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u/starcom_magnate · 16 pointsr/agedlikemilk

He also had one called "Fatherhood" (which, I'm not going to lie, is pretty funny)

u/CoralineCastell · 5 pointsr/agedlikemilk

Hey I was also interested and looked it up. I think it's this one:

The Great War for Civilisation

u/bw0404968 · 1 pointr/agedlikemilk

Read this then look up who Allen Myers is.

This book does a good job

u/ItsHeredditary · 2 pointsr/agedlikemilk

We used to rent a lake house every summer with a library that had several relationship advice books written by Bill Cosby.

This one in particular aged like milk the most.

u/Kappa113 · 1 pointr/agedlikemilk

For anyone really interested in this story I am in the middle of the book which I find very interesting. All the details, the whole process, and really shows how bad Gawker was.

u/chazemarley · 1 pointr/agedlikemilk

This isn’t the one I have but it’s the cheapest I saw.

u/Princie33 · 2 pointsr/agedlikemilk

UpCrafts Studio Design WW2 USMC Anti German Propaganda Poster - WWII Anti Hitler Anti Nazi Wall Art Decor

u/Fey_fox · 5 pointsr/agedlikemilk

No it’s a legit concern. I don’t personally walk around in constant fear that a random guy might kill me, but I’m also aware that if I got into a fight with a man, as a woman I will probably lose. Men are taller and stronger with women on average, and if a guy gets angry and doesn’t have any qualms about getting violent I could be seriously injured or killed. Yes men and women can both be assaulted, but women are more likely to be seriously injured by a man than the other way around.

There’s a book I like to recommend to young people called The Gift of Fear. It discusses how to identify and deal with threatening situations, from stalkers to identifying abusive behaviors before they get physically violent to kidnappings to home invasions and more. One of the things it goes over is how people (usually women find themselves in positions like this) where something fucked up is happening, like your boss/comedian with more professional clout than you puts you in an uncomfortable situation will seem to ‘acquiescence’ to what is happening. It’s an instinctive survival tactic. If I’m alone with a guy who’s bigger or who has clout/status above me who starts doing something fucked up, what I want is to not be in that room anymore. If I say no freak out/run away, I at minimum could risk damage to my reputation or my job, or at worst he grabs me and rapes/beats me. Maybe he will be too embarrassed to say or do anything, but in that moment anything is possible. Standing up for myself aggressively can be a risk, and I’ve been abused/raped before (which they say one in four women have been sexually assaulted at least once before 25), I may be a bit gun shy of being assertive. The safest thing is to go with it, and get myself somewhere safe as soon as possible.

I mean, if someone is physically stronger than you, bigger than you, and already has their dick out and is using your presence to get off, it’s not that far of a mental leap to think if you piss them off that they could fuck your your shit if you made them angry. I don’t think Louie would do that, or that he has, but if I was a woman in that situation, I wouldn’t tempt fate.

Btw, your example is of people in a public place. Most people are not going to get physically violent in a crowded setting. This is why when you are meeting someone online in person for the first time it’s recommended to meet in a public. Like I said earlier I don’t ‘fear men’, not in public anyway, or at least not most of the time. I’ve been in situations where I’ve been groped/forced to grope by having my hand grabbed and placed on his dick in public (dance clubs), I’ve also been stalked and I’ve been assaulted, but fortunately not beaten or violently raped... and I would rather not be. Being sensibly cautious and avoiding escalating people who may become violent is a norm for most women I’d say. Hell just lurk some of the women centric forums like 2X and read some of the rape/assault stories. My best friend was raped when she and I were 15, my mom was raped when she was 12, my grandmother was raped when she was 19.... many of my friends have been raped or assaulted. Also you know people who have been raped or assaulted, they just don’t talk about it.

So yes it’s a legit fear, not a phobia.