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u/Multai · 2 pointsr/Warthunder

It might be a bit expected, but I really recommend the extreme 3d pro.

It has a throttle, 12 buttons (I'm pretty sure you won't ever need more), you can control the view with your thumb (There is a little thumbstick on the top of the stick) and from what I have heard it is just a very good stick.

If you buy this you shouldn't need more.

IIRC even PhlyDaily uses/used this stick.




Though it seems like he still uses headtracking and doesn't use the 6 buttons on the side but instead he uses his keyboard.


You can get it for €45-€50 and on Amazon for $32.

If you really want a seperate throttle stick, you can get the Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X.

It costs pretty much the same (Though the Logitech extreme 3d pro is waaaay cheaper on Amazon for some reason) but it doesn't have the same thumbstick to control the view, so it would require you to use the keyboard or headtracking.

u/Ophichius · 1 pointr/Warthunder

Honestly? Take a break, maybe play some other games. IL-2 1946 and IL-2 Cliffs of Dover are cheap and good. DCS modules aren't cheap, but the quality is amazing.

Take some of that cash that you'd be pumping into the game, get a good entry-level flightstick and make your own headtracker. Spend time flying in IL-2 and DCS, then if you still feel like you want to play WT, hop back in and try sim battles.

The sim experience is radically different. It would not be an understatement to say that it almost plays like a different game entirely.

u/dokid · 1 pointr/Warthunder

That was nice. Got a really calm feeling from it. Good job in staying lag until the right moment. Most people (me included) go for the kill NOW and fuck themselves up.


Do yourself a favour and get a head tracker. Super easy to build and a fun little project.

  1. Build the circuit as shown in the second pic (with USB). The IR leds can be bought from ebay in packs of 5 or from mouser etc

  2. Use this guide for building the headpiece.

  3. Get a ps3eye and remove the ir filter. Video here. Make sure you get the good version of the camera. If you buy from Amazon (or any other place where you can see buyers' comments) people will usually say if it can be modded. You can also use it without removing the filter but it tracks much better if you remove it.

    Or buy a ready made trackir. The headpiece of the trackir is so shit though that some people actually build this to use with the track ir they bought. Depends if you have money to burn.
u/MiddleNI · 1 pointr/Warthunder

Depends on what gamemode you are playing. There are three, and they are all very different.

To me what it boils down to is that the mouse if much more precise, with laserlike aiming. The joystick has better movement control, and the things you can do with your plane are amazing.
You can use mouse, but I personally recommend playing with a joystick in Realistic and Simulator. Think of it as arcade without a lead indicator and more realistic plane movement. Is the joystick I use, you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere but I don't know.

u/KilrBe3 · 1 pointr/Warthunder

Picked this up at Barnes and Noble few weeks ago for $11 on sale;

Great book with info, diagrams, stats, etc. Nice coffee like table book.

u/bigshotking · 3 pointsr/Warthunder

Logitech 3D Pro, fantastic joystick that lasts a LONG time compared to other ones and its only $30.

I play exclusively in FRB only and some if my clan mates use this joystick to fly. They've had it since it was first released and its endured BF2, Arma, DCS, and now Warthunder. If you want a more advanced joystick you can get the X52 pro, you can get those new but it will cost a lot more.

Amazon link:

Hope this helps!

u/FrostedPonies · 7 pointsr/Warthunder

A friend and I spent a good amount of time last night looking for information on the T29 and found out it is surprisingly hard to find technical information on a prototype vehicle from 70 years ago, with WoT entries making up a huge majority of the results(It's amazing how hard WoT has made finding actual tank information). The only redundant armor information we could glean was a 4 inch upper glacis, 5 inch turret sides and between 8 and 11 inch thick gunshield. The only credible source of T29 information was a $200+ book, everything else was sourceless.

I know it's a longshot but if anyone here has the book: "Firepower: A History of the American Heavy Tank" some information from it would be greatly appreciated, as that is the only source that is cited.

u/lodi_a · 1 pointr/Warthunder

There's a keyboard/mouse player around here that routinely posts screenshots where's he's up like 10-0 in a sim EC match, so it's definitely possible to play with no equipment investment. Once you're hooked you'll never go back.

