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u/mofang · 30 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Birnbaum's is a fun read and great to get excited about your trip! Just keep in mind it's not impartial - it's published by Disney themselves, and if you look closely there's very little critical commentary about anything. It's great for learning about rides and planning activities, but not so great for choosing between restaurants or figuring out strategies for gaining a leg up on the crowds.

I recommend pairing Birnbaum's with a copy of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World by Bob Sehlinger and Len Testa. It's huge and has many fewer pictures and drawings... but it also has wonderful spot on advice to help you make the most of your trip. The book is also excellent, and maybe actually a better choice for first time visitors since the volume of content is much less overwhelming.

Birnbaum's holds a special place in many people's hearts since it's been the go-to WDW guide for years. It's evolved away from its roots as an independent travel guide over the years, though, and I do think it's trading a bit on its old reputation.

u/YITredMR · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Check out Bob Gurr's Google Talk, particularly at the 12 minute mark when he hears his interviewer use the word "Process." It's pretty funny. Watch the whole video. It's great. I'd also recommend any of the D23 panels that include the Imagineering Legends (Sklar, Gurr, Tony Baxter, Alice Davis, Rolly Crump, Joe Rohde, and others).

I was fortunate enough to hear Bob speak and meet him. Very, very nice gentleman.

In terms of books, in addition to those already mentioned:

The Imagineering Way is a fun book about the way they go about things.

The Imagineering Workout is a fun companion book.

John Hench's Designing Disney is a fun, visual look at his time with Disney.

Building a Better Mouse is a very specific story about the engineers who built The American Adventure show. This might be something you'd find interesting as an engineering student.

Project Future discusses the land acquisition in Florida. Very interesting book.

Three Years in Wonderland covers the construction and development of Disneyland in detail, more regarding the business side of things (leases, sponsors and partnerships).

*Walt and the Promise of Progress City is another fun book on the acquisition and the original EPCOT concept.

The main Walt Disney Imagineering Book is a great start, and Marty's two books are good as well.

I've also found Creativity, Inc to be inspirational. It goes back to the storytelling roots, but you'll find that most of the Imagineering books, articles, and posts are all about storytelling.

u/duck_mancer · 3 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Walt Disney's Disneyland is an incredibly comprehensive history of the original park. While it includes plenty of concept art it features many historical photos, planning documents, construction photos etc as well as taking the most detailed approach to the story of the park's construction and updates I've seen.

Walt Disney Imagineering is a good companion with a stronger focus on World, but this is more specific ride histories and designs than the overall park.

The Art of Walt Disney is a fantastic top to bottom look at the history of the studios and company, with plenty of amazing illustrations but is obviously art driven.

DisneyWar (already mentioned) is the seminal account of the Eisner era specifically and takes the word "comprehensive" to new heights.

The Walt Disney Studios (releasing this Sept) promises to be an excellent account of the film studios themselves and movies developed there.

As others have touched on there is a little bit of a vacuum for works that are just written histories, most have to get wrapped around "art" in some capacity to justify all of these books being $60+ 300 page hardcovers.

u/fleebnork · 4 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

My wife and I booked using Small World Vacations and couldn't be more pleased. They will help you get things set up and find the best deals. The Fall discounts were announced yesterday and my wife got an email from SWV at 7:45am with the update.

Also, you really should get a copy of the Unofficial Guide. It has reviews of EVERYTHING, including rides, hotels, restaurants, shops and they don't pull punches if something isn't good. It is the most thorough source I can recommend. It includes exhaustively researched information, down to small details like which rooms are the quietest, bus travel times from each resort, etc.

The UG also includes touring plans, to help you make the most of your time and minimize standing in line.

Do not underestimate how complex WDW can be! It's a huge resort with four theme parks. Doing some planning beforehand can save you hours of standing in line.

Good luck!

u/sixpicas · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Re: crowds - you won't ever regret arriving in time for rope drop. You can get a whole lot done in the first few hours of the day when the crowds are lower. Then leave the park when it's getting busier and it's the heat of the day. Return to your hotel for a nap or swim, then return again later in the day.

Re: heat.

  • Stay hydrated! You can get a free cup of ice water at any counter service restaurant. No need to pay for bottled water unless you can't stand the taste of Florida tap water.

  • Wear a hat! No exceptions!

  • They sell battery powered mister fans at the parks but a) they're expensive and b) they're big. I mooched one of these off my nephews. It's about the size of a deck of cards and does a good job of providing a cool breeze and then stores easily.

  • Sunscreen! Apply liberally before you leave your hotel. Most people don't put on enough. Re-apply every couple of hours. Here is some more info on sunscreen.

  • If you're overheating at the Magic Kingdom and need to cool off, head to the Hall of Air Conditioning Presidents or Carousel of Air Conditioning Progress.

