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u/zer0guy · 1 pointr/amazone

Get a drinking bird

fun to watch my office was a little too cold, so I tapped it to the top of the monitor, and it generated enough heat to get it going pretty good.

Also check out lockpicking. it's fun to get some practice locks, and gives you something to do with your hands, and nothing is more satisfying then a lock popping open :D

u/aleafinwater · 4 pointsr/amazone

Did a ton of research for a camping trip last year. (assuming you mean hiking and camping, not just driving your car around)

For high-quality at a low price, my friends and I were completely satisfied by:

u/therelentlesspace · 1 pointr/amazone

Is it possible for you to get a small Bluetooth speaker to keep some tunes going at a low volume?

This Anker speaker has great battery life and good sound for under $40. A little music, a pic of your loved ones, and a plant should give some life to your cube.

u/chuckstake · 4 pointsr/amazone

A good quality pocket knife. Never knew how much I needed (or would use one) until I got one.

Something like a made in USA Kershaw. Great piece of gear.

u/thestray · 8 pointsr/amazone

Assuming you're dorming, this will be your best friend. Makes pasta, rice, potatoes, and steamed veggies in the microwave.

u/Not-the-One · 2 pointsr/amazone

Agreed with the Wahl. Aside from that it just depends on how many attachments you're wanting.

20 piece - $17.99 multi-colored attachments

24 piece - $24.99

26 piece - $24.99 multi-colored attachments

27 piece - $24.89

u/addjab · 9 pointsr/amazone

Himalayan salt lamp. I only get compliments on mine. I'm not sure of the air purifying effects, but I am sure of the aesthetic.

u/TMWNN · 1 pointr/amazone is half the price and is very similar. It's very convenient to use and only needs one hand to "activate" once the loop is closed.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/amazone

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u/IAmError · 1 pointr/amazone

I just bought This one for $12.06. It should be delivered today.

u/6h0zt · 2 pointsr/amazone

Does it populate for specific products or comparable products? For instance, let's say I'm searching for a french press. Will I only be priced matched for this specific product, or will I be alerted for other deals?

u/betterWithSprinkles · 1 pointr/amazone

I love my gigantic igloo cooler. The price fluctuates quite a lot, but the current price is near the low end of what I've seen advertised.

u/Spun_Bearing · 1 pointr/amazone

For just slightly north of your limit, I would most heartily recommend the Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro.

I am only slightly ashamed to say that I wept the first time I tried them.

u/funknjam · 1 pointr/amazone

Holy crap - that second review.....

> I had one of the worst cock roach infestations that I had ever seen in my life. It was so bad that I could see them at night crawling on the inside of the TV screen, I had to throw out 2 coffee pots because they were breeding inside parts I couldn't even get to in order to clean along with a wooden knife block in the kitchen. I had to throw out an alarm clock because their were dead roaches covering the LED numbers so that you couldn't make out what time it was.

PSA: Don't forget to shop at to support the ASPCA.