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u/JulesJam · 2 pointsr/VerizonUDP

> I was thinking of getting 2x S7 and using a nano to micro adapter if needed.

I think you mean a SIM cutter to cut down the micro SIMs. You can do that but sometimes people mess up the SIMs when they cut them down.


L1: TDP Note3 Yes --> S7

L2: UDP Note4 Yes --> S7

I would call 611 tonight and tell them you are getting an S7 for L1 and to mail you a nano SIM for it. I would do that tonight. They mail them for free and it should arrive by Friday or Monday.

Then order a nano to micro SIM adapter from Amazon, make sure it will ship soon. Don't get the noosy's, those don't fit the Verizon nano SIMs. I use these with a piece of double sided tape to hold the nano SIMs in:

Then you can upgrade L1 to the S7 that L2 wants. Once the S7 is active on L1, you can log on and do a switch device to get the S7 and its nano SIM active on L2. The Note4's micro SIM will be active on L1, but you can put it in the Note3. Then you will have this:

L1: TDP Note3 No

L2: UDP S7 Yes

At that point, if you can do the upgrade transfer from L2 to L1 to order the S7 that L1 wants, great, you can do 4ever and Leave the Phone on the TDP Line. However, the PU may show back up on L1 once the S7 is active on L2 and that will prevent the upgrade transfer. If that happens then you can put L2's nano SIM in the adapter you ordered, and put that in the Note4. Then log online and try to activate the nano SIM you ordered from Verizon in the S7 to get the S7 back on L1 so that you can do the upgrade transfer from L2 to L1.

Once you have done the upgrade transfer and ordered the S7 that L1 wants using L2's upgrade, you can put the nano SIM that is active on L2 back in the S7 and put the nano SIM that is active on L1 in the adapter and into the the Note3. Then once the second S7 arrives, you can activate it with the nano SIM that it ships with.

You will have a spare nano SIM at that point.

u/eshock92 · 1 pointr/VerizonUDP

Hey bud, it's been a while. I was just looking over all of your suggestions. Long story short, I finally switched most of my lines to the FebUDP since we'll only be paying around $35/line after I get all 10 lines fired up. I kept one of my GUDP lines and put it on the loyalty plan with Verizon to use as a home wifi solution. I actually came across a guy and he sold me 4 6620L's and 3 5510's for $20! 2 of them still have working sim cards with 2gb/month lol.

I set up the 6620L but unfortunately my signal is not so hot. I manage to get 3 bars, and speeds up to 10mb download. Usually it is around 5 mb, which isn't too great. I heard good things about the AC791L and I started watching out for them on ebay. Do you have any input on how I can get a better, stronger signal before I go ahead and do some of the router stuff? I came across a few other things that might work as router solutions. Any experience?

Especially this one if it works...:

Thanks a lot in advance!

u/toddw65 · 1 pointr/VerizonUDP

I'm using a GL-MT300A-Ext smart mini router and it's working pretty well so far.

u/1mbrews8 · 1 pointr/VerizonUDP

ahhhhhh! you are correct! i didn't see the MICRO part and just assumed it said nano!

my bad!

BUT... lol... on amazon reviews on this there are a ton of "not working" / "not right sim" reviews.. any ideas?

just trying to cover all my bases before ordering. thanks for all your question answering :o)

u/g_petto · 2 pointsr/VerizonUDP

I used this - Aerb Sim Card Cutter with Nano-Micro, Nano-Standard, Micro-Standard Sim Adapters for Cellphones, Black. It was the best $7.99 I spent in a long time. Read the comments for tips, main one is to secure the sim tray in the device with your finger when you do the cut. I practiced on an old sim to get a feel for how much pressure was required.

The advice from /u/JulesJam is a bit quicker...

u/Rawtashk · 2 pointsr/VerizonUDP

You could also get this:

Plug jetpack into that, plug the mini router into whatever router you already have and you're good to go.

u/Veneroso · 2 pointsr/VerizonUDP

Get a Cradlepoint router.

Personally i'm using a wireless bridge connected to a regular router. It works almost as good.

u/crux57 · 1 pointr/VerizonUDP

Pair it with this and you'll have Ethernet ports as well. Peplink Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 Router (SUS-SOHO-T)

u/C4rva · 1 pointr/VerizonUDP

Go cradlepoint. It's rock solid. I have the 650 but the 350 will do what you want:

u/akumaxyz · 1 pointr/VerizonUDP

> well they both use diff nano sims.

Sure. They could be coded differently in the system, but in the end they serve the same exact purpose, regardless of whether they're in an android phone or iPhone.

> the samsung comes on a red card (NFC kind)

Uhhhhh... NFC-specific SIMs don't really exist anymore. It used to be a thing in the past (for Softcard/ISIS), but they since moved on into integrating all NFC functions into the phone. My iPhone 7+ came in a Red 1FF -> 4FF SIM package.

> they def did not insert the sim they made into any phone (might have put it in a machine next to desk?)

Right, they just need the IMEI of a phone (any phone) so they can activate a SIM based on that phone's SIM size. They could have picked an iPhone 6 or Samsung S6 for Nano SIM size.

> current G4 are both working and no changes noticed in my verizon...

That's what I'm saying. Its a bit 'unusual' for them to 'pre-activate' a SIM. Usually when you walk into a store, they activate the new SIM, and the old SIM dies.

It sounds like the moment you put the SIM into a phone, your current SIM dies, and the new one activates (basically mimicking how the SIM ships in your phone pre-activated). Assuming that the SIMs you received are indeed pre-activated.

Next time consider: