is more stable.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you have and lift points on your chassis, the tow hitch is a good spot for the back, but unless you have added a seriously tough front bumper and sliders, you may not be able to jack from anywhere - another reason for the Lift Mate.

Finally, think about the ground. You may need a base to keep the jack from sinking if you are on soft ground like sand or mud. I've used mine for my bottle jack too.

I suggest you watch this video about high lift jacks.

u/newguy8908 · 1 pointr/VEDC

> but don't inflate automotive tires with this

Compressor is one of the things I am looking for. Though I might use it sparingly. Otherwise this one looks good. I will check it out.

Oh ya I did check the compressor you had linked in earlier thread. However I would rather have all in one thing.

u/Twisky · 4 pointsr/VEDC

All of this is stored in the trunk of my Jeep strapped down in the black tote pictured. I didn't get all of these things at Amazon, but tried to find a link to purchase everything.

Not pictured is a rollbar mounted fire extinguisher

This isn't specifically for camping, just what I have on me at all times.

Starting at the top right:

u/Gagewhylds · 5 pointsr/VEDC

I keep one of these in my car. It says BPA free on it. I’ll change out the water once or twice a year though.

u/robertw3524 · 3 pointsr/VEDC

Parts list by image


u/xOhoKsDU9Va · 8 pointsr/VEDC

If that's excessive I'd hate to see what you describe mine as...

I have those same Jumper cables, they are really nice!

Do you know how large that Swiss army knife is in person? for a car I would get something like a Leatherman Wave or Leatherman Surge. Or at least a bigger swiss army knife (Although the small tweezers on those are useful)

What about a portable compressor? I have used mine more than ANYTHING else

This is the go-to suggestion:

u/Toph19 · 1 pointr/VEDC

I do something very similarly. I have underseat storage in my truck (built in). That holds most of my all-season gear. Then i have this Plano tote for seasonal stuff, tow straps, hitch, ratchet straps, etc. Fits easily in the back seat or in the bed of the truck with a quick bungee.

u/SeriousZebra · 1 pointr/VEDC

I just searched water container on Amazon and found one for $25.

Reliance Products Desert Patrol 6 Gallon Rigid Water Container

u/pointblankjustice · 2 pointsr/VEDC

I bought this dual cylinder direct-drive compressor from Slime a couple years ago and have used it extensively to air up and down overlanding, to do roadside repairs, etc. It has been remarkably bulletproof. Runs direct off the battery, included air line is long enough to reach every tire.

u/reddituser6912 · 3 pointsr/VEDC

This is what you are looking for

Its FANTASTIC. Its very quite, super quick but does require 20A on the 12V outlet, my Escape can do it no problem so I assume your F150 can

u/lukepighetti · 1 pointr/VEDC

UV-5R, small axe, 3/8 socket set, random pipe, water bottles, tow strap, mosquito repellant, hi-lift jack with liftmate, moving blanket, tarp, paracord, aerokroil

if I had to pick three things it would be the UV5R, blanket, socket set, paracord. see what I did there?

u/nachopete · 1 pointr/VEDC

I have this bag that I found on another post in this sub. It's small, light and obviously medical.

u/YMarkY2 · 1 pointr/VEDC

I have one of these. It's actually a jump pack with an air compressor, so great for vehicles.

u/Sewer_Ice · 2 pointsr/VEDC

It's this one here. Larger one doesn't look like it would fit. Kidde FA110 Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher 1A10BC, 1 Pack

u/CaffeineAndHate_ · 1 pointr/VEDC

Yeah, what I have come to realize about theft is, if it ain't easy thieves usually move along to something else. Of course, there is always a possibility of a determined and prepared thief, but certainly more uncommon. Additionally, my car is hardly ever out of my sight. So I do think theft is a possibility, but the risk is low.

I recently downsized my VEDC Tub to this in preparation for the kiddo, I didn't realize his stroller would take up so much space though. My BOB changes with the season. Spring/Summer it's a 36L pack. Fall/Winter I swap out to an 80L pack. Both of these usually sit on the rear seat behind the driver seat.

u/Banzertank · 3 pointsr/VEDC
u/nagurski03 · 4 pointsr/VEDC

> Portable jump packs will inevitably stop working after a year or two

I got [one of these monsters] ( back in 2015 and it's showing no signs of slowing down.

I used to have a Firebird with constant electrical problems and so I've used it to start that car easily a hundred times.

u/discretion · 6 pointsr/VEDC

Shit, I'm sorry, I meant to say Quick Fist, Quick Grips are those overpriced Irwin clamps.

u/leahcim435 · 2 pointsr/VEDC

Heres the one I use. It's not the same form factor, but it's similar in size to having two Jerry cans

Edit: I see a negative review on there that claims the company doesn't make these to the same quality anymore. I bought mine a few years ago and haven't had any issues, but I guess buyer beware

u/Paul_Swanson · 2 pointsr/VEDC

Mine is: Don't die.

What could kill me in minutes?

  • Fire/drowning: LifeHammer to get out of the car
  • Blood loss: Israeli Bandage

    In a few hours?

  • Emergency blankets
  • Regular blankets
  • Hand warmers

    Other general tools

  • Headlamp - ever change a tire in the dark?
  • Folding saw - small fallen trees
u/Patrollingthemojave0 · 4 pointsr/VEDC

Unless your in Afghanistan don't get something in od green of desert tan.

Get something highly visible and that obviously a first aid kit. Go one amazon and look up "empty first responder bag" and your set. If soft case is not your thing than the pelican 1200 is an ok bet (orange and yellow). It's a bit small though but mine holds what I need (7 inch trauma scissors, 6 inch trauma bandage, abd pads, sam splint & triangle bandage, tape, cpr micro shield, exam gloves, and emergency blanket)

EDIT This one is only 15 American dollarydoos Check its specs to see if its big enough

u/OddTheViking · 3 pointsr/VEDC

Large gauze pads or bandages and cloth first aid tape. In my experience most injuries that are not a sprained or broken limb are going to be large scrapes or cuts.

If you are worried about more serous injury, some quick-clot and some larger bandages. I carry an "Israeli" bandage which is designed for gunshot wounds. Unlikely I will need it for that, but I am more likely to see an accident with a knife, axe, or saw.

As others have said, a couple Ace type bandages and a SAM splint.

For less serious stuff, some moleskin (for blisters), burn cream, cortizone cream, and some OTC meds:

  • Ibuprofen
  • Acetaminophen
  • Anti-diarrhea
  • Benadryl
  • Anti-gas
  • Phenylephrin (decongestant)

    I also have some prescription pain killers left over from a surgery (Tylenol with codeine) and some indomethacin ( anti-inflammation used to treat gout)

    On top of that I always have at least a couple days of prescription meds.