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u/ExFiler · 3 pointsr/WatchItForThePlot

This one. Pretty good read. Goes into most of the questions I had and has a lot of trivia...

u/wut44 · 1 pointr/WatchItForThePlot

> remaster the old shows and release them on video.

They did, last month. The series was done on video, not film, so the quality isn't spectacular, but still better than the vhs rips floating around the internet.

u/dbmpa · -8 pointsr/WatchItForThePlot

> looks like a higher quality longer version is not available anywhere.

found it!


u/Emerson_Biggons · 6 pointsr/WatchItForThePlot

They were "actresses" in a series of movies produced by exploitation king Andy Sidaris. He made a series of "action" movies in the 80's and ;90s that were mainly a vehicle to cast playboy models in softcore porn. You got a lot of scenes like this, where in an ACTION movie, you would get a full three minutes of a woman changing clothes or getting a swimsuit on, or some other contrived reason for her to get nude.

u/ANAL_mouthwash · 2 pointsr/WatchItForThePlot

At least on Amazon it is. I remember that's what it was called on IMDB for a while too.