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u/cannibiscannibalism · 3 pointsr/WaterFasting

Personally, I’m going to supplement with Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Hydration Powder, a relatively cheap and easy find I looked up on Amazon.

Generally, look for electrolyte mixes and such with sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Extra stuff is nice but not necessary. If you’re feeling faint or breathless during the day, drink water with dissolved Himalayan salt slowly, and you should feel better. I’m still feeling this out - just like you - but as I learn from my mistakes and do more research, this is what I have found to be useful.

u/wesnav · 1 pointr/WaterFasting
  1. Do you recommend adding pink salt daily at the beginning of the day or only as needed?
  2. Apple cider vinegar at the end of the day? If so how much?
  3. Cream of tartar for potassium? Daily or as needed?

    When I do IF I usually do a combo of cream of tartar, ACV 2 tbsp, and pink salt in LaCroix. I was just reading up and noticed people said ACV at night and salt when they wake in the morning.
    Also I take a men's one a day and magnesium supplement.

    I didn't know if it would still be good to take those since the one a day says with food.

    Here is a Amazon link to the magnesium.

    Any suggestions for magnesium if that doesn't work?
u/TheCryptoCurrencyGod · 1 pointr/WaterFasting

Should I get this for electrolytes? Do I really need to supplement? I am not deficient in anything besides vitamin D.

Check this out at
Lyte Balance | Electrolyte Concentrate | Triple Strength | Supercharged Hydration | Hangover Helper | No Additives, No Sweeteners | Potassium + Magnesium | 64 Servings | 16 oz

u/Dread1840 · 1 pointr/WaterFasting

You can use photos and try to compare to online photo estimates (google images has charts), you can buy a caliper to pinch a fold of skin, some scales you step on can estimate it, all of these options are never 100% accurate. If you have dough to spare you can get a DEXA scan, which shows all of your mass and breaks it down for you into fat, muscle, bone, etc. Some gyms or trainers might have better scales than the home scales, but again that may come with a cost. If money is an issue, get a set of bodyfat calipers on amazon and combine multiple pinch measurements with online photo charts, and try to estimate that way.

Here's the one I have:

Real talk though, I would rather just get a scan every once in a while. I'm not a competing athlete so frequent metrics I don't care about much.