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u/lightabigfire · 1 pointr/XFiles

Not to barge in late or anything, but I read this a couple of months ago, and it's pretty good. It was half an introduction to philosophy using The X-Files as a base, and half philosophers talking about their personal X-Files theories. Would recommend.

Wanting To Believe is pretty good too, but it's more arranged as critiques of individual episodes.

u/DenyingtheTruth · 2 pointsr/XFiles

Hi everyone. The competition has now closed and the winner has been notified. Those who are still interested can pick up a copy on Createspace or Amazon ( Thanks to all for your interest.

u/orodromeus · 2 pointsr/XFiles

It was! Great content with plenty of behind the scenes info, a lot of work on the looks/aesthetics of the thing.

If you're interested, Titan reprinted a selection of their articles into 3 volumes a couple of years ago. You can "look inside" a bit with Amazon previews:

u/FrancoMontana · 2 pointsr/XFiles

It's been out for a year or so now, all the episodes are remastered in 1080p Widescreen and the picture quality is incredible! It's like watching it for the very first time, and every episode has DTS-HD 5.1 audio so it sounds amazing too. I bought it from and its an absolute bargain considering what you're getting:

u/blink5694 · 8 pointsr/XFiles

Here is an Amazon link for the interested.

There is also this second edition.

I'm not sure which one OP has.

u/dblaksle · 2 pointsr/XFiles

The second poster is much easier to find, because fox owns the copyright. Think I got mine off ofamazon a few years ago, when the new season was coming out.

u/Cattfish · 12 pointsr/XFiles

Yes, that's the X-files Movie. (Fight the Future, came out in 1998)

You can rent it on Amazon

u/Kodeki · 1 pointr/XFiles

According to Amazon, looks like it's out a little earlier too, August 15th as opposed to the 29th stated there.

u/TheRealJuventas · 9 pointsr/XFiles

Quality is pretty bad. You can get the entire series on DVD for $12 and you know, support it.

u/wtdylan97 · 2 pointsr/XFiles

I think The Complete X-Files: Behind the Scenes, the Myths and the Movies is a book which covers this sort of stuff. I haven't read it yet, because I am waiting for the Revised and Updated Edition which includes Season 10 to come out in November.

There is also The X-Files Official Collection, which is content from the official X-Files magazine, which was released while the original series ran, collected into three volumes:

u/YesNoIDKtbh · 2 pointsr/XFiles

These are all different phenomenons, so I couldn't give any one source for the history of them. It's also notoriously difficult to track down the definite origin of any one phenomenon within the conspiracist milieu, with the exception of theories like the lizard people (David Icke).

Other well-known conspiracy theories, like Roswell, JFK, and 9/11 are obviously traceable to the actual events, but pinpointing the exact origin - ie. whoever "claimed it first" - is next to impossible. In that regard it's much easier (and more interesting) to see how and why it spread. Loose Change was a large contributor with its documentary'ish style and spooky music, along with the distrust of the Bush administration by the democratic voters, and the subsequent "war on terror" waged against Saddam Hussein who obviously had nothing to do with the attack on WTC. These are just some of the factors that increase likelihood of spreading; A general distrust of authority is elementary. These are however socalled 'event conspiracies' and are easier to track down the origins of. Socalled 'super conspiracies' concerning NWO, Illuminati, Jews etc. are much more intricate and often trace back hundreds of years.

If you want to know more about how these things are communicated and spread, I'd suggest Michael Barkun's 'A Culture of Conspiracy' as an introduction. It's a very good (and entertaining) read.

u/WilliamMcCarty · 7 pointsr/XFiles

The most common theory was that he was briefly married to Diana Fowley.

Wikipedia says:

In several shots, Mulder can be seen wearing a wedding band. This was David Duchovny's idea; he explained "That was just me, you know, fooling around. I had recently gotten married, and I wanted to wear it." He later described the situation as "so Mulder to never have mentioned that he was married". Series creator Chris Carter later told Duchovny that the situation "creates a problem. If we ever do a show that takes place seven years ago, you'll have to be married." However, Duchovny reassured Carter by pointing out that there were not very many episodes, if any, that had been planned to take place seven years prior to the events in this episode. The inclusion of the detail caused an "Internet frenzy" and the minor detail was never resolved on screen

And according to this book he was in a green card marriage and being the gentleman he is Mulder let her have the bedroom and that's how he ended up always on the couch.