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u/Squirrelwinchester · 14 pointsr/Zoomies

Some tips for ferret owning if youre interested. Ferrets are obligate carnivores, do not buy any brand of food that says theyre for ferrets. Most of it is garbage that can kill your ferret. Get a high quality cat kibble here is a link to a chart that has a good list of options. Raw feeding is another good option, here is a forum that teaches about that. They should never have anything but meat or high quality oils, such as salmon oil for treats.

Ferrets need a ton of space to live well these are the best two cages. ferret nation and feisty ferret. The last one you will need to get something to put over the bars to protect their feet though.

Ferrets should not be bathed more than once a month, and only if they are visibly dirty. If you bathe them more than that their body produces more of the musk and they will smell like ass.

Ferrets should always be kept in pairs, especially if they have always been kept with another. They say the best toy for a ferret is another ferret for a reason. Ferrets also require a lot of out of cage play time, so a ferret proofed house or a play pen is required. They will attempt to eat anything and they will get intestinal blockages easily. This will kill them very quickly. There is a "protocol" for trying to get blockages out which includes feeding them raw canned pumpkin. However, the majority of the time they need surgery.

Please feel free to ask me anything about keeping ferrets!

u/cocanani · 2 pointsr/Zoomies

Oh my god I love him!!! Also side note, I’m a dog groomer. Please consider investing in the Chris Christensen slicker brush to keep his coat from getting matted. This one is safe and good to brush all the way through so you could run a comb through it and see the skin. I can’t tell you how many matted doodle pups that brush has worked magic on! Here’s a link : Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush, Large, Coral

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Zoomies

She's having fun! She would be great a frisbee. Get her a floppy disc frisbee like this:

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Soft Dog Frisbee Interactive Dog Toy, Colors May Vary

u/deepsixz · 1 pointr/Zoomies

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy As Seen On TV

from the product video "designed to mimic human laughter and joy"

u/Creoda · 10 pointsr/Zoomies

Spring return extendable leads aren't good either - I use a training lead and loop it in my hand I can control how far it goes, far easier than an extendable, a simple loop around my finger provides a friction hold and I can bring the lead in better and faster than the pull and retract, pull and retract of an extendable. - Long training lead here -->

u/nnyx · 29 pointsr/Zoomies

Alright I found the ball:

Usually when he's done playing with it it's just a little more inflated than the ball in OP's video, and the picture I linked is about how full it somehow magically fills itself back up.

No promises on this magic happening on any subsequent giant tennis balls or anything obviously.

It looks like it used to say "US OPEN" on it so I'm fairly certain this is the one:

u/husky54 · 40 pointsr/Zoomies

A lot of pet stores will have them.

Also Amazon:

I use one of these for my golden and it slows him down. I also use a Kong wobbler to feed him dinner. Occasionally I'll use a snoop, which also works well.

Alternatively, you could stick two spoons in the bowl in an X fashion. There are tons of ways to slow fast chompers down so they don't get bloat!

u/teddyspice21 · 2 pointsr/Zoomies

He loves this mouse want toy! I move it in a circle and he follows with a backflip, its insane! He's definitely lost some chonk since the extreme gymnastic training.

u/teethinthedarkness · 92 pointsr/Zoomies

The ones on Amazon look like they are hundreds of dollars: Floating Water Mat for Lake or Salt Water, 18' x 6' Giant Pad, Choose Color, Large Boat Side Foam Raft for Adults and Kids. (Blue)

u/tetlee · 5 pointsr/Zoomies

It's a foldout washing line with a cover on it. They're pretty common in the UK.

u/push_forward · 1 pointr/Zoomies

Here ya go for the Amazon link. The words I googled were “raised dog bowl and storage” :)

u/Im2oldForthisShitt · 1 pointr/Zoomies

Ya I have this one which is a bit more suitable for dogs like in the gif

Still eats faster than I'd like but now at least he can take some breaths in between.

u/goneskiing_42 · 1 pointr/Zoomies

This is even cheaper, and launches tennis balls a sufficient distance to tire out a pupper.

u/ckach · 1 pointr/Zoomies

Or one of these: Canine Hardware Chuckit Ball Launcher Classic Medium (25 inches)

u/madarabange · 9 pointsr/Zoomies

Floating Water Mat for Lake or Salt Water, 18' x 6' Giant Pad, Choose Color, Large Boat Side Foam Raft for Adults and Kids. (Blue)

u/The-Respawner · 31 pointsr/Zoomies

You need to read this:

Because your attempt at being vulgar, edgy and funny sucked.

u/PinkPearMartini · 27 pointsr/Zoomies

I've seen alot of dogs aspirate their food. I free-feed mine. Their dry food is in one of these and is available 24 hrs a day:

As a result, food is boring to them. They casually grab a few pieces of kibble here and there. And, they're not overweight.

u/_Skylake_ · 40 pointsr/Zoomies

Cancer is not the same as buying a wheelchair. ..

Wheelchairs like these go for around $250