  • When it's crazy hot outside and I'm all sweaty, I find that when I go into somewhere with the AC blasting I will then freeze. I always take a thin light weight, long sleeved hoodie with me to put on when I'm suddenly too cold. I leave it tied around my waist when I'm outside.

  • Go easy on the alcohol since it dehydrates you. I find I like getting lemonade instead of pop/soda. Use the heat as an excuse to get ice cream! The All American Sundae at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is my fave. I also never say no to a frozen Coke and cream cheese pretzel from the Lunching Pad.
u/CC-2389 · 8 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Just a bit of practice. I've had some batches that were a little too much or little but the cup that came with the waffle iron really does have a near perfect amount when a hearty scoop is taken. Also the mix I'm currently using is responsible for them looking as good as they do. It's apparently the same one used in parks and it tastes (and looks it). The recipe is super simple and printed on the container of the flour Here you go if you need it

u/pennapolis · 6 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Not the prints exactly, but I bought 'Poster Art of the Disney Parks' and was able to cut out a bunch of prints. A lot of them are full page size and work great for prints like those framed ones, while some are around half a page and look good as smaller prints. The print quality is really good too!

u/littlasskicker · 9 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

100% yes. Anker. There’s so many shit products out there. Anker consistently delivers in quality. I have 2 portable chargers from them and both are phenomenal. You do have to get a cord to plug into your phone, but they each come with a cord to charge and a carrying bag which is clutch:

Smaller lipstick one, OP- you’ll get just about 1 full charge on this:

This one is bigger and heavier but still love it. You’ll get 2-3 full charges on it. (There are slimmer versions that I imagine are just as good power-wise, but I got this one on a flash deal and it’s been amazing):

I use these short charge cords and they’re great:

u/Suziannie · 3 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

This book is actually a really great resource as it not only covers the where and the what, but it contains some great example touring plans that might help you plan your days there if time is a factor.

I always buy one before each trip as a way to formulate a plan of attack. It can be a great resource!

u/Chromavita · 5 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

I got a incredible book on Disney poster art from the downtown Orlando library, and so whenever I go I've been on the hunt for posters. This is the book if anyone is interested. They also sell it in the writers corner at Hollywood studios, but it's $10 more than amazon. It's a large, high quality book, and I highly recommend it. I'm going to scan some of my favorites this weekend, I could post them if there is interest.

u/Pink1253 · 6 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

They are no longer sold in the parks, but I got one of these books about each park on Amazon.
The Imagineering Field Guide to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World--Updated! (An Imagineering Field Guide)

This book is awesome as well.
Walt Disney Imagineering: A Behind the Dreams Look at Making More Magic Real

u/APeopleShouldKnow · 0 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

The Epcot that was built is very far away from Walt's personal concept of Epcot -- other than to the extent there is a general emphasis on science / technology / progress, which, again, I think we've agreed is still relevant and not outdated. So when you're saying "Walt's personal concept" is outdated, you're saying that something which is purely hypothetical and never existed is outdated -- what Epcot emerged as is in 1982 is nothing like what Walt Disney intended it to be before he died. (And whether or not that's outdated is a whole 'nother discussion.) If you want to read more about Walt's original vision, check out this book which is great (although I hope in a second edition Gennawey can add more diagrams / pictures, which would help the narrative).

u/bucki_fan · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Pretty sure that you're the reason that I bought two of these more or less sight-unseen for the wife and I. Three or four trips later (spring and fall/winter) and this is pretty much my top recommendation for anyone that asks me about planning a Disney trip - number 2 are these Brita water bottles with the filters in the cap.

Stuff for multiple kids (underwear, clothes, diapers, etc.), power banks and cords, snacks for everyone, sunscreen, water bottles, water flavorings and more all fit in here with plenty of room to spare.

Neighbors of ours are planning their next trip and asked us about daybags for parks a few weeks ago. We raved so much about them that she bought them online that night without reservation. She just picked them up over the weekend and is amazed at the price for what they got.

u/Adrynal · 3 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

The cast members who will trade to you will (should) have a special tag at the end of their lanyard that says something to the effect of "Hey, I'll trade pins with you!"

Maybe someone has a picture of what I'm talking about?

Re: putting your pins on a backpack, I really like this idea! :D You can purchase lockable backs for your pins at any of the shops at WDW. I'm also relatively certain you can find them cheaper online.

Something like this although I can't guarantee -these- will work with Disney pins, the ones in the Disney shops definitely will.

If you use these locking backs, then you don't have to worry about them falling off of your backpack!

u/tom5643 · 4 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld


The [Retro Disney World Podcast] ( is extremely well done as far as podcasts go. Every episode is history based.


u/ponderr · 1 pointr/WaltDisneyWorld

Two thoughts:
You need to listen to one of the disks on Disney's audio from the 1964 World's Fair. It includes drafts of that script as well.

Martins Videos did a good background of it as well with some interesting facts.

