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u/Vlad_the_Homeowner · 1 pointr/alexa

You can try something like this. But both the washer and dishwasher go through different phases of cleaning, some of which likely don't take much if any electricity (e.g. while filling). That could create some issues with a current detector setup. It might take a fair amount of fine tuning. Search around (SmartThings communicy, HASS, Webcore, etc) a lot of people have tackled this problem. I'm guessing there are routines and pistons already well developed.

For the dryer, and maybe the washer, I've read of people having a lot of success using multipurpose sensorsthat have a vibration/movement sensor.

u/SanDiegoDude · 3 pointsr/alexa

I spent some time researching this, and ended up getting a z-wave garage door opener off Amazon (this one). It works well, communicates over Z-wave and reaches through several walls to my Z-Wave light switches to join the Z-Wave mesh my SmartThings hub communicates with - With that said, I found out rather quickly afterward that Amazon purposely prevents Alexa from working with any type of smart door/locking mechanism, which made me sadface. I could probably still get it to work through Smart Things custom scripting editor, but honestly I'm fine just doing it through the ST app.

u/scott_fx · 1 pointr/alexa

Micca has some powered speakers for $109
Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Pair)

A bit over your budget but should give you better sound than one of those bt speakers.

Or if you have an echo, you could add the echo subwoofer and fill out the low end. This will be perceived as louder and better sounding.

u/SamB22 · 2 pointsr/alexa

"Normal" depends on what outlet you buy. My outlets put out 4.0a total. Phones usually take 1.0a. Tablets usually take 2.1a.

TOPGREENER TU2154 4.0 Amp Smart High Speed USB Wall Charger Outlet, 15A TR Receptacle Free Screwless Wall Plate, White

u/Ol0O01100lO1O1O1 · 2 pointsr/alexa

Thanks for the input. Like this switch and this outlet?

u/simiwood · 2 pointsr/alexa

Sylvania Smart Home 73743 Lightify Smart Dimming Switch, Dimmer, White

u/SteelDirigible98 · 3 pointsr/alexa

Mine came with a remote too. You can tell alexa, or you can use the remote, or you can use your phone.

This is what I got. Ships in 1-2 months though.
Logitech Harmony Smart Control - Black

u/melcolie · 2 pointsr/alexa

Hi there. This deadbolt works with zigbee and Alexa. Had it for 2 weeks and works great. Spendy though. Kwikset 99100-045 SmartCode...

u/RandomBagCheck · 1 pointr/alexa

Looks like they agree.
Alexa compatible microwave

u/tatamongus · 1 pointr/alexa

This router works without ethernet, but be mindful of your school's policies.

It allows the creation of a small, private LAN that bridges to the Wifi, which is the only way I was able to hook up my Alexa in my classroom to the school's wifi network.

u/henny_on_da_rocks · 1 pointr/alexa

At 60 bucks, it looks like a pretty decent deal for a small microwave.

I moved into a new 1BR apartment that has limited counter space and the microwave that came with the place is massive (like 1.3-1.4 m^3). This one is half that size and the price is in-line or cheaper with the non-voice enabled ones.

I'll probably buy it, but only because I was looking to get a new/smaller microwave anyway

u/Boo_R4dley · 9 pointsr/alexa

It’s easily Google-able. It’s just a skill that automatically enable when you say “Ask the Listeners”

u/ewleonardspock · 24 pointsr/alexa

This reminds me of The Listeners.

Edit: Yep, it’s The Listeners.

You can disable the skill in Alexa’s settings.

u/CAreadin · 2 pointsr/alexa

Might want to. $25. $125 would be insane.

Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa

u/kmflasch · 3 pointsr/alexa

Hah so my curiosity kicked in, appears this is a real thing....and you can buy all 7 seconds of it on Amazon for $0.99

u/FortConspiracy · 1 pointr/alexa

You could buy a Bluetooth adapter like this one. and go out the headphone jack, or one that is usb like this one.

Personally I hate using the Alexa and my windows 10 machine, I can ask Alexa to disconnect but windows 10 won't let go and keeps reconnecting until I turn Bluetooth off. I would go with the headphone adapter.

u/Karmadoneit · 1 pointr/alexa

I didn't want to saturate the house with Alexa (yet). So, I have most of my content outputted from my iphone into bluethooth speakers in the house. I have a few of the House of Marley portables. Then I just connect the iPhone or iPad i'm listening to/watching.

u/MorningZ · 4 pointsr/alexa

"I cannot send it via Bluetooth or through my wireless network"

If the reason for this is "because my receiver does not have Bluetooth or Wifi" then this would be the solution to that problem

u/Red-Direct-Dad · 1 pointr/alexa

Oh! I must be misunderstanding, then. When I think of "smart switch," I think of this. We have these all over the house to control the lights we don't need to dim.

What were you talking about?