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u/Arkelias · 2 pointsr/WritersOfHorror

This is a good place to start, and you can also post to /r/writing for general craft advice. As one final piece of encouragement I was where you are just a few years ago.

Today I sold my 1,200th copy. Put in the time and work and you'll be there before you know it. Just write. Every damn day.

u/egilsaga · 1 pointr/WritersOfHorror

The heartwarming story of a man making dinner with his girlfriend.

Just a short thing I banged out the other day. If you're interested in seeing more substantial stuff, check out my blog, where I've been known to post weird tales from time to time. Insert shameless self-promotion for my collection of short stories, available for dirt cheap on Amazon.

u/MicahCastle · 2 pointsr/WritersOfHorror

Although not entirely indie, I'd highly recommend checking out John Langan's new collection Sefira and Other Betrayals.

And not to shamelessly promote, but this is my latest collection of short stories, The Abyss Beyond the Reflection.

u/DeclanBrennanWriting · 1 pointr/WritersOfHorror

“The Underwood wants to be forgotten by outsiders. It doesn't like outsiders.” He gestured to the shapes in the shadows “We don't like outsiders."

The Underwood is located just beyond the city. It is a wild, pagan forest where strange things happen. The people who live in the Underwood are considered different by the people of the city, if they think about them at all. Too often the Underwood has been neglected and forgotten by all except those who live there, which was probably for a reason...

"The Underwood" is a collection of five original horror stories including:

Among The Tortured Firs - A man goes into the Underwood and ecounters something very unusual yet uncomfortably familiar.

Tall Man's Tales - A quiet village is brought to ruin by a mysterious stranger.

The Season - The mysterious death of a local leads a journalist to ask questions that are better left unaswered.

The Ancient - A teenager and his family move to the Underwood where he makes a strange new friend.

Annette - The house of their dreams quickly turns into a nightmare when a young couple come face to face with a local legend.

Inspired by the writing of H.P Lovecraft and Stephen King and by the Podcasts Lore, Myths and Legends and Unexplained "The Underwood" is my first attempt at fiction.

I have written a book about my time living and travelling in Canada and have also been published in The Irish Times newspaper.

So come and explore the Underwood, you might never leave. link link

Giveaway begins at 0001 PST (0800 GMT, 0300 EST) on 26th and ends at 2359 PST on the 28th.

u/Becauseisaidsotoo · 4 pointsr/WritersOfHorror

Below is the book title and description.

Horrible Writing: 10 Horror Stories You Probably Shouldn’t Read

These 10 horror stories were originally posted online under a pseudonym. Some of them have taken on a life of their own. Cumulatively the stories written under this name have been read by tens—possibly hundreds—of thousands. Some have been translated into other languages, and many have been featured on podcasts, SoundCloud, and YouTube channels. A few have even been made into short movies.

I’ve edited and collected the most horrible of the stories here. You probably shouldn’t read these; they aren’t good for you. Still, I enjoyed writing them, and lots of people enjoyed reading them. You might too.

They are about horrible things that happened and might yet happen. Upsetting things like rewatching movies we’ve all seen, what happens when we’re sleeping, the horror of falling in love, and national monuments behaving badly. Creepy stories about things that happen at coffee shops, a strange flu, and a dog that wants so badly to be good. Disturbing things like the choices we make together, an informercial for a thing you may not want, and to end it all—a caricaturist’s love note to you, and you, and you. All awful, unbearable things. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Here’s a link to the collection.