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u/hickory · 2 pointsr/Westfalia

Congrats on the van!


As far as I know the only add-on lock system for the 'vent' or 'wing' windows is something like this:


Regarding book/manual - get yourself a bentley repair manual, it will be indispensable.

The website I go to most often when working on or upgrading my van is the the samba: - read through the FAQ guide at the top if you haven't. Very active forum full of helpful folks. Lots on solar, etc on there.

u/alagusis · 2 pointsr/Westfalia

I just got these

They seem to be pretty much the same as the Hankooks as far as I can tell. So far so good. Free shipping at $75 per tire is pretty nice.

u/lordofthefeed · 2 pointsr/Westfalia

I'm a fan of these wine glasses (which come in red, white, and champagne!).

We also just got a set of rescue ramps (they might've been these), which we haven't tried out yet but are looking forward to!

Happy trails to you and your wife!

u/returnoftheDjedi · 1 pointr/Westfalia

The Vanagon comes with some pretty piss poor 4 inch speakers, and those can be upgraded but 4 and 6 inch speakers won't give you enough low range sound so the best bet is to get yourself a good compact low profile subwoofer. I put this one in my Westy and mounted it on the cabinet behind the driver seat. I think it sounds good!

u/imikeh · 1 pointr/Westfalia

i went with this sub linked MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Powered Subwoofer Enclosure and new stereo head. The tricky part was getting power ran to it so it would not shut off when key was turned off. I put a seperate power switch in for it. Had to wire to fuse panel and run audio and power under carpet. New head had cross over and LFE settings. I used a signal generator app on iphone to set cross over point.