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u/arbarnes · 13 pointsr/Wetshaving

Comparing badger, boar, and synthetic brushes is like comparing apples, oranges, and bananas. One isn't better than the other, they're just different.

Synthetic. This is the most practical option, but the one I like least. Synths make lather very efficiently, tend to release it well, and the good ones are extremely soft. But to me the face feel isn't as good as what you get from a high-quality badger or boar. Also, you've expressed a desire to avoid plastic products, and synthetic bristles are made from nylon.

Boar. Buying a boar brush is like adopting a puppy - you need to know what you're in for. They're the only brushes that need to be broken in. Basically, each bristle in a new boar brush comes to a coarse point at its tip. With time and use, the tip will split, just like a human hair. The fibers at the tip will get finer and softer, and the brush will become more effective at building and holding lather. You won't ruin a boar brush by failing to break it in, but it won't be very good until you do. As it breaks in it will become increasingly soft and the performance will improve dramatically. One thing to keep in mind is that many (most) guys prefer a boar brush that's been soaked for a few minutes so the fibers soften up; this is only an issue if you're the type who forgets to soak the brush. I am.

Badger. While I appreciate what a synth has to offer, and while I love my boars, if I had to choose a single desert-island brush it'd be made with badger hair. Which one I'd pick will change from time to time, but not what it's made of. There's no such thing as "silvertip badger." Badger hair terminology isn't standardized, and grading is not regulated. All the adjectives used to describe badger hair are basically marketing terms. Ignore the puffery and just get a great brush.

The best way to make sure you do this - regardless of whether it's badger, boar, or synthetic - is to buy one that's made by a reputable manufacturer. If you're going to buy a no-name or store-brand brush, get it from a vendor who's known to be reputable within the wet shaving community. Etsy vendors tend to just make handles; they buy (almost always mass-produced Chinese) knots and glue them in. So make sure you know where the knot comes from.

I totally disagree that a badger brush is a bad choice for a beginner; they perform well out of the box, and a good one is easy to use. Given your budget and the preferences you expressed, I'd recommend the Semogue Owners Club 2-band. The quality of construction is high; the knot is hand-made by artisans in Portugal, and the wooden handle is turned there as well. The hair used is very nice, with soft tips and tons of backbone. And IMO it's a steal at $57 (the price in the link I provided). MSRP is around $100 and the best price is usually $70 or so. The SOC is the least expensive of the badger brushes I have in my rotation, but I recommend it very highly.

A Semogue boar would be a great second brush, and it can't hurt to have a synthetic - some people actually prefer them to natural fiber. You can get a 1470 for $11 and a Fendrihan synth for $12, so the risk is minimal and the total cost is still within your budget.

u/airbornesimian · 4 pointsr/Wetshaving

Not sure what your budget is, but here are a few soap of the lower-cost, Amazon available soaps that I would recommend.

Pré de Provence

Pré de Provence is an excellent triple- or by some accounts quad-milled soap French soap, and strikes one of the best cost/performance/longevity ratios I've ever seen on a soap. It creates an excellent, slick, protective lather and provides an awesome post-shave feel even after you rinse it off. It comes in two scents:

Pré de Provence is a light, herbal scent that seems to have a strong sage note in it. I haven't used it, but I have used its brother. $11.99USD for 150g on Amazon.

Pré de Provence No. 63 is a warm, spicy cologne sort of scent that has notes of pepper, cedarwood, leather and tobacco leaves among others. $14.04USD for 150g on Amazon.

Cella Crema da Barba

Cella is a soft Italian soap that has a mild scent of cherry and almond. I don't know if it would be considered "manly," but this stuff has been around for nearly 120 years, and men have been shaving with it for all that time, so it has to be doing something right. It's also a great performer with good post-shave feel. $12.00 for 150g on Amazon.