That said, if you come to like sim, I highly recommend picking up any crappy joystick, e.g. this $25 logitech, and use your mouse in your left hand to look around. I started with that exact combo and it's totally workable. P.S. start with the spitfire line. Trust me.

u/Maxrdt · 6 pointsr/Warthunder

I fly with a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, no headtracking. I do just fine in FRB and HB. It is a fairly cheap joystick, around $25, but mine has lasted 3 years just fine. Here is an Amazon link.

I do feel that a head-tracking solution would help with my FRB setup, but I'm not sure about rudder pedals. The twist stick on the JS works fine for me.

u/CRMannes · 5 pointsr/Warthunder

This guys biography Fly For Your Life is hands down one of the best books I've ever read. His account of the Battle of Britain is exceptionally interesting. Definitely worth a read if you can find a copy.

u/ZindDB · 1 pointr/Warthunder

T-Flight Hotas X for 40-50$ is pretty sweet too (comes with separate thrust control). Just did an extensive Google-search, I'd now also rather recommend the T.16000M, as the TFlight seems to have a rather big (and varying) deadzone, while the T.16000M is more durable (magnetic centering) and more precise coming with additional software for fine tuning.

u/beathenature · 1 pointr/Warthunder

I agree with /u/FoShizzle01. This is perhaps the most common joystick used in this game.. and only $30!

I tried playing with the ps4 controller and it felt like I didn't have enough control to make accurate shots.
The keyboard/mouse should do you just fine once you get used to it though!

u/st_vdg · 2 pointsr/Warthunder

I have this book:

I really like it, but like the reviews below say there are some inconsistencies and the descriptions about the aircraft aren't too extensive. Nevertheless it is still a really interesting read about all the aircraft.

u/lurker2000 · 1 pointr/Warthunder

Keep in mind that with a Warthog you'll need some way to control the rudder as it doesn't have twist... That point and the high price tag make myself go for a CH products Fighterstick+Pedals. They look old but works very well at least for me (the joystick has very little centering force and so it's very smooth). Warthog is better suited for jets IMHO...

u/mike10d · 1 pointr/Warthunder

Looks good, except it looks like the stick does not have much wiggle room

personaly i would suggest Logitech Extreme 3D Pro(it does have the throttle at the base) sadly it does cost 2.5-3x as much in the UK on amazon(you should be able to find a better deal somewhere else), so if you don't want to spend that much that one should be good

u/BadCompanyDude · 2 pointsr/Warthunder

Logitech Extreme 3d Pro is widely regarded as a great starter stick. Having played with it myself, it's definitely a pretty solid stick and I use it with War Thunder, DCS, and Arma.

One "flaw" that should be pointed out is that this stick will center itself when you let go; this can be good or bad depending on your personal preference and if your plane has trim controls for all control surfaces.

u/FTC_Publik · 4 pointsr/Warthunder

Thrustmaster T-flight. You can certainly find a better price than that. It's a good, reliable, and cheap HOTAS and it'll let you know if you want to continue on to a more expensive model.

u/Ukiah · 1 pointr/Warthunder

I have a paperback copy I bought when I was a teanager.

EDIT Found a paperback version on Amazon for around $17 and the Kindle version is only $6:

I'd also recommend Adolph Galland's "The First and the Last" and a book called "Horrido"

If you're into japanese aces, "Samurai!" by Saburo Sakai is also very, very good:

And then of course, read "Baa Baa Black Sheep" by Gregory Boyington

u/zebra0312 · 1 pointr/Warthunder

Probably a good and cheap choice for beginners:

The HOTAS Joysticks (one throttle on the left hand, stick on the right) start at $100 and they can go up to $450, the pedals uo to $300 extra. But I dont think that you wanna buy that in the future :D

Edit: Found a HOTAS for $50, not bad:

u/TinyTinyDwarf · 1 pointr/Warthunder

Quote from the Pilot section about Franz Stigler.

