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u/19Kilo · 3 pointsr/ak47

If you've got the press and riveting tools, you'd probably need to make/buy some jigs and things, but that should be pretty easy. If you get an account on the AK Files, people will rent or loan jigs.

I like Arms of America for my parts kits.

AK-Builder has tools/dies/jigs/rivets/parts/etc.

What-a-Country has kits as well.

And, last but not least, Apex is also good for parts.

You should also get a copy of The Grim Reaper, the AK Bible, so when you find a kit you like, you can see what it's supposed to look like if you want to do an "accurate" build. In addition to being a great reference, it's heavy enough to crush a koala, so if you have a koala infestation, that's handy...

u/ThrownAwayMosin · 3 pointsr/ak47

> neither extreme or violent in a method to accelerate the projectile rapidly.

......Thats why guns never explode because smokeless gently pushes the rounds down the barrel with with light and gentle pressure. Oh I get it now./s

You are arguing semantics with someone who doesn't give a fuck. Try to change your walls mind and you might have better luck. And hey dumb ass what do hemorrhoids feel like? oh that's right they feel like butthurt. Since I was never a dick to you till after you called me one, you must have hemorrhoids, because you were pretty butt hurt over a mild joke, that was more in agreement with you while making fun of I.O., RAs,C39 owners, yet you took it personally. Most likely because you were already in butthurt due to the hemorrhoids, Hence why I recommended it for you. Why you think my pussy has a yeast infection Idk, it's not like you can see me sitting here scratching at this itchy thing, But I promise it's not from you, you are no where near sweet enough.

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Guy stop downvoting him. He obviously can't handle the downvotes and needs a safepace where he can hide from all the libtard cucks who aren't even here yet he felt the need to bring that up.

Also might want to double check those numbers, Unless these are 300g containers. But surely you know what you're talking about and didn't throw up a random thing you read once.

u/skidude9678 · 3 pointsr/ak47

Off the top of my head (might be missing a few things), you will need:

  • Flat bending jig
  • Spot welder
  • Heat treating arrangement
  • 12 ton press
  • Drill press
  • Riveting jig
  • Barrel pressing/populating tools
  • Hammer
  • Punches
  • 3mm drill bits
  • 4mm drill bits
  • 1/4" end mill
  • 7mm reamer
  • Gas port drill bit (there are several sizes you could use)
  • Vise
  • Bench grinder
  • Rivets
  • 922r compliance parts (trigger, furniture, etc.)
  • Go/No Go headspace gauges
  • Dremel

    I'm probably missing one or two things. Similarly, you could also live without some of the stuff I mentioned, but you'll want most of that to do a decent job at it. You're looking at easily $500-$1000+ for the tools and jigs if you have to buy everything.

    As for a guide, get this and this

    Don't get into AK building because you want to do it on the cheap. Those days are gone. Get into AK building because you love AKs and want to build a lot of them.
u/liveforever67 · -6 pointsr/ak47

Ain't that the truth! I not too long ago got this [](1,100 page book) and now I want every variation ever made pretty much. The addiction is REAL! LOL
PS-I Clearly suck at formatting

u/cygnosis · 5 pointsr/ak47

I wanted to believe this was photoshopped, but if it is somebody has gone to great lengths for a prank. It's a real thing on amazon, though they say it isn't released yet.

u/Rohkii · 3 pointsr/ak47

If you dont have a gun case you should probably buy one if thats what you are talking about.

Id suggest a Plano 42in if your a cheap bastid:

or a Pelican 1750 if you like your cases with caviar:

The only gun upgrade you should do right now is a sling, grab a romy sling off k-var, and learn how to use it. Slings are awesome.

u/the_duck17 · 1 pointr/ak47

When I refinished my stock that was poop I just used Citristrip and then I wanted a darker wood so I used a stain conditioner then stain, followed with shellac I mixed up from Lightly sanded at the beginning just to knock down a rough edge.

Another rifle got the same treatment but ended up using Linspeed for that one since it was a Yugo Mauser. Didn't like how shiny it was so for the last coat I knocked down the shine with some 0000 Synthetic Steel Wool, really happy with how that came out.

u/qhp · 2 pointsr/ak47

The one he has is a TekMat, the one on Amazon is not. Get a TekMat, if you can, they're really nice.

u/mrmax1984 · 1 pointr/ak47

It's not really. It takes about 5 minutes with a dremel, using a thin grinding stone tip. Just grind a bit, then test-fit the standard mag for fitment. You can get it to the point where it will still accept the Vepr magazine in addition to the standard/surplus magazines.

Here's a brief video detailing the process.

Arguably the bullet guide installation is more difficult, since you have to be very careful while drilling and tapping. If you botch the magazine catch, you can always install an aftermarket upgrade, but you won't be able to easily repair a botched hole in your receiver.

u/microwaves23 · 2 pointsr/ak47

Speaking of bayonets, I just got one of these:

It smells of cosmoline and is in old but unissued shape (not sharpened, has oil on it). Would recommend.

I see Atlantic Firearms has bayonets too, those are probably more legit.

u/LynchMob_Lerry · 2 pointsr/ak47

This book will tell you more about the rifle then you would care to know.

u/AccurateSandwich · -2 pointsr/ak47

Next time instead of asking simple questions and hoping for simple answers from this pit, I'll just buy this

u/Dexter-the-Cat · 2 pointsr/ak47

I don’t think the length matters provided that it will fit in a .30 caliber barrel and it’s long enough to get down a 16” barrel as they all are. This is what I’m using:

Tipton Deluxe 1-Piece Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod 27-45 Cal. 36", retail pk

u/otacon237 · 1 pointr/ak47

any chance you could find a narrow enough grabber tool and try that?

u/utfanx2 · 2 pointsr/ak47

So I decided to click on the picture... Suddenly, Desert Eagle.

u/magickitty3 · 1 pointr/ak47

Here's a link to a side mount plate. Look on youtube for instructions. You drill the receiver. There are also gas tube mounts. Replacing the upper handguard and gas tube with a railed gas tube.

u/IrishSeaMonkey · 16 pointsr/ak47

Vietnam was self inflicted.

You should really read Afgantsy

u/justsomeguy75 · 1 pointr/ak47

It won't help much in terms of differentiating all of the variants, but The Gun by CJ Chivers is an absolute must read.

u/wysoft · 1 pointr/ak47

this is the one you have

why it has such high review is beyond me. It's known that most mounts won't retain zero with the beveled rear stop surface.

u/Dave_Likes_Guns · 2 pointsr/ak47

"AK-47: The Grim Reaper" by Frank Iannamico

Amazon Link

u/TheJamesRocket · 2 pointsr/ak47

>Soviet losses on the eastern front were 7,000,000 to 5,500,000 for the Germans, if the Soviets were sending ''millions of untrained conscripts to their deaths'' I want to know what the Germans were up to.

>(Soviet loses are massively inflated by the millions of Soviet soldiers who died in German captivity.)

It depends on who you ask. There is no single, definitive source for the losses sustained by either side during the eastern front. However, this book has estimates that are highly unflattering for the Soviets.

The USSR sustained 8,773,200 KIA and MIA, with 5,880,800 P.O.W. Thats a total of 14,654,000 losses. The Germans sustained 3,526,500 KIA and MIA, with 1,415,100 P.O.W. Thats a total of 4,941,600 losses.

In other words, they suffered 196% more losses by the wars end. For every 1000 Germans soldiers lost, the Soviets lost 2965 soldiers.