La Toja

La Toja is a Spanish soap in stick form, containing mineral salts. Its scent reminds me a bit of briny sea air and talcum powder. La Toja's claim is that the addition of the mineral salts helps as a skin conditioner. $6.00USD for 50g on Amazon.


Speick is a German soap whose scent comes from the speick plant and lavender essential oil. It's one of my favorite soaps of all time in terms of both performance and scent. $8.08USD on Amazon.

Chiseled Face Groomatorium

Chiseled Face is one of our US artisans, and his products are among the best performing that I've ever used. He has a handful of different scents that you may find interesting, but my favorite of them is Ghost Town Barber.

Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber has notes of bergamot, basil leaf, white patchouli, oakmoss, texas cedar, leather, smoke, and gunpowder (I copy/pasted that from his description). $14.99USD for 113g on Amazon.


These are all US links, so I hope they work for you. I'm sorry to say that I can't help with the dry skin thing; my skin is fairly oily and not overly sensitive.

u/nobodysawme · 9 pointsr/Wetshaving

u/amanforallsaisons did a fine job. However, you're asking about amazon and looking for a budget deal.

The Dorco PL-602 is the most-affordable good DE razor.

The Body Shop synthetic brush is a plisson-type synthetic. I don't have one, but I know people who do. It looks good, and should be soft-tipped, and easy to use.

EDIT: let's go with one I do have: razorock plissoft

Soaps are a littler harder - do you like fruity scents or non-fruity scents? There are shaving soaps on Amazon (Razorock and WSP) but not in sampler form. You won't go wrong with soaps from either Razorock or WSP.

A blade bank I picked this as the add-on item rather than Prime, because it's cheaper and you'll have enough to make the add-on order work if you use your cart instead of 1-click buying.

Get a sampler pack of blades. I prefer for samplers, but if you wish to do amazon, this isn't all bad. The normal problem with a sampler on amazon is that you're getting blades from the same factory, so you aren't really getting a chance to sample well. Here, they're at least well-regarded blades, so it's not terrible.

Alum - if you hold alum to your face where you nick yourself, it will stop the bleeding.

Witch Hazel. A lot of people like Thayer's. You can use any witch hazel you like as an aftershave - I put this one here because I'm tempted to get it myself. lemon Thayer's witch hazel

Balm. Not strictly necessary, but if you find yourself burning, it won't hurt to have on hand. nivea post shave balm

Honestly? If you use shave oil, like Shave Secret (walmart), you don't need the brush or shave soap. Savings can be had if you're incredibly price sensitive. But many people prefer the brush and lather method.

Shave bowl. I use a collapsible bowl which is convenient for bowl lathering when I travel.

u/Wishbound · 18 pointsr/Wetshaving

Good morning~! Here's this week's news, enjoy!


  • Edwin Jagger - (1/6-1/31)
    January sale for 15%-off all shaving products.
  • Faena - (12/19-1/10)
    Last day to receive 15%-off orders over 30€ with code: FAENACHR
  • Fuzzy Face Soaps - (1/1-1/31)
    Last chance coupon to get 25%-off with code: FACEBOOK25
  • Nancy Boy - (1/1-1/31)
    Blossomwood aftershave balm (travel-size) is free with orders over $50. (Request it from the notes during check-out)
  • West Coast Shaving - (1/10-1/12)
    Orders over $35 get a free mystery gift valued at $25 with code: Mystery


    New Products!

