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u/The_NightRider71 · 2 pointsr/acrl

The best thing anyone can do is read this book,witten specifically for Assetto Corsa:

cit. "This book is a comprehensive handbook for race driving on Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa simulator. It is not a gaming guide. What you will find here are technical topics covering graphics card optimisations, force feedback customisation, simulator configuration, race car dynamics, race car components, car set-up, driving techniques, racing rules, race strategies, race tactics, psychology of race driving, and handling guides for each car type. I also present the cornering lines for all laser-scanned tracks. I describe each track, corner-by-corner and bump-by-bump, with cockpit view screenshots."

I've read this book several times(700 pages on Kindle) and made me faster,more conscious of my limits and a better virtual mechanic.
Recommended for newbies and experts.....newbies find a new world of info,experts will find very useful tips and tricks.

the author update the book at every patch of the game.

u/ParadeShitter · 1 pointr/acrl

it'd be a best seller. i think there's like one book on the topic. obviously it's not the biggest niche but come on!

u/CamsX · 2 pointsr/acrl

Been using gloves since I got my T300RS, as the rubber covered wheel was a bit too harsh on my hands compared to my old G25's leather.

In the AC official forum I got recommended this Mechanix Fastfit gloves. Inexpensive, good drip and not too warm. Good enough for sim racing.

Around June I switched to the Racequip 2 layer Nomex gloves I got for Real Life track action. Much more expensive and warm than the Mechanix ones.