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u/rideawayonmyzephyr · 1 pointr/aerialsilks

Aw sweet girl I totally get you. I haven’t been in that exact situation, but I do get being SO fusturated with yourself over something that is taking far too long and any “other” person would’ve conquered by now.

All I can say is, aside from that I totally understand your frustration, is that, if you love it, then you can only compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Everyone is dealing with a completely different set of limitations and privileges, and to compare yourself to them is unjust.

And you HAVE made progress! It may be slow but DAMN GIRL! Be proud of yourself! You did something! That’s a whole heap more than all the people who didn’t even make it off the couch.

If you shift your perspective a little bit, maybe silks CAN be something that makes you feel good about yourself, because you’ve been coming back every. damn. week. and refusing to quit when people with less persistence would’ve thrown in the towel by now. And that’s something to be proud of!!

However, I totally believe everyone needs something they’re good at to bolster their self esteem, so if realistically this can’t do that for you, maybe you could find another outlet to bring that positive self-worth & offset any negative feelings the slow progress in aerials is causing.

As in, maybe the issue is not silks, but your life overall isn’t giving you a feeling of self-efficacy and silks is just another thing dragging you down, even though you love it.

My personal advice would be not to quit if you love it, but to examine other areas of your life that can bring self esteem. Also this bookthis book is really great if overall self esteem is something you’re struggling with (from your post it definitely sounds like it is).

Best of luck!!

u/Shenanigansandtoast · 1 pointr/aerialsilks

This book is really really interesting and helpful for training. It goes into detail on the physical mechanics of aerial.

Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts: An Illustrated Guide to Strength, Flexibility, Training, and Injury Prevention[Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts: An Illustrated Guide to Strength, Flexibility, Training, and Injury Prevention ](