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u/BARKINGSP00N · 1 pointr/WearOS

On my ticwatch e there is speech input and a keyboard. It pairs with my pixel and comes pre-installed with a stopwatch app so if you wanted to manually do it and record your time standing in your notes you can, but I'm not so sure about a less tedious way around that. It's also realitivly cheap and works great for me. Hopefully it can work just as well for you if you choose it!

u/qwerty12qwerty · 1 pointr/WearOS

$29 actually but well worth it. Battery has lasted since January and still strong.

Satechi Bluetooth Button Series...

u/Roneth · 1 pointr/WearOS

Recently got this one: and it's ok. Most feedback I'm getting is the black looked better. Would love to get the original back... I broke mine.

u/badatn4mes · 1 pointr/WearOS

Congrats on the Gen 5! That's awesome. I'm using the Gen 4 sport.

I use it as an alarm for 5am workouts. I'll drop it on the charger while I watch TV during the evenings and in the morning when I get to work. Mine will last 24 hours usually, but two short charges per day ensure I have an alarm in the morning and enough juice for the workout.

I have this as an additional charger for work. Works great!
Fossil Gen 4 Charger

u/Blue5299 · 1 pointr/WearOS

Link for TGSP if anyone's curious:

Edit: Haha not sure why I'm being downvoted, just sharing what's worked for me

u/orage222 · 1 pointr/WearOS

Hey there! Unfortunately, I still don't know if the Fossil charger works...
I ended up buying this watch charging station from Amazon :

I know it does'nt really answer your question, but if you are looking for something else, it works great for my Falster 2.

Edit: spelling

u/legalkill · 1 pointr/WearOS

Replacing Zenwatch 3 with Fossil Gen5. Just wish I could combine the two somehow. Love the looks of ZW3, needs the updated hardware and features of the Gen5.

Use Core Face to minimize the awful bezel. Cheap band and screen protector from Amazon.

u/dan_delaney · 1 pointr/WearOS

I have this one on my watch, have had it since the watch was released and it still looks pretty good:

u/rhewitt2019 · 4 pointsr/WearOS

I was able to add it to my Amazon cart for $195 and then pre-order it by using the Google cache. I Googled the model number I was interested in, then selected the cached version, then added it to my cart, then checked out from the real Amazon. I received a confirmation email, so it seems to have worked. Ships in 1-3 months, though.

u/kbDL- · 3 pointsr/WearOS

honestly, i think it's some random cancelled project from fossil. it was listed on amazon as early as june 10 and was then supposed to be available september 7, except here we are. i've looked through several listings and not one says anything about wear os. they all say it's a hybrid powered by the fossil smartwatches app like all of their hybrids. don't think this is diana.

full cache page at amazon:

note: how on earth does it track heartrate through that case back which has no sensor?

edit: high-res images -

u/gballa5o · 1 pointr/WearOS

As someone already mentioned, I purchased the following 37mm and it fits perfectly. Others say the 37.5mm fits even better but I'm not quite sure how it could- but hey, sounds like both do the job. Here's mine on my Julianna. I botched the placement a *tiny* bit, which drives me insane (can see it slightly on the bottom but it's not even noticeable from other angels)- you get 3 in the pack as well.

u/castle8963 · 4 pointsr/WearOS

I just got my screen protector today. 37.5mm it fits perfectly.

FINENIC 【3 Pack】 Universal Round Watch HD Screen Protector. Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprint, Bubble Free,Tempered Glass【37.5mm Diameter】

u/burshturs · 1 pointr/WearOS

Thanks for the pic. It's definitely gorgeous, but I realized that it's really not my style. I'm not a fan of good. I ended up ordering this one from Amazon: Fossil Men's Gen 4 Explorist HR Stainless Steel and Leather Touchscreen Smartwatch, Color: Blue, Brown (Model: FTW4016)
It was $175 Last night when I ordered it, I see that now it's $199.

u/aquakittenpk · 2 pointsr/WearOS

Just installed this one on two gen 5s and they're perfect. FINENIC【3 Pack】 Universal Round Watch Screen Protector.Compatible for Garmin FENIX5 /Garmin vivomove HR/Garmin vivomove/Garmin Fenix3 HR Screen Protector【37mm Diameter】

u/jeffasaul · 2 pointsr/WearOS

Try these from Amazon US:

I have the second one, and I keep it in my desk drawer in case I forget to charge at night. I originally got it for the Fossil Sport, but now I have the Carlyle and it works just as well.

u/vlestat1789 · 14 pointsr/WearOS

Hey, for anyone who is interested, I measured the glass on my watch with a measuring microscope at work. The glass is 37.6mm (and change). I had found Amazon sellers that have carried specific sizes of glass covers and couldn't find them before. Anyway, found them again and ordered the 37.5mm glass:

u/TheAmishMan · 1 pointr/WearOS

Fossil Gen 5/4 Charger,Charging Dock for Fossil Julianna Carlyle,Sport,Emporio Armani,Michael Kors Runway,Skagen Falster 2,Kate Spade Scallop 2,Misfit Vapor 2,Diesel Diesel Guard 2.5 Soarking

I think yours looks slicker, but this one works really well too. Bought one so i could have one charger at home one at work

u/SkittlezTheCool · 2 pointsr/WearOS

You need to look for 22mm straps.

