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u/55isthenu30 · 2 pointsr/WellnessOver30

When my beard is thick, I have a homemade exfoliant that is 1 part coffee grounds and 16-24 parts coconut oil. I only use it if I go 1 or 2 days without shaving. Actually, most exfoliants are being outlawed here because the particles end up being ingested by the aquatic wildlife. Not only are plastic microbeads being outlawed but so are walnut shells. Since my water eventually drains into a Great Lake, I even wonder if it is ethical for me to use my homemade concoction.

I shave with Neutorgena's Men's Skin Clearing Shave Cream and it does wonders to leave a nice oil film on my face. I also use their after shave balm on my entire face and it does well.

For my body, Garnier Essentials has a Coconut Oil hair conditioner that I use on the hair and then rub on my body. It does a nice job of moisturizing my body. As for protecting my face from wind burns, I can't beat petroleum jelly. I have small tubes of it that I are stored in various outdoors bags and strategic places such as my sports officiating bag, hunting gear, glove compartment, and tool cabinet in the garage.

In the summer, I'm a fanatic about sunscreen, especially for my thin spot on the top of my head. I'll spray sunscreen there and make sure that I hit the ears and neck.

I'm lucky because I don't have a lot of skin problems and I think the fact that I have lots of body hair helps me to retain oils. I've been able to keep it simple and get by with a basic skin care routine.

u/ImplausiblyObvious · 3 pointsr/WellnessOver30

I just finished drinking my protein shake (1 c fat free milk, 1 c water, 1 scoop powder) after completing the Day 2 MH abs workout (the original program).

The "abs workout" thing is purely marketing. The program is a butt kicking total body workout that focuses on major muscle groups. A newer version of it is here

I use the original which is in this book ( I've really liked it over the years. The diet is solid with no gimmicks and the workouts are balanced.

I used to do this workout religiously. Both my strength and leanness improved significantly. Of course, I was also running 12-17K/day, as well.

Still, Day 5 completed. it's a good start. If only the muscle soreness would go away. :-)

u/50isthenu29 · 1 pointr/WellnessOver30

Here are examples of accessories that can be used with resistance bands. The handles are nice for gripping. The door jam is great if you have a private office. I attach mine to my weight bench. The assist strap is nice to put over the foot for stretching or foot exercises.

Bands are also great for workplace exercises. You can do 10-30 minute workouts in your office or even a cubicle and get some good toning.

u/Cockring_Buddha · 1 pointr/WellnessOver30

I'm doing an evening tea ritual to keep off the beer and wine. It's working out quite well. I purchased some very nice loose leaf low caffeine herbal teas.

Once my daughter has gone to bed, I heat up some water in a steel thermos. I put the thermos on a serving tray, along with my cup, my tea of the night, and my favorite tea infuser. I spend the evening hanging with my wife, continually preparing cups of tea for myself. It's turned into a nice relaxing ritual, that allows me to do something with my hands throughout the evening, so I'm not constantly reaching for snacks. I look forward to tea time every night.

It helps that I was brought up with British tradition in my family. So tea has always been "a thing".

u/sessyargc_jp · 1 pointr/WellnessOver30

I started with SL5x5, then 5/3/1, read several programming books (Practical Programming for Strength Training, Science and Practice of Strenght Training) and classic programs (The Doug Hepburn Method, Beyond 5/3/1: Simple Training for
Extraordinary Results). I now use a modified 3x5/5x5 program that doesn't rely on linear progression (where I have to add weights every session). Intensity is 70-80% of my 1RM. Testing 1RM occurs whenever I feel good.

Add in a dash of bodyweight exercises (mainly pull-ups, push-ups, dips, L-sits), some bodybuilding-type exercises for hypertrophy (dumbbell centered exercises) that get's rotated in or out, other accessories (good mornings, overhead press, barbell rows, face pulls, farmer walks, some curls, grip training with CoC's).

I realized can't be doing any of the linear progression programs (like SL5x5) at the age of 40 (injuries heal slower, recovery is also slower given that I go to the gym 4days a week)! With that said, I'm almost 2X BW (@68kg) with my squats and deads after 6 months of training (and mostly pain/injury free).

u/charming__quark · 2 pointsr/WellnessOver30

I would go for something like this:

Pull ups. RAWR!!

But if I was going for a cardio machine I would buy a treadmill.

u/dplt · 1 pointr/WellnessOver30

I recommend you read Gary Taubes's latest book. 'The Case Against Sugar." It's very damning. Sugar is almost certainly the cause of the obesity epidemic.