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u/PleySteshon · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

Another issue came up. Please help me out. I've got some games to work with my 32gb SD card with Loadiine. I switched off to 64gb (, and now I having issue to starting Loadiine. I get stuck with white background and WiiU logo on bottom right. This is how I start Loadiine.

-reset browser

-goto loadiine site

-step1, start illuminati

-go back to browser

-step2, launch homebrew

This method does not seem to work anymore...

I'm on 5.5.1, have gx2 files in app folder.


EDIT: I'm sorry to ask so many questions on this sub. But any help will be appreciated :)

EDIT2: Does 64gb work with WiiU at all?

switching back to 32gb works flawlessly. DO NOT use Sandisk 64gb (link on this post). It will never launch HB or Loadiine no matter what. I hope next Loadiine version can implement this feature so all SD sizes/brands can be used.


u/beyouorfuckyou · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

I'm shopping for full-size SD cards for my Wii U ahead of hacking it. It's a 32GB model.

I've found 128GB cards well within my budget so I'm ready to pull the trigger on this one right here but I want to get my facts straight:

  • if I format the card to FAT32 and change the allocation size to the right setting, with the right SD card formatting app, will it probably work?
  • will the Wii U be able to see and use all 128GB of the card? I understand it will be closer 119.somethingGB in the OS, I'm not talking about that.
  • will I be able to use it to store Wii and VC games? GCN games, even?

    Please don't tell me to just get a HDD right off. I will make up my own mind when I have the info I need. Thanks!
u/codemasterv · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

I dont think that one is real.

A real samsung will say samsung at the top. Not "S S G" and it would not be that cheap.

To be exact on the one im using is this

Its a 200GB. I know I said 256 but its out of habit rounding that number up. There are 256 SD cards [that work] (

Can also confirm that this one works.

I got the 128 for my Note 4 and used it with my Wii U until I got that 200GB

Yes I am using a micro SD card adapter. :)

u/Ondai · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks

Thanks for your input, this is what I expected. If I knew more about Wii U hacking & homebrew, I might just have the software chops to accomplish this.

In the meantime, I'm glad to here there's a reasonable alternative. I'm at work so unfortunately I cannot view your link. Would [this] ( work on the Wii U?

u/sapperRichter · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks

I ordered this one and it works great, much cheaper as well.

u/codenamegamma · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks

just use a wiimote with a gamecube style classic controller and it works great as well. though not as hacktacular as using the GC adapter or some other gamepad.

u/DarkStar851 · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks


I just made one out of an old MicroUSB cable and a Y-cable I had for a DVD ROM drive, but I guess getting a proper one would be a better idea.

u/thepocketnerd · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

Do you have it plugged into the USB ports in the back with the data plug in the bottom port? I've only ever used the Seagate model with all my consoles and they've always worked like a charm. This is the Y cable I have. (A Male to Micro B) Data Sync and Charging

u/wpnz · 6 pointsr/WiiUHacks

I have that same HDD, make sure you get a USB Y cable to help power it from 2 ports.

u/andrejysim · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

About a month ago I've got myself a Wii u, really enjoying it more than my Switch, and I decided to mod it with Hachi. But I'm having trouble finding a reasonable external hdd in my country (amazon and ebay doesn't deliver here)
And all I managed to find at our country's marketplace is basically this

Is it good, can it be used with wii u? I see the slot is different from other external hdd and couldn't find this ey cables or what which can be used with this one.

Thanks in advance.

u/mastachaos · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

Is there a limit on the size or type of SD card that can be used? I'd like to order one like this one but want to confirm compatibility first.

u/pistolsniper97 · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks

a passive adapter here should in theory work as i believe (don't quote me on this, and not you either quote bot) does the same thing as a hdmi to dvi adapter since they're all digital signals. If you don't feel like trying the only other thing i would recommend is an hdmi switcher and use the output to an hdmi to dvi adapter.

u/QuoteMe-Bot · 6 pointsr/WiiUHacks

> a passive adapter here should in theory work as i believe (don't quote me on this, and not you either quote bot) does the same thing as a hdmi to dvi adapter since they're all digital signals. If you don't feel like trying the only other thing i would recommend is an hdmi switcher and use the output to an hdmi to dvi adapter.

~ /u/pistolsniper97

u/The_Phantom_Thief · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

So would an SD card like this work?

u/codepoet82 · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks

It must be on the SD card. The web browser (the only currently known primary entry point) doesn't have access to read from the USB ports at all, so there's no alternatives for it.

Personally, I'd recommend at least a 64GB card, this one from amazon is $20, and big enough to be able to run a rednand from.

u/Soulcloset · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

When/if you do, keep in mind that the WiiU doesn't supply enough power from one USB port alone. You'll need a splitter cable for the HDD, something like this.

u/skymcgowin · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks

I have used Wii classic controllers, Mario fight pads, and gamecube controllers for Nintendont. This is my favorite for the gamecube games, because it's wireless due to plugging into a wiimote.

u/yoshisman8 · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

the wiiU's usb ports emit a lower voltage than the wii, this one being insufficient to power most USB storage devices. you''ll need something like a USB y splitter to power it.

u/Chrisfand · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

What HDD do you have? Most should work though get a Y cable just in case. Mine would not work without one. Yours might not be getting enough power from 1 USB port on the Wii U. Especially if it's a 7200RPM drive.

u/emre3 · 5 pointsr/WiiUHacks

Found this from one quick Google search: There's a cheaper one for 8,99, but this one is Class 10 while the cheaper one is Class 4.

u/tjacoblux · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

I'm using a Sony SDHC Class 10 UH-1 and haven't had any issues so far. laank

u/FFNight · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

SanDisk Ultra | 64GB | Micro-SDXC | Class 10 UHS-1 | 80 MB/s | Working | Product Link

u/NPPraxis · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks

I followed the instructions in the guide to the letter as best as I could, but I get "FSGetMountSourceFailed" when I launch the home brew channel from the website exploit.

The only thing I didn't follow exactly:
I'm on Windows 10 and didn't have a FAT32 option. So I used the utility recommended in the thread, but it didn't have a 32kb cluster size option - so I used the lowest available, which was 512kb. Is this the problem, and if so, how am I supposed to get it done with 32kb?

I am using this card.

u/ghostwriter77 · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

That's what I thought too, but then I read this:

"Not without an HDMI->DisplayPort adapter (which aren't cheap) - e.g. (Note I have no idea if that adaptor will work with the Wii U and your monitor - it's just illustrative of the sort of thing you'd have to get)
Don't be confused, and buy a DisplayPort->HDMI Adaptor (which are cheap, but are intended for connecting a DisplayPort equipped PC to a HDMI monitor, and won't work the other way round)"


As for audio, I'm using separate speakers with RCA inputs.

u/TorterraFan493 · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

I followed the guide, formatted my 64GB SD card as FAT32 using guiformat.exe, and put all the files on that SD card.

However, upon using the browser exploit, the text "SD mount failed. Please insert a FAT32 formatted sd card." comes up instead of the homebrew launcher.

The SD card I used is a SanDisk Extreme SDXC 64GB, and my Wii U was bought at launch - the black 32GB version.

Am I doing something wrong?

u/Tomugol · 1 pointr/WiiUHacks

Oh! You'll probably need one of these. I didn't know this and it led to 4 very frustrating and impatient days waiting for a package to arrive. You likely won't find these in stores.