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u/chris30269 · 5 pointsr/Weakpots

I saw pics of my love handles from vacation so now I'm just maintaining/baby cutting for the next 4 weeks so I maybe look less eauw for B A L I, which I'm getting really excited for.

I'm pretty sure I'm moving to Austin at the end of 2018! My parents are retiring and moving away, and that's the only family here, so there's no reason to stay around. Hmm, or maybe somewhere exotic! Good thing I have time to think about it.

My healthcare somehow fell through the cracks, and it's almost resolved! This is exciting because I need to see a physiatrist and don't want to pay $infinity.

I got this book for Christmas and I'm digging it so far. I don't know a lot of about anything so it feels like a good start. Knowledge gains!

u/BeefMitts · 6 pointsr/Weakpots

It was a pretty productive weekend at our household. I did a bunch of meal prep yesterday, BBQ'd a bunch of chicken and asparagus, made a pot of chili, and tried my hand at making bread for the first time in like a decade. It turned out great, I think that could start to be a nice Sunday ritual. The friend I stayed with during my practicum last year has a couple books all about different breads, one is all about the science and why some things are done the way they are with some types of breads, and the other one is the actual recipes.

Squats went well yesterday, probably benching tonight since I didn't go this morning. Might just do cardio or take a rest day, I have an audiobook checked out for the next 3 weeks that's supposedly pretty intense (The Devil All The Time) so I could make some good headway with it.

Avengers: Endgame is this week! Much excite.

u/brewgato · 2 pointsr/Weakpots

yes! it looks like The Solitaire Mystery is out of print, which makes me super sad because I've purchased it, lent it out, and then never gotten it back at least three times, so I don't currently have a copy. But you can probably get it with your super librarian powers

Yeah I feel very complex things about the Southern Reach. It similarly hasn't left me, even though I read it about a year ago. I again stalled out about halfway through the final book but I bought a paper copy to try and commit to actually finishing it.

The first time I read the Blind Assassin (I was probably 17 or 18?) I was absolutely fucking devastated at the end. Like, sobbing in the dark by myself, Requiem for a Dream levels of despair. But I read it again a few years ago and I felt this sense of peace at the end. I could see the ways that it was actually a happy ending. Something something aging and accepting mortality and all men must die.

When I reread the Handmaid's Tale it was like, oh yeah so this is the most accurate dystopia we have, actually. The world we're living in now is this fucking bizarre mix of the Handmaid's Tale, Brave New World, and Oryx & Crake (every time I see a store or product spelled the way she does things in that book, like the fucking Younique Makeup MLM, I'm pretty sure Margaret Atwood is a prophet. that book came out in 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!)

u/BGumbel · 6 pointsr/Weakpots

This "only" supports 800 lbs.

This will good enough until you decide on Texas vs Ohio power bar I don't think it has center knurling, but I'm sure you could find a similar one with it for the same money.

This only supports 300 lbs, but you can always rebuild the framing out of 4x4 wooden posts. I can tell you it doesn't collapse even when you have around 500 lbs on it.

Then you just need weights, Craigslist, or if you want new, walmart has them for a little less than 1$ a lb. Make sure your 45's are the right size, or you'll end up doing deficit deadlifts.

u/frak8757 · 15 pointsr/Weakpots

since it is matriarchy monday, I'm going to recommend this book to anyone who is a woman or likes to fuck women. I haven't finished it yet but its pretty good so far.

u/qahatrack2 · 5 pointsr/Weakpots

It was from this book, an old Egyptian recipe, dates mashed in goat's milk with wheat porridge. And the dates blended with milk was actually pretty good. The hot porridge just kind of washed out that flavor. I have some left I'll try later and see if it's better cold.

Box squats went kind of...okay. Weird popping in my hip at times.

u/robogirl2006 · 6 pointsr/Weakpots

This is one of the best cookbooks ever and has everything from simple to complicated. I've seen used copies for only $5. Lots of bulk meals, as well as quick under 15 min meals.

u/nombski · 3 pointsr/Weakpots

OOH. You ever use chamois butter? You basically use it to grease up your taint/nipples/whatever might chafe for running/biking/paddling etc. There are quite a few creams that work like this, butt this one is one of my favorites. It's a game changer!

u/temple_noble · 9 pointsr/Weakpots

> it just started updating Windows 10, no warning or anything.


My name is Elder Temple-Noble, and I would like to share with you this most amazing book. It's a book about America an OS written a long, long time ago. It has so many awesome parts. You simply won't believe how much this book will change your life. Did you know that Jesus Stallman lived here in the USA?

u/acatisfinetwo · 2 pointsr/Weakpots

Chamois Butt'r

I use it every time I run, and during long rows.

u/mizzoupwnsu · 3 pointsr/Weakpots

Get a hardcopy of this then if you are into powerlifting at all

u/jockomoron · 7 pointsr/Weakpots

I bought her coach's book on cues/corrections for Weightlifting. I didn't see anything for broken windows in the snatch section.

u/HPPD2 · 10 pointsr/Weakpots

Hah I knew it. Texas power bars kill my hands for any sort of volume. I bought my own bar and leave it in the gym just to deadlift with.

get this enjoy pulling for lots of volume without having to stop from your hands getting shredded. I seriously credit doing this as the major thing that got my deadlift to start moving again. the bar I'm always pulling with is the 86-PBCK, which is the same thing just with a center knurl to discourage the olyfags at my gym from using it.

u/WearsSensibleShoes · 14 pointsr/Weakpots

She's a puppy, she has to grow out of it-in all seriousness, if you know that she's too high energy, returning her to the shelter when she's still young will help her get placed with someone who wants a puppy, and you can adopt an adult dog. Adult dogs can be much lower energy, and their personality is more settled, so the shelter can tell you "hey this dog likes to sleep all day and cuddle". Plus adult dogs have a much harder time being adopted, and many are dogs whose owners have died or lost the ability to care for them, so they're house trained and family oriented.

If you want to keep her, you've got to spend lots of time exercising her body and her mind. Karen Pryor's Don't Shoot The Dog is a fantastic book to start with; it's based on scientific understanding of animal behavior and training, none of the 'be the alpha dog' bullshit. For exercise, long walks, playing fetch, tug of war, etc. She's a baby with baby energy, and she'll become destructive and annoying if she gets bored.

u/jiffener · 2 pointsr/Weakpots

I am such a shill for physical therapy, DO IT! I think it's what will ultimately fix you! (not just you, but, like, everyone)

for most people's problems, if nothing has been actually torn apart, and in some cases where it has, physical therapy > massage > chiropractor > surgery > sitting around whining how everything hurts and you keep snapping ur shit up

(those are greater than signs btw, not some weird reverse process diagram)

Also have I told you about our lord and savior Pain Free by Pete Egoscue?