  • Barrister & Mann - (12 PM EST / 9AM PST)
    Night Music (vanilla, bergamot, musk, iris, strawberry) preorders will begin today!
  • Bufflehead Soap Co. - (1PM EST / 12PM CST / 10AM PST)
    North York (gourmand: blood orange, coffee, roasted barley, vanilla) makes it's debut today, don't miss it!
  • Cold River Soap Works
    What's new..? Absolutely e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! (See news below)
  • Elite Razor
    Two new wooden brushes were added: Amboyna Burl and Poplar.
  • Italian Barber/RazoRock
    Stocking a limited quantity of Alluro (jasmine, pear, coffee flowers, whiskey) by Tcheon Fung Sing! Attempts to provide a strong exfoliation effect in hopes of preventing ingrown hairs.
  • K Shave Worx
    Now offering curated sample packs that will rotate on a monthly basis! January's pack includes four 1oz tins of Bumble Nuts, Cure for a Belly Ache, Frazzled Kilt and Grapelicious.
  • Reef Point Soaps - (1/14)
    Peerless (cedar, fir, bergamot, tobacco) will go live this Saturday!
  • Soap Commander - (Amazon)
    Something a little different: a published book about making shaving soap!
  • Viking Soap & Cosmetic
    Longship (Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver) aftershave balm is now available with plans to make more for the other dupes shortly!



  • Brad Sears Shave Works
    A new policy designed to combat preorder abuse. Buyers will be required to pay a deposit and are subject to a cancellation fee.
  • Chatillon Lux
    · Get those calendars out, the schedule for 2017 is here!
    · The website also received a nice makeover too!
  • Cold River Soap Works - (announcement)
    · Both the Select V.2 and Oliva lines were abruptly discontinued and replaced by a single line with a new formula that aims to improve slickness and cushion.
    · Most existing scents have also been discontinued and are no longer available. All new scents will only use essential oils going forward and the first five are Arctica, Citron, Cypress, Juniper, Lavish.
    · The previous metal soap tins, aftershave bottles, and labels have also been replaced with by plastic jars, spray-pump bottles, and modern aesthetics.
    · The website interface has also received a huge update too.
  • L&L Grooming - (1/15 @ 4PM EST / 1PM PST)
    The Puzzle contest thread will be posted on Saturday afternoon. Participants only have two hours to enter and the first correct answer will win!
  • Mason Boutique
    Isabella and Lillian were discontinued yesterday to make space for some upcoming new scents!
  • Mike's Natural Soaps
    · Bay Rum soap tins and bars are available for pre-order.
    · An extremely limited quantity of Lily of the Valley Bath Bars are also available for purchase.
  • Paladin Shaving
    Details and prototype photos for the upcoming beehive and M8 handles.
  • Stirling Soap Company - (Bonus video tour)
    Reminder to check out the recent AMA that was posted last weekend!
  • Phoenix & Beau - (1/31)
    Solid colognes are tentatively scheduled for the end of January.
  • Talbot Shaving - (via /u/dendj55 posted here)
    Plans for the new year discuss label development, many upcoming scents, and how proceeds are donated!
  • The Obsessive Soap Perfectionist
    · Slight price increase on soaps due to supplier costs going up.
    · Plans to offer a smaller-sized ~70g soap (in addition to the normal sizes) for those who may enjoy trying lots of scents and other brands more often.
    · Bath fizzies and bath bars will also be available soon!
u/Youarethebigbang · 5 pointsr/Wetshaving

My first razor just broke after 3 years of nearly daily use, Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, Knurled, Short Handle,

Fell on tile floor and will no longer thread. It was a nearly perfect razor for a newbie like me who was very nervous to switch to a safety razor and I've been very happy with the shaves it gave me.

Since it was my first and I'm so used to it, I'm slightly reluctant to try something new, but I at least want to consider other options if you guys have any ideas for me I'd appreciate it.

