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u/Denis63 · 5 pointsr/WeirdWheels

Very interesting stories, thank you for your post. If you're interested in this kind of thing, i reccommend this book

My mom bought it for me as a joke and i started reading it not knowing what to think. i ended up finishing it and really enjoying it. Very similar story to the Yugo as to this car you posted.

u/jordan177606 · 1 pointr/WeirdWheels

Oh, so that's what that HK Nanyuan metal model is based on. I wasn't sure if the real picture of it was an actual motorcycle. Pretty cool

u/dmanww · 3 pointsr/WeirdWheels

Even with the reflective coating to prevent solar gain. You've got the body heat to deal with.

A person puts out about 100W/h at rest. A horse working?

Let's see.

A horse uses about 25,000 calories/day for moderate work vs 2000 for a sedentary person. That's 12.5 times more. So they would put out about 1250 W/h. Or about as much as a room heater.

sources horses people

u/derqueue · 2 pointsr/WeirdWheels

I literally saw that wheel paint yesterday on the Sam toy of a friends child. High vis worked for me.

u/ShalomRPh · 4 pointsr/WeirdWheels

He's driving a blue 2CV4 on the endpapers, too.

I found, rereading this as an adult, that quite a few of the weird vehicles in the book exist in real life (e.g. that 2CV4, I'd never seen one in the flesh until long after I read the book as a child). One of these days I've gotta go back through it and see if I can identify them. It's still in print, but they've reduced the page size a bit and parts of some of the pictures have disappeared into the binding. My old copy has pretty much disintegrated, but I bought a new one for my kids.

u/lordlivingston · 3 pointsr/WeirdWheels

knock yourself out!

There’s another one that comes with the truck