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u/zipposurfer · 1 pointr/Welding

If you are talking sub-$100, I really like this combo: get a cheap, new or used pipeliner style hood with a 2x4 lens. Jackson, Honeywell, etc. Then go on Amazon and buy the ArcOne Tradesman auto-darkening lens for $70 (currently), shade 10 with a 3-year warranty. You'll get an indestructible hood you can trash around with an excellent and lightweight lens, great clarity and color, and can easily swap the lens between hoods or trade out for a fixed-shade lens if needed. I've been really happy with mine.

u/tryin_to_weld · 1 pointr/Welding

I and a majority of the guys I work with use this hood with a gold lens (I use a comfort gold lens, but good luck finding a place online that sells them). Order some surgical tubing to replace rubber band on the head gear and you're good to go.

Learning to flip your hood down is part of the game if you choose to run a passive lens. I would suggest at least learning to use a passive hood so that in the event that something happens to your auto-dark you will not have any problems switching to a passive.

u/board4life · 1 pointr/Welding

Work in a heavy duty fab shop, run a pipeliner with an auto in it. I've got the flip-up on it, which is extra handy given the policy on faceshields while grinding. A lot of other guys use the modern style hoods (company provides an adflo for everyone, or they just use their own "normal" auto dark). But they always have to switch between weld and grind modes or switch to a hood with just a clear in it to grind, they don't wanna grind on the expensive clears. I just flip the lens and grind away. Super light, doesn't reflect much light inside because of the chin, never catch sparks on my neck or chest. I'd highly recommend the pipeliner with an autodark in it for school, even if it's not the flip up (the flip up has some lens thickness restrictions since it slides in the side like a pancake, had to file the opening out a bit on mine). Get a gold 10 as well to run open roots with, sucks if your lens flickers the entire time you're doing those with stick.

Mine is the rubber band headgear, which was instantly replaced by surgical tubing. Had it for almost 2 years now and the only other hood I own is a pancake.

Hood w/ flip

Lens. I've run everything from TIG at 50 amps to 1/16" dual shield at 29v 300 wfs with that lens, love it. We'll see how it holds up to mcaw on monday.

u/bent-grill · 2 pointsr/Welding

if you just want to get in hours and add welding to your garage I would totally recommend a dual voltage HF start tig welder. buy off amazon and get a 3 year protection plan with good reviews and don't sweat the haters. my Buddy has had a great experience with this one. you will need a bottle and a foot pedal.

then there is this one, no idea on quality, id buy one for fun and see how it goes. just get a warranty. if it only lasts three years it cost you like 30 cents a day.

u/wellkevi01 · 7 pointsr/Welding

Nah, those suck. You've gotta get yourself a Strong Hand Tools Adjust-O Magnet. They're pricey, but they're leagues better than the plain red ones. Being able to "turn off" the magnet makes it way easier to line up the part and you can easily clean off the metal shavings. I've had one for over a year now and I use it almost everyday. I highly recommend them.

u/yellowman91 · 1 pointr/Welding

get a fibre metal tiger hood like this and learn to use a regular mask, they last a long time and are cheap.

for a welder, buy a used lincoln 225 AC buzz box and learn to use 6011, its the best rod to get good at. all other rods are fairly easy to run. look on craigslist. all you need for clothing is a long sleeve shirt like a dickies work shirt they are $20 at walmart and get welding gloves at a welding store or tractor supply. also wear safety glasses when chipping welds. go to a junkyard for scrap steel to practice on.

u/REInvestor · 1 pointr/Welding

Awesome. Thanks so much for the reply.

Is something like this what I would be looking for?

Given the amperage draw of 130, how can a regular household outlet supply it? And I can't imagine running extension cords is safe, right?

Thank you again for your response.

u/asian_monkey_welder · 1 pointr/Welding

I don't know if it's a direct fit, but best comfort Is the Miller headgear. I modified my helmet to fit it, and it sits on my head so nicely.

u/metarinka · 2 pointsr/Welding

metals and how to weld them is a good book. It's more practical prescriptive knowledge "if you have aluminum do this, if you have brass do that".

Sindo Kou's book welding metallurgy is awesome!
"" Its my go to book for refreshing my brain on welding metallurgy, although that's more technical on the metallurgy of melting stuff if you want to know the engineering side

hobart has a very good book series that is one for each weld process can't seem to recall the titles, I still keep them around when I teach welders. I'll warn you welding is not a trade that can be taught from a book, kinda like painting or sculpture the technique is too complex to really describe.

u/BurntPaper · 1 pointr/Welding

It's made by Honeywell, but you'll see them advertised as "Fibre-Metal Pipeliner". Not sure if Fibre-Metal is what they call the material (Which seems to be some sort of fiberglass variant), or if it's a subsidiary brand of Honeywell. THIS is the right one, and the exact one I have.