I'm as nervous to try something new as I was first switching to a safety razor since I don't want to slice myself up, ha, but if it's possible to find something different but also similar to how easy this one was to use, I'm all ears.

u/Huckleberryking · 3 pointsr/Wetshaving

Like Greggy said. Stirling and MLS are great. My wife hijacked my Drunken Goat soap. Wholly Kaw just sent me a bar of his bath soap that I used this morning and it's just as good. Not sure of he sells them on his site though. I assume if you ask he can hook you up. I have a lot of Indian grocery stores around me and they have an amazing amount of bar soaps. One was supposedly Mysore Sandalwood and it did smell nice. Tallow Soap that has lanolin in it and it's only a couple bucks a bar. This is the stuff (Mysore Sandal Soap 2.65 oz Box, (Pack of 12)

u/whiskyey · 11 pointsr/Wetshaving

May 3, 2018 - Yesterday's SOTE - Newb Gear

Prep: TOBS Pre-Shave Oil
Brush: Crabtree & Evelyn Best Badger by Edwin Jagger
Razor: Baili BR171
Blade: Astra SP
Lather: Stirling Soap Co. - Mountain Man - Soap
Post Shave: Art of Shaving Lavender Aftershave Balm

This shave takes me way back. It's not really a surprise that I never enjoyed shaving enough to do it regularly. I bought the pre-shave oil a couple years ago on Amazon when I first "got serious" about shaving. Within months I had discovered Reddit and put it aside never to be used again. This is my first ever brush; I can't remember quite when I got it but I date it about 10-15 years old. I haven't used it since I discovered wet shaving artisans, and it was losing hairs left and right just from fluffing the hair and then a good bit more in the act of loading it. Does this look like it'd feel that great on your face? Spoiler Alert: it doesn't. Face lathered away anyway but this brush couldn't possibly be any more pathetic - I guesstimate the knot at probably 18-20mm and not even dense. Stirling probably doesn't belong in this whole setup, but you can't argue it's newbness, especially because of a certain newbcentric subreddit. For the razor, it's pretty much a Viking or something you could find at Barnes & Noble. There you have it. My wife is due to be induced later this morning and I spent my last shave before becoming a dad on this gear. Thank you very much r/wetshaving.

Actually nah, did just one pass last night and going to repeat this shave before heading to the hospital.

u/goldragon · 1 pointr/Wetshaving

I have some hones I am looking to sell. Payment will be through Paypal.

First, three Naniwa SuperStones, all with stands and boxes, 3000/8000/12000 grit, all lapped and ready to use. Get yourself a 1000 grit stone such as the Naniwa Chosera (or the SuperStone) and you will have a progression that is honestly 95% as good as the all Chosera/Suehiro progression I use now. Looking to sell this as a lot only, $150 shipped CONUS.

Second, I have a Shapton M5 12000 grit stone, with case, lapped. I bought this just to try it out myself and I feel it is as fine as the Naniwa SS 12k but at half the price. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good touch-up hone for their SR. $30 shipped CONUS.

u/chefkoolaid · 2 pointsr/Wetshaving

Hey guys! After a year of using my PdP 63 puck 2019 has found me low key addicted to wet shaving. Aside from the mountain of soaps I have now collected I have started to accrue a small collection of brushes. My issue is my current shave stand is not wide enough to hold my Yaqi or WildWest Brushworks brushes without deforming the knot. My Semogue 630 fits fine, but nothing else does! Does anyone have a recommendation for a stand that would accomodate wider brushes? I really prefer to leave them hanging after use and dont have the spare time to build something I'd like. Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you!

u/abusivecat · 3 pointsr/Wetshaving

Anyone use Wholly Caw King of Oud? How much water do you usually use to get a good lather going?

Also, anyone use a Semogue Badger? How do they perform? I’ve used a badger a handful of times but the shedding was unbearable and it really scratched up my face quite a bit. This is the brush, a lot of the reviews mention the hairs don’t fall out nearly as much as other badgers, and I’ve heard good things about Semogue. Good purchase?

u/Maximum6 · 1 pointr/Wetshaving

Would this be a good buy for using a shavette style straight? Is there a higher end model that would be worth the extra money or is this one perfectly fine?

I dont have the equipment, space, or time to maintain a real straight so a shavette style straight is probably the only form of a straight i can use.

u/philter · 6 pointsr/Wetshaving

I use a couple of these wood test tube racks.

