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u/AwsiDooger · 8 pointsr/aldi

Sigh. Making progress but still not what we need. Rolling tuba cases are $665 on Amazon. I was hoping Aldi could undercut that by 20 bucks or so. Meanwhile I'm refreshing Prime Day every 5 minutes hoping it's included:

u/dharmon555 · 5 pointsr/aldi

Aldi doesn't sell this, but this is the common one used by popcorn vendors. If you buy the whole quart, it's really pretty cheap and will last for years. Gold Medal Prod. 2045 Flavacol Seasoning Popcorn Salt 35oz.

u/eZGjBw1Z · 3 pointsr/aldi

Intex brand products are sold at many stores. Here are some links to similar products with reviews on Amazon.

u/wooshock · 2 pointsr/aldi

They are a little too crunchy. I served them at Thanksgiving and that's the consensus of my family. They're a little bit too much cracker and not enough cheese.

The Japanese have come out with a cheese cracker called 53% and if it ever comes here it will take the world by storm. They're amazing.

Cheese Cracker with Cheddar Cheese - Cheeza- By Glico From Japan 42g

u/Melikepie004 · 1 pointr/aldi

I brought the one they have on sale for $20 this week. I've been using it and I like it. Works better then the [Oral B Cross Action] ( I've been using. It has 3 settings, which is nice. The brush heads aren't too soft or too hard. Can't say how long it'll last but as of right now, I don't feel like I wasted my money.

u/Sunflowers_Happify · 7 pointsr/aldi

I’ve not seen these at Aldi, but they look just like the 3M Dobie scotch brite pads we use.

Amazon Link

u/TransFatty · 2 pointsr/aldi

They used to be good when the gears were made of metal parts, but now the motors are cheaply made and have a much shorter lifespan. As I understand it, Hobart used to make the motors ages ago but not anymore. If only I could afford one of these...

u/Lappy313 · 32 pointsr/aldi

You could make your own for way cheaper. Amazon and other sites sell Advent calendar thingies made out of wood (think a mini chest of drawers with number painted on them) and you can put your own things in them. Here's another example of a DIY calendar. This is getting crazy. I don't remember it being this insane last year! Did this start as guerilla marketing by Aldi or what?

u/stonecats · 1 pointr/aldi

they come in $17/2.5Lbs bins, closer to $7/Lb which is cheap for a peanut free mix.
wherever you live, try a nearby gourmet or health food store and mix up your own.
when i can accumulate $50 in groceries, i will buy from walmart online, but rarely nuts.
other online places i suggest for nuts is and the nuts sold on