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u/Luckyth13teen 路 1 pointr/VWBus

Congrats! please do your self a favor and buy this. Great 0-60 and actually one of the most humorous things I've ever read.

Also join great community there and a ton of helpful people, along with ideas and such. Of note, it is about as troll'y as reddit.

Texas is home of a few VW clubs, find them, use them, join them. Hahah, but seriously those guys will know the good shops and will have a shitton of connections. Also a bunch of them probably horde parts.

Your bus has a name, you will figure it out as you travel with it. Give it time the name will become apparent. For example Phoenix [my wife's and my bus] has risen from the smoldering ashes a couple of times now.

Honestly if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to pm me as well, always happy to help a new member.

u/CampWestfalia 路 2 pointsr/VWBus

Yes, read all you can on wiring basics, like this, and more.

Check out YouTube, if you prefer videos, though those can be time-consuming because you can't skim for the sub-topics you want.

There's also a good chapter on electrical stuff in "Auto Repair for Dummies":

ALL old VWs have trust issues with mechanics, because most mechanics are unable to work on them, or unwilling unless you throw buckets of money at them. But money, of course, does not make one a better mechanic. Best to learn how to repair your own van; you'll have less stress and anxiety, more freedom and independence, and more money.

Good luck!

u/ITRav4 路 2 pointsr/VWBus

I got the Bug one from Amazon. I bought the red one at AutoZone. But I've already ordered two green keychains for the bus. Can't wait for them to arrive! Amazing quality.