They're capable of holding every type of razor I've owned. Plus they fit in my medicine cabinet nicely, and they don't look half bad IMO.

u/Gregoryv022 · 5 pointsr/Wetshaving

Then: January, 2014

u/iamsms · 2 pointsr/Wetshaving

This is the best Feather AC club razor I ever used. Very smooth, easy to use, cheap, durable. AFAIK, this is also the razor those blades are designed for.

u/StraightShaverSix · 4 pointsr/Wetshaving

Feathers - 22.38

Astra SP - 7.35

Personna Platinum - 24.49

Voshkod Teflon - 10.99

All prices USD. These were just the ones I checked. You may wish to check Italian Barber, He has decent bulk prices and ships from Canada but it looks like long international shipping times (3-4 weeks)

u/GoodVelo · 2 pointsr/Wetshaving

You can't shave with La Toya, well maybe you can :) You should try to find La Toja

u/bdubelyew · 8 pointsr/Wetshaving

I use this test tube rack from Amazon and it suits my needs well.

Edit: the comments from users on Amazon show a lot of pictures with razors in use.

u/Smith2991 · 1 pointr/Wetshaving

If you have a favorite scent but wish it was really cold, you could try adding menthol to it yourself.

Try a few crystals in a small amount of aftershave. Be warned, it only takes a few crystals!! That 2oz bag will go a long, long way.

u/spazztik88 · 3 pointsr/Wetshaving

highly recommend pre de provence soap (for example):

It's under $10, and you can use it for months before even making a dent in the puck...

u/MrGreatKing · 3 pointsr/Wetshaving

My routine goes like this:

  1. Warm water to rinse off residual product
  2. Alum stick over wet face (Crystal Body Deodorant is MASSIVE and is cheaper/same price as smaller shave-marketed sticks, and it's the same ingredient)
  3. Cold rinse
  4. Towel pat dry
  5. Apply aftershave splash (I never use balms because my skin is oily - Floid "The Genuine" Amber and Figaro Ambra are my two favorites)
  6. If shaving before work, once the aftershave has dried I use a neck duster to apply a light layer of talcum around my neck
  7. Spray some cologne, but away from the area that just had steel scraping repeatedly against it because of much it stings as compared to aftershave
u/whiskyrow · 1 pointr/Wetshaving

Was alerted to this deal on a 12k shapton on Amazon.
Whetstone Sharpening Stone Shapton Ceramic Kuromaku #12000 by Shapton

u/beslayed · 1 pointr/Wetshaving

I notice on Amazon (USA), the DR Harris Windsor hard shaving soap in the Mahogany bowl is $24.77 (+free shipping w/ Prime). I bought mine when it was around this price (normally $33-$37, I think).

[non-affiliate link: ]

u/NeedsMoreMenthol · 3 pointsr/Wetshaving

Tungsten putty. Roll it spaghetti thin, insert into hole in handle, pack it down and you're done.

u/NewYorkCityGuy · 2 pointsr/Wetshaving

Here's some reading related to our sub.

How to Make Shaving Soap: Charting Your Course to the Land of Lather

u/RuggerRigger · 2 pointsr/Wetshaving

There’s also at least one Viking company selling re-branded razors with inappropriate mark-ups.

Here’s an example but I don’t think Aus is their only company:

u/llee89x · 1 pointr/Wetshaving

not sure but this is what i used.

u/Posaunne · 1 pointr/Wetshaving

So a few days late and there's no way this will get noticed, but...

My girlfriend got me this razor and it's what I've been using since starting wetshaving a little over a month ago:

I'm wondering where in the spectrum this razor would fall in terms of aggressiveness, and what razors it could be most closely compared to.

u/Angry_Cardboard_Box · 1 pointr/Wetshaving

This is the one I am using. Someone can jump in, but I believe this is the same as an alum block for shaving - small cuts and whatnot. I have also tried this one from Italian Barber. It is okay, but it runs down my arm quickly.