But as a word of warning, I hate the stock headgear. Some people seem to love it, but I couldn't get used to it. It's basically a rubber band on a clip, and I broke mine the first day I had it. I switched it out with THIS Jackson headgear. You'll have to drill out the square hole that the existing headgear uses, and then drill a few smaller holes where the adjustment tab clicks in. I had an easy time since the hood I use for TIG is a Jackson hood that uses that same headgear so I was able to make a template. If you're interested I could try to figure out what size the holes need to be and send you a picture of the layout tomorrow.

Also, if you want a flip-lens, Sellstrom sells a flip lens mod, but it does require significant cutting. I bought one a while back, but haven't had the guts to install it yet (Plus I'm worried about the extra weight.). Very handy if you're switching between welding and grinding a lot, or if you want to save your neck and avoid doing the nod every time you strike an arc.

Outlaw Leather also sells pre-modified Pipeliners. They're a little bit too out there for me, but I've seen a couple around the shop and they definitely get a lot of looks.

u/DerBrizon · 4 pointsr/Welding

Yeah... Zinc-Oxide is shitty.

Where I work they give us 3M reusable respirators with "cookie" filters:



Notice the cost: 40-50 bucks to get started... I change my filters twice a day for the pink cookies (4 hours per set), and use a pair per day if I'm using higher quality organic filters. P100 filters clog up pretty quickly and they aren't meant for much more than minor exposure.

Make sure you shave before using your filter - that's pretty important. In my opinion, you should be wearing a respirator for any welding your doing. Iron oxide and other welding particulates are not good for you. For some fumes, the health effects are up for debate on hazard levels, but I'm not gonna breath the stuff to find out when I'm 60.

If your shop is having you work with galvanized materials, buff the galvanizing off of the weld area (and the backside, too!) to minimize exposure - don't worry about removing the zinc, because the welding arc does that anyway. You'll also get cleaner welds and less likelihood of wormholes caused by zinc oxide gassing out through your puddle. Ask your employer to provide adequate protection. No vent system in the world will allow you to weld that stuff without inhaling even a little of it. Here is some info about welding galvanized materials.

I'm not sure if you can force your employer to provide respirators - you might want to look into OSHA regulations (if in the US, obviously) about it... You might also ask /r/legaladvice or something - maybe there's an attorney there who specializes in industrial health who can help you.

u/nahreddit · 3 pointsr/Welding

(exhaust air is directed down so it doesn't fog up hood)


Not gonna provide the best vapor protection but it would help and it fits easily under a hood.

u/geofox784 · 3 pointsr/Welding

I bought this a week ago and just did my first project with it yesterday. I was surprised at how well it performs. Seems similar to the one from HF, but I went with the ebay one instead because it has 4 power levels instead of 2, and it was cheaper. I used this wire with it and this mask. Everything worked together great.

u/JackSchitt · 3 pointsr/Welding

I have a few hoods, I switched from a Miller titanium to a miller digital infinity. The viewing area of the infinity is larger, but I've had issues with it not activating while doing a particular weld where I have about a 1 inch gap to look threw, even after maxing the sensitivity, my titanium never had that issue. My buddy switched from a digital infinity to a 3m because its not as heavy, and better on his neck. I'd recommend a digital elite, if you do a moderate amount of grinding spend a little more for the titanium.

u/theoans · 3 pointsr/Welding

Get a fliphood hood with an auto darkening lens. This is what I use everyday and I would never go back to the other hoods. When I need to grind flip up and full face protection. When I weld flip down and auto darkening

(1). Fibre-Metal by Honeywell Classic

(2). ArcOne T240-10 Tradesman

Just make sure to use 3 protective lense

(3). Protective lense. "

One for the front when it’s down. And when it’s up, One on the hood to protect your face. And the last one again when it’s up to protect the backside of the auto darkening lense.

Also the auto darkening lense and the protective cover are called 2x4. And 2x4 lense should fit In the hood.

u/saripeters · 2 pointsr/Welding

Thanks for the quick replies. I've been reading as much as I can, but I really wanted to hear from people with actual experience. As long as I have your attention, would this be a good unit:

I'm not buying anything before I take a class, but this is in my price range and has excellent reviews.

u/catfishbilly_ · 7 pointsr/Welding

Pipeliner welding hood

Tillman 850 welding gloves I highly recommend these gloves. The palm is unlined so you have plenty of dexterity to stick, mig, or tig with. The back is insulated to protect you from burning to a crisp.

Wrangler work shirts (get a few of them) I wear these shirts every day for work. Depending on your budget, you may not be able to get a few of these versus one decent welding jacket. If that's the case, I recommend a heavyweight denim jacket or the basic FR green welding jacket.

Safety glasses (get a few of these, as well as a dark pair for cutting)

Steel or composite toe work boots. I'm not going to recommend a pair... everyone is different. I do prefer Carolina boots and Thorogoods, though.

Ear plugs... can be bought at Lowes or any supply store.

That's your basic safety list. You won't need much more than that for school. Hopefully for you, they will provide tools. Otherwise this is a basic list for a welder's bucket:

2 crescent wrenches, 12" (or spud wrench)
Chipping hammer
25' tape measure
Torpedo level
Combo or speed square
Vice grips
Channel locks
1 half round bastard file
1 flat file
2 wire brushes (one for carbon, one for stainless)
4.5" angle grinder (or 6" if you want)
Die grinder (optional)

This is, honestly, all you will ever need as a welder. If you end up with a job that does other mechanical shit, you will need more tools like a set of wrenches, ratchet and sockets, various clamps, etc.

I usually work for bigger contractors that will supply all the power tools and typically have a gang box of hand tools that supplies what I don't have or don't want to bring. When I go to work, I bring my 5 gallon bucket (for a seat mostly), and a canvas backpack. In the bucket is that list above. I put shit I need in the canvas bag if I'm going to be moving around between joints so I don't have to lug around a heavy bucket. At any given time there are only a few main tools in my bag. A chipping hammer, a wire brush, a file, a level, combo square, a 4lb hammer, flashlight, and my tungsten holder. It's all you will ever really need if you're just welding.

u/ecodick · 2 pointsr/Welding

This one's been going strong for 2 years. I did have to drill an extra hole it two for the little pins that adjust the to make it work, but it's better than what the hood came with

u/chevelle1258 · 1 pointr/Welding

I'm not sure how well it works with stick arc, but this helmet works great with TIG and has a shade variability from 4-13. 4 sensors on it as well as a delay and sensitivity setting on it. It changes in the same speed that the one you found changes in and i think all the parts of replaceable including the batteries.

u/makattak88 · 4 pointsr/Welding

Do you know what kind of respirator to look for? Something like this is common. I have one like this and it does the job. As you can see you don't need much money. Hell, I'll buy it for you if you seriously can't afford one. Seriously.
Once you get into welding and making coin, then start looking into spending the money on a nicer respirator. Personally, I still use the ol' 3M because I work in the field.

Go to a local safety supply shop and they can give you a couple tips to make sure you're buying the right size.

For now at least wear a dust mask. Especially when you have grinding to do.

u/firebyte · 2 pointsr/Welding

Read this.

Then get one of these (ensuring that you get an air-tight seal with the right size, best bet is to go to a hardware store and try a few on, holding the inhalation valves closed (shown here)) with a few sets of these filters, as they will need to be changed regularly.

u/DrunkBeavis · 2 pointsr/Welding

I love my gray Tigerhood. Flip-up lens for a lot cheaper than that pipeliner.

u/mukawalka · 1 pointr/Welding

I'd also like to suggest these non-leather FR sleeves.

I wear them all the time doing mig/stick vertical and overhead and they hold up just fine. No holes or anything, and they aren't as hot/heavy as leather.
It's an option :)

u/nd2fe14b · 1 pointr/Welding

Your coworker was suggesting Welding Metallurgy by Sindo Kou, however I have no idea what type of material would be on the CWE exam.

Good luck to you!

u/dieselphiend · 2 pointsr/Welding

I can't say for certain, because that's my friends hood, but I'm 99% sure most half face respirators will work if you have pancake cartridges. I prefer the 3M 7501 Silicone Half Face.

3M 7500 7502 Series Professional Half Facepiece Respirator

3M 2097 P100 Particulate Filter

u/Kurisu_MakiseSG · 3 pointsr/Welding

The little paper ones? They're better than nothing but I wouldn't say enough.

I use [this one]
with the [pink pancake filters.]

What hood do you have that your respirator doesn't fit? I have an ESAB Sentinel which is quite close fitting to the face and it fits just fine.

u/Kitten_Inferno · 2 pointsr/Welding

Here is the setup I use at work

3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6100/07024(AAD), Respiratory Protection, Small (Pack of 1)

3M 2097 P100 Particulate Filter with Organic Vapor Relief, 1 Pair

u/Soverance · 2 pointsr/Welding

I recently started teaching myself to MIG weld in my garage, and went with these products:

  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Jacket

    I can attest to them being quality products, especially considering their price. I didn't get a cap, because I didn't really know that was a thing... but I just wear a baseball cap backwards and it seems to work fine.
u/Warsawwarrior3 · 1 pointr/Welding

Yeah it’s I higher end hood I also have a fiber metal pipeliner hood with a auto tint filter lenses Auto tint filter lenses that set up would be like $140 ish maybe lower that is a very rugged hood they last forever

u/PologizeForThat · 1 pointr/Welding

I'm guessing you'll want a TIG machine with High Frequency start.

Here's one for $488 on Amazon.

Click Me for their website.

[Here's a video of the machine in action.]

I'm no expert but, I'm fairly certain that's what you're looking for. Maybe someone else can chime in.

u/55man · 2 pointsr/Welding

can’t go wrong with the pipeliner by fibre metal. I cut off the front and put a sellstrom flip front and an auto darkening lens in. The clear lenses should be supplied at just about every employer and they are cheap anyway.


flip front adapter

auto lens

clear lenses

I also have a Lincoln viking 3350 and I absolutely recommend it but I prefer my custom pipeliner.

Edit: Also, you can keep the fixed shade in your bag just in case your auto lens malfunctions.

u/Private0Malley · 1 pointr/Welding

This is the wire in using right bow which says shielding gas not required, so I'm assuming self shield. Then again, it also says gasless and the end of the product code is GS which makes me curious if it does, in fact, need shielding gas. I was hoping to use this wire to avoid the cost of renting a tank and buying gas, but if I need to do that then I have some regular mig wire that came with the welder that I can use.

u/NVdustytrail · 2 pointsr/Welding

Not sure what you mean by green sleeves, last time I was freshly tattooed and welding I just wore my cotton welding jacket and tried to make sure it wasn't getting too dried out by the cotton rubbing on it.

u/Penguin90125 · 5 pointsr/Welding

That's a pancake hood. It's essentially goggles with a face shield attached, and a shield on the side, it prevents glare from the sun from getting in your eyes, and the shield keeps slag and shit from falling onto your face.

A Pipeliner (also known as the best helmet ever manufactured) is this. It's lightweight, indestructible, paintable, and has the sex appeal of a shirtless Theodore Roosevelt punching a bear. That's a lot of sex appeal.

u/The_Arc_Artisan_ · 2 pointsr/Welding

Fibre-metal Pipeliner coupled with either a glass gold shade 10 or a Tradesman auto-darkening lens for $60

I would suggest starting with the passive, but whatever lens you choose i would still go with the pipeliner because of it's durability and lightweight.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/Welding


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/skyth540 · 1 pointr/Welding

I think you can use just about any flux core wire in either a DC or AC welder

here's the first "flux core wire" that popped up... it doesn't specify AC or DC

INETUB BA71TGS .030-Inch on 2-Pound Spool Carbon Steel Gasless Flux Cored Welding Wire

u/Wood-Wolf · 1 pointr/Welding

I don't know if this is allowed, but here's a speedglass for $160

3M Speedglas Black Welding Helmet 100 with Auto-Darkening Filter 100V- Shades 8-12, Model 07-0012-31BL

u/Sniperawd · -1 pointsr/Welding

Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with AntFi X60-2 Wide Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13

u/SuperSpy- · 1 pointr/Welding

I bought one of these a few years ago when I started getting into hobby welding with a cheapish flux core MIG machine (Lincoln weld-pak HD), and it's been great.

I don't know how well it would stand up to heavy use, but for me it's been a great helmet, and dirt cheap. Once I got the sensitivity and delay dialed in, I've never had any problems with arc flash (apart from the few times I forget to lower it >_<).

u/Colloquial_Bloke · 1 pointr/Welding

I've used the 3m pancake masks under my viking. You'll have to adjust it so that the hood sits all the way forward, but it will work.

I'd suggest this mask:

It has a lever on the front that allows you to lower it without having to take off your helmet.

u/Algae198 · 3 pointsr/Welding

My welding school has an awful ventilation system. I started wearing this and it made a world of difference.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Welding

No problem. Here is an inexpensive shade 11 welding lens on amazon (shade 10 will not be enough):

And here is the welding helmet that I use to insert the autodarkening lens into:

I’ve tried basically every welding helmet on the market - expensive ones like the miller and Lincoln - and keep coming back to this reliable and versatile setup. The flip front makes it so you can grind without having to remove your helmet and put on a face shield. Beware of digital welding helmets that say they have a “grind mode” - you will forget to turn grind mode off and then when you go to weld, you will arc flash yourself. Every single time. Don’t waste your money because those helmets stop working after about a year and the clear replacement lenses can be around $5 or more EACH. Ripoff

Oh! Buy yourself a 3m respirator half mask and some P100 pink “pancake” filters. You will be able to focus on your welding better, plus your helmet lens won’t fog up with condensation because the mask diverts your exhale breath downwards and out the bottom of the welding helmet:



You can probably find these items cheaper locally at acklands grainger or somewhere. Don’t bother with a different respirator... this one has a quick release so you can drop the mask down and talk to people without taking off all your gear, which is super annoying!

I found this all out through trial and error and hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars down the drain.