This one might be good? Make sure to choose the 22mm size.

u/americangame · 4 pointsr/WearOS

Get this for your watch as a charger. You can thank me later.

u/citypanda · 2 pointsr/WearOS

To the first question: yep! To the second: Amazon or Mobvoi.

u/timbrown817 · 1 pointr/WearOS

I bought this protector from orzero, and it's 37.5mm exactly, it fits very well on the screen.

u/3v0lut10n · 24 pointsr/WearOS

Or for $8 more, you can get this one from Amazon - with the charger built-in.

Fossil Gen 4 Charger,Replacement Wireless Charging Dock Charging Stand for Fossil Gen 4 Sport,Emporio Armani,Michael Kors Runway,Skagen falster 2,Diesel(NOT for The Watch Before 2018) Soarking

u/xyster69 · 1 pointr/WearOS

Note the "Collider" and "Diana" in the same link.

Also, the Canadian Amazon link does not need caching to view:
($318 CAD to order on to Canada though; it let me do it for some reason)

u/del_rio · 1 pointr/WearOS

Quick follow up:

The battery has actually been progressively better in the last 3 days! It seems like you need to give it a few days for the SoC to understand the capacity of the battery. Now it'll last 24 hours with moderate usage, mostly default settings.

Now my only beef is that the crown doesn't work in some apps a lot of the time. Most notably, I generally can't scroll in Todoist...except for 10% of the time seemingly at random? I suspect it's a software issue on Fossil's end, it'd be awesome if they figure it out but I doubt it.

My conclusion remains about the same. FWIW, the Gen 4 was just on a decent sale that seems to have ended, but it's still $170 on Amazon for some reason. I personally price matched with Target and picked it up within the hour.

u/nBob20 · 1 pointr/WearOS

Have Gen 5, using this

Can confirm for OP, it does what they need

u/znark · 1 pointr/WearOS

I'm using this Soarking charging stand with my Fossil Gen4 Explorist. It should work with the Gen5.

u/Walhalla360 · 1 pointr/WearOS

could be this band, but OP has to confirm :D

Is this the black or smoke watch?

u/PM_ME_CAMERAS · 1 pointr/WearOS

Other countries are also sale here:

Country | Link
Germany |
France |
Italy |
Spain |

Disclaimer: I don't get paid by Mobvoi (anymore). Thought you guys might fancy a deal

u/PvtJoKeR42 · 1 pointr/WearOS

i'm using this one without any issues so far.

u/jbuschini18 · 4 pointsr/WearOS

Got a bit tired of my standard leather band and was looking for something to match up with the color of the watch metal, this was a great fit!


See here for the watchband!

See here for the watchface!

u/Thedapperpappy · 22 pointsr/WearOS

EDIT : For those who've asked, it is a Fossil 5th Gen Carlyle (Black with Black Silicone model)


First, I have ran the gambit of smartwatches; Two OG Pebbles, a second gen Apple Watch, a 3rd gen apple watch, six or seven Fitbit Versas (don't get me started on those things), a 4th Gen Explorist HR, 4Th gen Fossil Sport, and now, the 5th Gen Carlyle.


I've enjoyed this watch so far. It is fast. Huge leaps faster than my sport or explorist. I find myself actually using the watch to respond to texts, use Google Assistant, check the weather and more now. Battery is still settling in, but so far, no big issues. Took off charge at 242PM yesterday, (in daily mode, with Google Assistant detection turned off, Tilt to Wake Off), and put in to theater mode around 1030PM last night.


Woke up at 620AM this morning to 44% battery left. So, 16 hours off the charge, with 56% battery drained. Roughly 3.x percent an hour, not bad for the first day of usage.


I'd say 35-40 notifications, assistant used four or five times, messed with complications and watch faces a few times.


Color me impressed.


Link to screen protector


Link to watch band (Barton Watch Band)



EDIT : Battery just died. 23 hours and 40 minutes on a single charge. Day one.

EDIT : Put on charger at 224PM, was fully dead. As of 324PM, battery has charged to 96%. So, one hour, charged from 1% to 96%. I don't recall either my sport or explorist charging near that quick.

Edit : Day 2. Took of charge at 4PM yesterday. Did a two hour workout, and used sleep as Android to track my sleep last night. Put on charge this AM at 7ish with 40ish percent on the battery. Took off charge at 8:30AM. Currently at 63%, nine hours later. Dropping am average of 7% an hour, which doesn't seem right. Battery isn't lasting today like it did the first day.