>The things he experienced could easily fill a book

here it is (tho not just about him, it does give out alot of Franz's life in it)

Please, i beg you, read it, and if you have, Read it again. i've read mine 4 times in the past 2 months. please, just do. it's my favorite book, and as 16 who do nothing but play war thunder all day, reading a book, yet alone having a favorite one is something i rarely experience.

u/VoenkomVolk · 9 pointsr/Warthunder

Historically, the 105 on its many mountings (the Sherman included) was one of the few reliable methods the US had to take out German tanks at longer ranges.

In WT, well. My squadron and myself had a four-man squad - two M6A1s (later a Jumbo, one've them) and two Sherman 105s, putting them at a 5.0 BR.

They can kill Tigers that aren't angling properly, and Panthers pretty easily. This is due to hitting their mantlet with HE (the HEAT's not so great), as both tanks don't have very good upper hull plating, and doing so sends shrapnel right into that (on the panther) 15mm plate beneath - with the ammo racks right beneath such on two sides.

Also worth noting that US crews were fairly well known for their ability to reload guns, to the point that neither the Ordnance Corps or Wermacht could believe it. According to Death Traps - the memoir of Belton Cooper (an ordnance corps lieutenant with the 3AD's Maintenance Battalion) - their artillery detachment ran the barrels of their guns out so fast from firing so much faster than anticipated that the Corps sent their state-side expert on barrel wear to the front to determine if their shot-logs were being fudged. Case in point: They weren't.

There's also an instance noted in Forging the Thunderbolt of german prisoners asking to see the Americans' new 'automatic artillery gun.' So much so was it that American artillery in Tunisia accounted for half of the German infantry losses.

By Gela during Sicily the majority of German tank casualties could be attributed to truck-drawn artillery - a fact that was not wholly lost on the Army. The 105mm fit for the Sherman was aided by this in wider adoption, and it was greatly liked by its crews as memory serves.


Needless to say, it should seriously have its BR reconsidered, given these constraints. It does roughly even against Panthers and Tigers, as both can pen it fairly easily (pending the oft-'lel learn to play' demarcated 'known where to shoot' - though assuming highest skill on both ends, the odds are pretty fairly split). 5.0 seems to be an even match. 3.7 is painful undertiering, given how measurably it can take on the big cats in the right hands.

u/SniffMyCoke · 3 pointsr/Warthunder

I use the Hotas X, its a pretty good joystick. You can also find it on Amazon a bit cheaper

u/wang_johnson · 2 pointsr/Warthunder

After two years of owning the hog my 2c:

Don't bother with any preset profiles. They will never work how you want them to and making your own will help you better understand controls what they do.

Don't bother with TARGET. All it really does is turn two physical devices (your Warthog Stick and your Warthog Throttle) in to one logical device (Thrustmaster Combined) that Windows sees. It does this all in an absolutely shite interface.

Just don't run TARGET and bind the axis and buttons in War Thunder directly.

If you are looking for inspiration this is my minimal hog bindings. Not bound are pitch trim for which I use a wheel, engine start & landing gear and MEC via some levers.

u/FirstDagger · 6 pointsr/Warthunder

The best part is that it only has positive reviews.

We really have to jump on it and tell people that it is full of errors and Wiki/Website copied text

u/Khanbalyk · 5 pointsr/Warthunder

Hans-Ulrich Rudel writes of doing this pretty regularly in his Stuka in his book, the appropriately-named Stuka Pilot.

Basically, they'd pick up friends who got shot down. I'm not sure where they put them. Hang on tight?

If I did this in-game, I'm pretty sure I would manage to overshoot the landing and they would point-blank destroy me as I rolled past.

u/zibidizinzin · 4 pointsr/Warthunder

> B-24 Mitchell

This book belongs to 80s and I noticed that too. =D

Amazon link

u/Crossmaglen · 3 pointsr/Warthunder

Hey mate, I live in Denmark, and I bought mine 4-5 years back from amazon, it's still pretty cheap on there.

u/asses_mcgee · 1 pointr/Warthunder

For joysticks, I would recommend the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. I have used it for several years and it is an amazing joystick. I've since upgraded to a Saitek x52, but you cannot beat the Logitech for its price.