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u/DaveInPhilly · 1 pointr/WaltDisneyWorld

I have a big multiport high mAh charger that I keep in my laptop bag when I travel for work. But I wouldn't carry it in the park, its total overkill. Your average cell phone battery is about 2000-3000 mAh. So any of those cheap little sticks will double your batter life.

I'd get the cheapest, lightest one I could find, and not worry about loosing it. Here's a good example on Amazon. As /u/stratospaly said, the best one is the one you actually have with you.

u/daybreaker · 5 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

The Unofficial Guide to WDW is a really good resource, and comes with a discount to their site which has stuff like crowd calendars, and touring plans (which tell you what order to ride rides in to wait less in line). The WDW Today Podcast is also good to listen to, especially when they have a user's questions episode.

u/crayonbox · 1 pointr/WaltDisneyWorld

We got [these Brita filter bottles] ( and while they too were great at taste elimination they did not have an attached cap. Would you mind sharing the ones you have?

u/rproctor · 4 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

There are a dozen similar resources, but as a default I recommend you pick up the Unofficial Guide.

You will have a much better time with a plan.

u/Boilermaker7 · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

A battery powered hand fan (Like this one: It maks a huge difference on those 100 degree, 100% humidity days.

u/j_pomps · 1 pointr/WaltDisneyWorld

Everyone should give Project Future a read. Great insight on the politics behind the creation of Walt Disney World.

u/alwaysgototheleft · 3 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Amen. These are my old reliables:

Lip Stick


You pay for what you get and I love the quality.

u/xeipioz · 9 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

As far as drinking...

Barcrawls: Epcot, Boardwalk, and Monorail

Great Bars: Trader Sam's Grog Grotto, AbracadaBar, Jock Lindsay's Hangar Bar

Must Read: Drinking at Disney

u/slhopper · 1 pointr/WaltDisneyWorld

I've been making Dole Whip floats at home! I use a Cuisinart ice cream maker, but if you had a soft serve maker it would be EXACTLY like Disney. I buy dole pineapple juice, and often mix in some Bacardi's coconut or mango rum.... YUMMMMMMMMY!

Dole Whip

u/ButGravityAlwaysWins · 1 pointr/WaltDisneyWorld

We were there the last week of August and the heat and humidity, especially with the hurricane coming in, was pretty brutal.

For the kids we got these small water spray bottles which were way cheaper than the bottles in the park and much smaller. I clipped them to a cheap carabiner on the stroller and they worked well. I had extra batteries and didn't need them. We got an extra and used it since my daughter decided to throw hers 'for fun' and broke it.

We rented a stroller and it helped a lot to prevent the kids from getting exhausted.

At one point my daughter was about to have a meltdown and I took her to the baby area. even though she is four they didn't have any issue letting her sit and watch the show playing on the TV and just cool off / calm down.

u/boredinbiloxi · 4 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Sounds like Project Future: The Inside Story Behind the Creation of Disney World might interest you. It gets into land acquisition, Florida real estate law, water rights, and other troubles they ran into. Not so much about construction and opening though.

u/robododo · 3 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Yeah, you gotta get the locking pin backs.

Something like this: Lapel Pin - Locking Pin Backs (Pin Keepers)

u/pbickel · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Here is the exact one I bought:

Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker, Red

I know they have ones that the outside looks different as well and one that does Minnie with a bow as well.

u/schm0 · 6 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Not just you. It tasted like alligator balls. We used these and didn't have any problems:

u/Graphikuh · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

You can get them at the parks, or if you want to get some beforehand they have them on Amazon. Here are some:

They also sell the official Disney ones on Amazon, although they are more expensive.

u/workingsn · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld take that. i just came back a couple of days ago - july heat. most people i spoke to said the cooling towels did not work. and please use sunscreen. get a good stainless steel water bottle and go up to quick services to ask for a cup of water.

u/ElleChupacabra · 1 pointr/WaltDisneyWorld

Just curious do you mean this boxset? I've been thinking about picking it up for awhile now.

u/littleneerd · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Here is what I have used the past three years

u/macbalance · 5 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Here's the mix Disney uses, apparently:

A can will make several batches. Read the instructions, as I screwed up the first batch because I did something wrong (you add an egg and water, but I still messed that up somehow...) but there's a bunch of mix in this container.

I need to make more one weekend when my wife and I are both feeling better (stupid cold). We did not have a special Mickey Waffle Maker, but just used a plain boring round one.

u/thesecondkira · 3 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

I just bought a $10 Anker charger on Amazon. 1.5 iPhone charges, and recharges overnight. I'm not sure how much they cost these days.

Edit: $13. Link.

u/Bobb_o · 8 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Fuel Rods only have a capacity of 1100 mAh and cost $30.

This Anker has 3x the capacity and costs less than half what Disney charges for a Fuel Rod.
For $30 you could get this one which is 11x the capacity of a fuel rod.

u/lurker_343 · 3 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

The real fools are the ones who created these monstrosities!