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u/CorvidaeSF · 2 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

Sideplug, but if you enjoy reading WoD-like stories, we actually have on-going narrative writeups of our V20 campaign, edited for plot smoothness and consistency. I comment often how it makes our game feel like a Dresden novel :P A warning, though, if you check out the beginning sessions first, the structure of this thing has grown organically and my writing has improved A LOT in three years.

Secondary sideplug, but a friend of mine is the author of a book called The Dragons of Heaven which was originally inspired by characters of hers from an Exalted game. Her second book in the series is coming out soon!

u/The_Jacob · 3 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

Not certain in CofD, but in OWofD there was Sorcerer: The Hedge Wizard's Handbook, which was a guide for playing mortal practitioners of magic. It had static paths that had no paradox, but were ridged, time consuming, and resource intensive, but could pact a hella punch. I think you could convert it to CofD, with some time and patience, or it could inspire a bit of creativity for your own work. Here is a link to the Amazon page for the book, if you are inclined to buy it. I've found it very rare to nab at any local gamestores., but if you are in a major city it might be worth it to see if your local gamestore has it in stock.

u/Slanderpanic · 2 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

I watched the first episode when it aired and I hated it. I kind of wish I could give it another go now that I'm older, but I'm not about to spend $30 on a show I loathed just because it's connected to a game I love.

...That is an awfully nice boxed set, though.

u/Kisby · 3 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

Scour the web for the Giovanni Saga

It is played in the Dark Ages setting and is easily the best premade chronicle for vampire. It contains a lot of information on the different time periods too if that is your main concern

u/Talmor · 1 pointr/WhiteWolfRPG

Since they're paraphrasing it anyways (AND WHY ARE THEY SAYING "FIRELIGHT"), here's a great source for running a Dark Ages game:

It's not the best history, but it makes for FUN games.

u/Manlor · 1 pointr/WhiteWolfRPG

Yeah. I mostly read for the characters too. That or for the prose.

You should try Nevernight if you haven't yet.

It kind of has a WoD feel to it and the text is so well crafted it is a pleasure to read. He is becoming my favourite author. 😃

u/Oldekingecole · 4 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

In the excellent novel I Vampire the protagonist is also in a position in which he has to figure things out himself.

He ends up burning himself and learning about sunlight. The same should work for PCs. Finding out sunlight burns you is the “come to Jesus” moment of realizing you are a vampire. I would encourage you to play it up with their group.

u/ChakiDrH · 3 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

Yes, its from Mage The Ascension Revised and its called "Sorcerer"

I really like the book since it gives you great sources for powers for villains to have. And the Path of Summoning/Binding/Warding offers you a more enhanced ruleset for any Werewolf Theurge.

u/VonAether · 1 pointr/WhiteWolfRPG

DVD set's pretty affordable. Also includes a newly-filmed epilogue scene and the remastered Book of Nod we put together.

u/iponly · 5 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

For books, /r/askhistorians (which has a strong group of indigenous American studies academics) often recommends 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus and downplays Guns Germs and Steel, because Jared Diamond's research process was basically 1. create theory, 2. seek facts to justify theory, and the result is about as flawed as you would expect from that reversal of normal historical analysis. (Mind you, his book blew my mind as much as anyone's when I first read it...)

Or, if you're just asking for rpg books: I don't think White Wolf has anything set in Texas at all. It might be interesting to do 'banes as they lived in Texas before Pentex, and how the arrival of an organizing structure changes them' though. Especially if you take into account the difference in timing between the colonization of the east coast, central america, and texas, there could be repercussions in the spirit world long before your players see human impact. (ex: California didn't have major colonial impact until the 1800s, which is kind of crazy to think about.)

u/Bogatyr1 · 3 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

A mythological worldwide event whose actual basis is scientifically estimated to have happened somewhere around 5000 BC

The exact date is never specified in WoD texts or the Book of Nod since the conception and use of calendars was not yet common to societies, but the VTM lore calls the event "The Deluge" and it destroyed 'The First City'

I've used to generate three random end-numbers as a possible date:


The first city in WoD also refers to the myth of the city of 'Ubar' which is sometimes claimed to have been destroyed 3000 years ago (a good book on my bookshelf irregardless):

For parity with WoD, Clapp should be considered incorrect and an alternate known or unknown site should be considered as the true archeological location:

Especially of note is that in one of the Gehenna scenarios a party can travel back to The First City where there are statues of 27 different vampire Antediluvians, many more than the VTM clanbook narrators are aware of.

u/NotAWerewolfReally · 7 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

Inspired after I saw this and thought, "Clearly in WoD this is going to either mind control you or cause some other horrible effect."

u/Chorazin · 3 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

It's basically low level Magic, think of cantrips if you've played D&D. Not enough to break reality but enough to bend it a little.

They wrote a whole book about it! Sorcerer: The Hedge Wizard's Handbook (World of Darkness)

u/CausalError · 2 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

Absolutely sure. It was an undersized book, same size as the Book of Nod flavor book, no mechanics in the text, just essays on pursuit of power.

u/DementedJ23 · 3 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

jan pieterzoon was a pedophile in the ultra-edgy vampire erotica book that old white wolf published.



it was part of his feeding exclusion


u/diceproblems · 5 pointsr/WhiteWolfRPG

Sorta. I've actually got a copy of this and I'd be absolutely lying to you if I told you I've read the whole thing, but the tl;dr of the section about the linear pack hierarchy is that wolf packs are generally families and, as such, the circumstances they're in/disruptions they face/individual temperaments can make things look a variety of ways. They're more likely to fight if the pack is made up of unrelated members, or in a situation where the pack's parents are gone and it's a bunch of siblings figuring out who's in charge. They don't really fit well into the defined roles that researchers used to think existed, though.

I know that Mech in particular really regrets the introduction of those terms, and I'm pretty sure the current standard for wolf researchers is to avoid the word "alpha" altogether and just distinguish the breeding pair of a pack.