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u/Sobekreshuten 路 4 pointsr/VegRecipes

This recipe comes from the EXCELLENT (and very large!) cookbook, "660 Curries" by Raghavan Iyer. I got it this past Christmas and have been trying new recipes out almost every week. It's not a vegetarian/vegan cookbook, and has plenty of non-veg recipes... but wow, there are a TON of veggie ones. Like hundreds of pages. It's been a really great resource, and tons of fun/very instructive to work through. This recipe has become a regular in our rotation, because it's such a delicious way to pack in the veggies. We've been using sweet potato/cabbage/carrot (and we use vegetable oil instead of ghee), but I'm looking to switch it up for spring next time we make it.

Edit: Sorry, I don't think I'll be able to put up a recipe format before it's removed. I have tendinitis in both my hands atm and it hurt a ton to type up the above paragraph - I will edit it tomorrow morning after they've had a day to rest.

u/iheartmyname 路 1 pointr/VegRecipes

There's definitely lots of ideas and recipes on the web, but I still highly recommend the Student Vegetarian Cookbook. It's exactly what you're looking for - yummy, cheap, quick veggie meals. It's a good mix of meals, and are things that meat-eating friends will like to eat with you too.

u/quoodel 路 1 pointr/VegRecipes

A couple of years back, I took a recipe for char siu bao from this book and substituted the roast pork with chopped Morningstar brand Vegetarian sausage patties. It was a pain to make, but INCREDIBLY delicious. Tasted just like the meat version. I ate the entire batch of buns in 1 day. The book has pretty much any dim sum recipe you can think of. I've tried many of them (substituting fake meat) and they've all been great. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions too. I would use the book more often if the recipes didn't take so long to make.

u/picklesandrainbows 路 3 pointsr/VegRecipes

I'm a big fan of this book, yes it does have a lot of soups but it also has a great variety

u/missmel06 路 2 pointsr/VegRecipes

Charmaine Solomon does a good vegetarian cookbook which has some western dishes but mainly Asian ones. She was born in Sri Lanka and her recipes from there are amazing -

u/slacklantis 路 2 pointsr/VegRecipes

When I first went veg many years ago, I found this book to be quite useful. My culinary skills & tastes have progressed considerably since then, but this book proved to be an excellent starting point for cheap & tasty veggie meals & ideas.

Student's Vegetarian Cookbook

u/WorldsGr8estHipster 路 6 pointsr/VegRecipes

I love the book Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. The white bean cassoulet with tempeh and shallot confit is one of my favorites.

u/redorangeblue 路 2 pointsr/VegRecipes

Here ya go
Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 200 Recipes for Healthy and Hearty One-Pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are

u/PM_ME_YOUR_SEA_SLUG 路 7 pointsr/VegRecipes

Here are some of my more flavorful recipes. I recommend looking at some Indian or Middle Eastern cook books. There you will find flavorful and spicy dishes. I cook with the "Indian Slow Cooker" cookbook and I have to tone down the spiciness quite a bit!! I recommend hitting a Middle Eastern grocery store for cheap spices in bulk!

u/penguinv 路 0 pointsr/VegRecipes

I will search. If I only remembered. I would have said. Maybe the one with the characters Beet Bowl and Stick..

edit- gotcha.

It is mentioned under "Description" on the page so this is The One. Title is Skinny Legs and All.
His description of the parallel mind process of being an artist is right-on amazing.

u/CLAMORING 路 3 pointsr/VegRecipes

My very favorite seitan recipe in all the world is Seitan Piccata from Veganomicon.

u/mcwarhammer 路 1 pointr/VegRecipes

I have this book at home:

i will check out the recipe they have tonight and see if anything is different from the wikihow tutorial.