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u/MichaelApproved · 2 pointsr/Vitiligo

There are many skin issues that could cause discoloration. One indication of vitiligo would be that it glows under a black light, like the hands in this image.

I'm not an expert (AKA dermatologist) but I know vitiligo tends to start around joints and the face. It usually spreads from there to the rest of your body.

However, it could start elsewhere but the fact that these spots on your back are the first ones you're noticing makes me think it's less likely that it's vitiligo, though it's still possible.

Best thing you can do (aside from seeing a doctor) is get yourself a black light (Amazon has some small handheld ones) and a mirror.

Turn out the lights, get naked and shine the black light over your body slowly as you look for spots that glow. If it's vitiligo, you'll see it glow and look very different than the surrounding skin. You'll also likely find other areas of your skin that hasn't fully lost pigment due to vitiligo which will also glow. They may even be tiny spots that look like a bunch of freckles. I don't think vitiligo is the only skin issue that glows but if it doesn't glow at least you know it's not vitiligo.

I'm saying to get completely naked because vitiligo can effect genitalia as well. Make sure you look around there.

Of course, if you have healthcare options, it's best to see a dermatologist. Vitiligo can be treated. If you catch it early, such as now with only a few spots, treatment can be very easy and fast. Treatment for a couple of small spots may only require a few months of using a cream and a little light treatment.

If it's something else, you also want to catch it early, so that you can start any possible treatment.

Good luck!

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Vitiligo

Autoimmune diseases are all associated with inflammation, and inflammation starts in the gut..many neurotransmitters are created by gut microbiota and most of our immune system actually resides in the gut:

The latest research also shows that the brain and gut communicate through the gut-brain axis so the state of your gut health has an effect on mood disorders and behavior.

I have been able to partially re-pigment my vitiligo (I'm about 50% repigmented after a year) by eating a Paleo AIP diet with particular focus on my gut microbiome. I also completely reversed my Crohn's symptoms and depression during this time period. Though it's entirely possible to heal on your own (if you have the time and energy to devote to a lot of reading & research) the alternative is to find a good functional medicine doctor, preferably one that has an understanding of ancestral health with a track record of treating people with autoimmune conditions. If you can't find someone who fits that criteria locally many work remotely and can order tests and bloodwork without an in office visit.

Conventional medicine doctors have no training in health, only in acute care and managing the symptoms of disease. They prescribe medications and refer to specialists but will never help you get to the root cause of your problem (s) because that is not what they are trained to do. Shocking but most doctors take one class in nutritional science and that is the scope of their knowledge on the subject. Our acute care medical system is great for broken limbs, surgeries, or treating life threatening infections but completely useless when it comes to healing long term, chronic conditions.

There is a lot of great information online but books are often a more condensed and targeted source of information that help you avoid the needle in the haystack frustration. I found a lot of help and useful information in these books in particular:

"The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body"

"Healthy Gut Healthy You"

"The Paleo Cure"

u/danny069 · 1 pointr/Vitiligo

Not all of my patches itched. The ones that did itch were on the back of my scalp. Itching has said to be a symptom of vitiligo so yes. In this book:

The author also experienced itchiness. I thought it was a good read. Only 10 bucks and I would recommend. But keep in mind, everyone may have a different root cause, which will require different approaches.

u/bookemdano08 · 1 pointr/Vitiligo

Do you live in the US? Something like this (not endorsing this particular one as I have not used it. But do look for one that is 365nm). You shine it on your skin (but not in your eyes—UV light will damage them). Any vitiligo spots will fluoresce (glow white) under the light. It is not 100% definitive (you would need to go to a dermatologist for that), but it’s cheap and a pretty accurate method. In fact, dermatologists use a similar instrument called a Wood’s lamp as part of their exam.

If you have a pale white skin tone, you can also use the black light to search the rest of your body for other vitiligo spots. I have a small one in my armpit that I never would have found otherwise.

u/starkhalo · 1 pointr/Vitiligo

I don't think your doctor is correct in his assessment, vitiligo affects melanocytes which are on the retina, not on the cornea.

Perhaps you'd like to direct said ophthalmologist to Picardo's book and go to another doctor for your lasik treatment.

u/MKTP_Guy · 2 pointsr/Vitiligo

Try this Infinity Sun spray tan stuff. Spray it on a plate and brush it under your eye. Then spray your whole face. I have medium tone skin and this worked well for me. It's spray tan but this brand is professional grade. It was recommended to me by a spray tan person.

u/Tony1697 · 1 pointr/Vitiligo

See my post below: Arcadia D3 7% Arc-Pod with this lamp in it. It woud be about 60€ compared to 200€ for a smaller lamp And if you want a BIG light you can buy Philips UV-B PL-L 36W/01/4p 2G11 and put them in THIS case or even this one


I orderd the first lamp socket for 20€ and the Philips UV light for 40€. I have it here now and can confirm that it works

u/aiccia · 1 pointr/Vitiligo

the candidiases fungus thrives on sugar and basically you cut out all sugar(processed and unprocessed), dairy and grains. This means you just eat meat and vegetables.

Here is a detailed list of what to eat and not to eat

For probiotics I got caprylic acid and this probiotic.

Today I ordered this. I'll let you guys know how it goes.