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u/iantri · 1 pointr/adops

Others have pointed you to the excellent sidebar.. If you want books, those are a rarity. These are among the few though, and are actually good:

Targeted by Mike Smith

Introduction to Programmatic Advertising by Kosorin

Avoid Ad Serving Technology by Cristal. Its very thorough, but essentially unreadable.

I believe its also important to have a healthy background in how the Internet, etc. works. Understanding the Digital World by Kernigham is excellent for this.

u/JodaCast · 3 pointsr/adops

Very good ad tech book. Brilliant resource for all Ad Ops peeps and teams.

u/ckseet79 · 2 pointsr/adops this is not bad but in real life each company has its own stacks iab standards are pretty much required

u/here2learnmore · 1 pointr/adops

This is a good quick read and place to start

Ad Serving Technology: Understand the marketing revelation that commercialized the Internet

u/abadabazachary · 5 pointsr/adops is okay, you can read through it in about an hour or two. Caveat emptor: Someone more experienced with the industry than I said that some of its diagrams are misleading/inaccurate.

u/kenjimike · 3 pointsr/adops

+1 for Checklist Manifesto (

Also Tim Wu's Attention Merchants (

and AGM's Chaos Monkeys (

edited to add that I'm currently reading "Predictive Marketing: Easy Ways Every Marketer Can Use Customer Analytics and Big Data" ( to get down with CDP's...

u/mmmarce · 5 pointsr/adops

One book that I found outlined this stuff well is Ad Serving Technology:

Yes, you can learn this online too, but sometimes you can get more lost than educated with all the info available.