There isn't one best plane to practice SB in. Decide what you want to fly and practice in that.

With airplanes you have crews for, you can go to test flight and set up a fight with AI aircraft. I would recommend a significant amount of time practicing here. Quickly and smoothly putting the nose of your aircraft where you want to shoot with a joystick takes a lot of time to learn, at least in the test flight mode you can quickly get a fair engagement which makes practicing a lot easier.

The other thing to consider is downloading the War Thunder CDK. Then you can create custom missions to practice whatever you want. Unlike in test flight you can fight an enemy one on one and you can put each other wherever you want - this way you don't have to always practice head on engagements.

u/SilkenB · 2 pointsr/Warthunder

dot has better quality, i think the dot is actually a newer version of the dash one.

Here are links:



T.16000M With Throttle Included

CH FighterStick

u/Randay1 · 1 pointr/Warthunder

I cannot recommend enough Star of Africa

It is the story of Hans-Joachim Marseille who was a German ace in North Africa. Would drop notes to the British letting them know the status of their downed comrades, played jazz in front of hitler, and just be an all around fascinating individual.

u/richardblaine · 3 pointsr/Warthunder

Rand McNally Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft, 1914 - 1980. I also love this book, basically had it memorized when I was a kid. Went up to take it out of my kids room when I saw this post.

Edit: to lazy to figure out my imgur login, it's on page 270. Also:

u/kelby810 · 2 pointsr/Warthunder

I highly suggest the Logitech Extreme 3d Pro. My buddy has one and I'm planning on buying one too. The stick can twist left and right for fine-tuning the rudder which helps immensely with aiming.

u/whitegangster400 · 1 pointr/Warthunder

My mom picked it up from the library for like 10 bucks since they wanted to get rid of it.

u/shitfit_ · 2 pointsr/Warthunder

I've read "Holt Hartmann vom Himmel" which translates to "Shoot Hartmann down", its an biography of Erich Hartmann and was very very nice to read. I dont know if this is the correct book, but the authors are the same. I can highly reccomend this book.,

u/Harakou · 1 pointr/Warthunder

Cheapest you can go without making something homemade is probably the CH pedals and a Saitek throttle quadrant.

You don't really need a separate throttle for War Thunder unless you want to use manual engine control or really want a HOTAS setup, though. I'd say it's way less important than a good stick/pedals and head tracking.

u/SomeoneSimple · 1 pointr/Warthunder

> Except 20mm APHE is performing realistically, if you're talking about the MG 151. [...] It historically penetrates 10mm of armor at 300m, which is pretty abysmal. That's like 7.62 FMJ penetration.

That's blatantly wrong, and the comparison to .303's is simply ridiculous.

As per Flying Guns, by Anthony G. Williams and Emmanuel Gustin:

  • 7.92mm AP at 300 meters 6mm/60 degrees
  • MG131 AP at 300 meters 7mm/60 degrees
  • 20mm MG151 APHE at 300 meters 12mm/60 degrees
  • .50 Browning at 300 meters 13mm/60 degrees
  • 20mm Hispano M75 AP 300 meters 19mm/60 degrees
u/plymer968 · 6 pointsr/Warthunder

I just started the book, A Higher Call, this afternoon.

u/LayinScunion · 1 pointr/Warthunder

Star of Africa

Sakai's exploits

Boyington's exploits

Just a few books that say otherwise. But I guess I'll take your word over there's.

u/Budikah · 1 pointr/Warthunder

It may not help because no money is still no money... but...

Logitech Extreme Pro is relatively cheap - I got mine on sale for $20 so if you look around you can find one of these relatively cheap.

u/captnxploder · 1 pointr/Warthunder

In the book Death Traps, it's mentioned that it was typical for the Germans to not stop firing on a tank until it was on fire. This was Vs the Americans anyways.

So it could be a tank from an actual battle.

u/gray-pixel · 2 pointsr/Warthunder

I just read this book, I bought it because I was always and admirer. The truth is, when the engine failed he had to bail out. He jumped but hit the stabilizer, leaving him unconscious or killing him instanly. It was sad to end that way.

Here is a very good photo gallery of Marseille.