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u/counttess · 3 pointsr/YoungProfessionals

I honestly think any kind of customer service. That is where I was able to develop a lot of soft skills. Volunteering for a nonprofit thrift shop or something like that would give you a good start and would be minimal hours.

In addition, taking on a leadership role in anything (a local chapter of rotary, etc.) can be very good experience.

That being said, a certain amount of soft skills will have to do with personality type and personal motivation. I was personally motivated to go out of my way to attain leadership positions throughout my high school and college years and have been overall successful with it.

One book I see recommended a lot is How to Win Friends and Influence People. Dale Carnegie has a lot of other books as well that pertain to your interests.

Also, my work has a special obsession with The Checklist Manifesto and The Advantage. The equity firm that owns my company requires all managers and higher ups to read those two books, so obviously they've got something going for them!

u/electricsnuggie · 2 pointsr/YoungProfessionals

It's Not How Good You Are, Its How Good You Want to Be
by Paul Arden, an ad guru. Tiny and awesome for creative professionals and anyone managing certain types of client relationships.